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Arrest of NC woman who took in pets during Hurricane Florence has gone viral — 8 Comments

  1. It’s a sad day when someone is arrested for helping animals during a disaster. What does this say about our society? It’s a shame that it may make people think twice in the future about trying to rescue animals in a situation like that again. We cannot let helpless animals die.

  2. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed Tammie Hedges. It appears that millions of people agree with your actions. Time for Wayne County, North Carolina officials to reevaluate their position.😠😶

  3. Well let this get taken care of now. She can sue the pants off the departments of law enforcement involved later. Triple antibiotic ointment you buy at the dollar store. Seems every parent in the US and the UK should be before a judge if they’ve put a band aid on their kid knee. This is really a joke.

    • Yes, something is wrong. Someone said law enforcement may have something against Tammie. Not sure if there is any truth to that but this is mad.

      • I’m rather surprised it made it past the judge for a warrant. Looking at it I believe she may have treated pets with medication that was not labeled for that pet. In order to use some classes of drugs there must be a valid VCPR between a DVM and pet owner/guardian and the medication Rx listing the pet it’s intended for. If this is the situation they are truly splitting hairs in a disaster situation. Soliciting for drugs seems to refer to the pain killer for the pet(s). Again the VCPR comes into play through the AVMA and a controlled substance. Again splitting hairs where asking via social media or text may have been the only resource available. A DVM cannot usually prescribe for a pet they have not seen or have not seen in over a year. As to the amoxicillin it’s not a controlled drug even though you usually need an Rx to purchase it and the ointment bought OTC is just pure nonsense. Mook gets a cold in her eye about once a year. I go to the farm store and buy the eye ointment the vet sells you OTC and treat her myself. I hope they don’t come breaking my door down and hauling me off to jail now.

  4. The police have picked a bad fight here. The world and common sense is for Tammie. She’s giving painkillers and antibiotics to these animals under dire conditions. If that’s a crime I’m the king of Siam.

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