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Are you more distressed when a cat is victimized than when an adult human is victimized? — 14 Comments

  1. I totally agree, Michael. Animal abuse literally tears my heart apart. My soul feels tortured for the animal soul that suffered. I have always felt this way.

      • I think those of us that feel this deeply about animal abuse cannot fix the psychological scarring. It becomes part of who we are. Maybe it is a good thing in a way. We become the voice for those who cannot speak.😢

          • Animal abuse is so low on the list of priorities for state and govt agencies and the punishment to these evil barbarics get a mere slap on the hand.
            I spent 8 years volunteering at a local shelter inside the cattery and found it rewarding but the stories I’m hearing now like with “Sage” the tortured cat – hurt me to my bones, it’s so raw, so violent, and I lose sleep over these stories and feel so much anger that our govt agencies don’t give a crap.
            People have a voice, people can defend themselves, people can many times choose to leave a violent or unsafe environment….animals cannot. They are voiceless, helpless victims. This world is getting more violent and dis-functional by the minute and I’m scared for all animals and wildlife.

            • Thank you for commenting. I think that you are completely correct in your assessment. You are correct in saying that law enforcement treats animal abuse as a low priority and you are correct that the world is getting more violent and dysfunctional. I also believe that for people who care about animal welfare it is damaging to us to read about and see animal abuse. It sours us and makes us dislike the world more. Life is harder for people who care about animals because there’s too much abuse of animals both domestic and wild. The wild species are suffering badly because of a rampant human population explosion especially in continents such as Africa where there is lots of fantastic wildlife but that will soon change. I am being pessimistic and despairing but I think too that I am being realistic.

  2. I’ll go ahead and say my care and empathy is all for innocent, helpless animals. People get tons of help from society and it’s renewed daily. And they like to brag about how much more they care about people in leu of animals, like it’s a contest or a dire moral dilemma. Animals, especially cats are way, way, way down the scale on societies’ concerns, and they suffer even more because of it. If you ask people personally or privately, they may say aww the poor animal, but when it comes to actually doing something or if their view could be known by others like neighbors or part of a poll, it goes the other way. I see people speak out both sides of their mouths. I’m just honest these days and I’ll say I really don’t care about most people and will give my support to animals who don’t lie. Somebody has to care and I don’t care what people say about that.

  3. I never considered this aspect of my distress at abuse of
    animals and children being on a scale of more or less than adults. I just know that my heart hurts when I see any form of abuse. This another reason that I don’t subject myself to News or videos of abuse. It hurts me, and I just feel helpless, which I consider self-abuse. So, that’s another angle on this topic.

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