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Are your cat’s eyes as sexy as these? — 24 Comments

  1. Yes, that cats eyes are beautiful, but to me all cats eyes are beautiful. I feel very honoured when Walter or Jozef look up at me with pure, honest love and trust in me shining from their eyes.
    I love it when meeting other peoples cats or a cat outside anywhere, when they look at me and I see reflected in their eyes that they know I am someone who would rather die than ever hurt them.

  2. That is a very pretty cat altogether, looks young and healthy apart from a bit of muck in the ears. Henry is gorgeous as well.

  3. Michael, it is so good to see that you’ve added back the article date. πŸ™‚

    I wish that I could send you a jpeg of my cat’s eyes when he’s communicating with me. It is so loving, big, the light behind him so you can imagine his huge pupils. It is an intense look, full of love… he doesn’t say a word. Just, “understand what I am trying to communicate, Big strange Cat, who I trust with all of my heart and soul.” <3

      • Michael if you have the original image then open it with a text editing program in plain text. You will see a bunch of encrypted text however if it has been opened in photoshop there will be metadata written in relatively plain english explaining which filters were used and how much they were used – the whole history of the edit is recorded in the metadata of the file. I often do this because we report actual news so when a photo looks worked I have to check it because we don’t use tweaked images basically. This usually answers the question – on mac – I use textedit.app to open the original jpeg.

        Of course somebody who knows this will be able cover their tracks. You can simply delete the entire metadata header and have the image data start right from the top. Files collect things wherever they go and whatever they do.

        • Marc, Thanks for that good advice. I didn’t know that. You are right when you say that some people will remove the image metadata because on POC every image that is published goes through Yahoo where the metadata is stripped from the image which makes the image file smaller (called “Smush It”), which in turn results in the image loading on the website faster. The savings are small (about 3-7 percent of the overall file size) but Google likes it. I do it for SEO reasons primarily. Google wants website owners to make sure their site’s load as fast as a possible.

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