Arrogant companion animal Ph.D. nutritionists criticised by pet food consumer expert Susan Thixton

Susan Thixton is one of the world’s best and most knowledgeable pet food consumer advocates. She really does understand the quality problems that we have with pet food of which many consumers are unaware.

Susan is a champion of all pet food purchasers. She fights for us all and in doing so for the welfare of our cats.

Recently she felt obliged to criticise so called companion animal nutritionists who boast of their PhDs but who abjectly fail to use their skills and knowledge to protect the welfare of companion animals because they fail to speak out against the policies of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services).

Their policies allow manufacturers to make pet food which contains rubbish, by which I mean (to use Susan’s words) “rendered dead/non-slaughtered and/or diseased animals”.

Susan correctly argues that it is irresponsible of companion animal nutritionists to insult consumers (see below) while failing to fight for animal welfare through improved food quality.

You are not a companion animal Ph.D. nutritionist. I am so sick if people spouting off their stupid statements…when they don t have a clue. I/we employ Ph.D. companion animal nutritionists..several. One gentleman is a double Ph.D. nutritionists. Pleeeaaasse. Don t even bother…. — the words of a so called companion animal Ph.D. nutritionist

Companion animal nutritionists should work hand-in-hand with consumers to improve pet food.

Veterinarians, Susan argues, have an obligation under their oath to work for improved animal welfare. They fail to adhere to their oath if they insult consumers calling them stupid while failing to fight for better pet nutrition in the interests of improving pet health.

In an open letter on her website Susan Thixton requests that the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN) stops attacking consumers and start working with consumers to “stop the illegal material allowed into pet food”.

Please read her excellent page.

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8 thoughts on “Arrogant companion animal Ph.D. nutritionists criticised by pet food consumer expert Susan Thixton”

    • Does anyone understand cat food ingredients? I agree with you. I’d like to see the list of ingredients in larger typeface and in plainer English 😉

      • Only because I learned to read them.
        One good rule is the longer the list of ingredients they less natural the product can be. Keeping in mind that in pet foods that list will include additional supplements of minerals and vitamins to make the food a complete source of nutrition.
        One thing many pet owners overlook and perhaps because of my life with horses and every horse owner has a certain fixation on their horses poop is what’s coming out the other end of your pet.
        Aside from special diets massive amounts can indicate large amounts of fillers. Extreme room clearing may indicate ingredients that weren’t meant or can’t be digested by the cat. Too hard or too soft.

      • Anyone can go online, and find their pet food. Then click on “ingredients” and ENLARGE, then print out.

        However, even if you can READ the ingredients, you won’t be any wiser…..because you don’t know what they mean.

        You need a resource like the Alphabetized Ingredient Analysis by Dr. Lisa Newman, online at PetFoodRatings. Prepare to be shocked!!!


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