Arrogant hunter addicted to killing feral cats

He is a self-declared redneck. I can barely bring myself to write about this person. This is because he is so different to me. He is different to millions of Americans as well. He confesses that he is addicted to hunting, fishing and trapping et cetera. Included in that desire to kill animals is his addiction to killing feral cats. He says that feral cats are a huge problem in America. He believes that the only way to solve this so-called problem is to kill them. He does not know how to distinguish between outdoor domestic cats and feral cats. He does not mind. He also believes that animal lovers are stupid liberals blinded by their own beliefs and conned by PETA.

Sam Wood Outdoors
Sam Wood Outdoors
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He believes all the literature published online about cat predation on native species in America despite the fact that a lot of these studies and surveys are inaccurate and the numbers exaggerated. He wishes to believe that feral cats kill lots of birds and wild species and therefore he is blinded to the fact that the surveys may be inaccurate. He is blinded by his arrogance to the fact that some of the studies have been carried out by ornithologists. He is so certain in his thoughts and ideas that he feels he is able to lecture all animal lovers and advocates and to state that they are stupid.

Such is his certainty in his beliefs that he is completely closed to the possibility that his beliefs are incorrect or distorted. He’s been brought up in a way that is alien to very many of us. He has been indoctrinated to believe that animals are there to be hunted and trapped; to be used for the benefit of humans. He has no sensitivity towards the pain that he is causing animals and towards the cruelty of his actions.

Because of his intransigent, arrogant viewpoint, he receives a lot of criticism from decent minded animal advocates but he accepts this and does not listen because his ears are deaf to rational thought and argument.

Trapped cat
Trapped cat. The cat could be feral or stray. Sam Wood likes this (see his comment to the right of the photo).

He presents a picture on his Facebook webpage and on Instagram of a cat killed by some sort of grisly trap (see Instagram picture above) and said that the picture may cause offence to some people but that feral cats are a huge problem. He knows that there will be a backlash from people who he describes as “the Disney educated”. He believes that he is putting the truth out there and that he can educate animal advocates and people who love animals but he’s blind to the fact that he himself needs educating in the possibility that what he’s doing is cruel and an abuse of animals for his pleasure.

He proudly declares that back in the 1980s he was able to get five dollars for the pelt of a feral cat and that the fur was used to trim leather gloves. Some trappers targeted cats year-round and he said that this helped the environment tremendously and provided them with a bit of pocket money.

He also describes people who like animals as “bunny huggers” who want to protect cats. This man is irritated because he says that animal advocates refuse to educate themselves as to the true impact of what they’re doing and saying.

But this man massively underestimates the intelligence and thoughtfulness of animal advocates who know exactly what they’re doing and what they’re saying. He fails to understand that humans are human animals and it is our duty to live on this planet in harmony as best we can with other animals who have an equal right to be on the planet. The days of hunting for food and pleasure should be over. We don’t need to do it anymore.

As for feral cats, we, humans, put them there and therefore we have an obligation to treat them humanely and decently. If we wish to reduce their population size it needs to be done humanely and with sympathy to their plight. The only known way to do that currently is through trap-neuter-release.

He also calls feral cats “ditch tigers”, a highly derogatory term indicating his thoughts about feral cats.

He calls himself Sam Wood Outdoors on Facebook. His attitude towards animals tells me that he was raised by his parents to treat animals cruelly. I believe that it is he who needs educating and enlightening.

The depth of his feelings and the depth of my feelings towards animals indicates that we are miles apart. So far apart that we will never be able to agree on the relationship of humans to animals both domestic and wild. This is depressing because if humans are to improve their relationship with animals, which I believe is essential if we are to preserve wildlife on the planet, we need to alter the attitude of people like Sam Wood. I don’t see any chance of that, not within the next 50 to 100 years.

P.S. You can’t access his Facebook page from a search engine result. Update: Elisa has found his FB page.

P.P.S. I wish to thank with great appreciation all cat lovers and animal advocates (and any other decent person) who have made a comment in support of this article. Thank you very much. I also wish to add that I do sometimes allow cat haters and feral cat shooters to comment on this page in order to keep a balanced viewpoint. I do not believe in censoring people (provided they don’t insult others) but everything that they have said is misleading and incorrect and what they do is illegal even if the authorities might turn a blind eye to it.

Note: the article was first published on Feb 13th, 2017. I have decided to republish on August 2nd, 2022, because of the interest in this horrible man judging by the extensive number of comments. Please join in.

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181 thoughts on “Arrogant hunter addicted to killing feral cats”

  1. A few years ago I used to argue with someone who called himself “The Woodsman”. He advocated shooting feral cats. The writing style seems different but I wonder if it is the same guy.

    1. Yes, I am sure it is the same person. This article was written by me. Not sure what you mean by the writing style is different. I don’t Woodsman knows how to read and write πŸ™‚


      1. I need u to go to this website!!!! Maybe u heard of the case of Sage the cat in Utah!!!Ifu haven’t prepare yourself for the most horrific act of animal abuse.Go to every website pertaining to this tragedy. Just look up Sage the cat in Utah. I’ve been following this case from day 1.Oh they pretty much know who did this & have done NOTHING!!!!!???

          1. There has been an update!! Apparently a family member is the MAIN SUSPECT…. He is a supposed member of a well known street gang.China Rose & her boyfriend Alex moved out of Utah & now reside in Wyoming. He had been taunting the family about Sage!!! Apparently their very afraid.When ??? by the police he taunted them to!!!! He failed the polygraph test & said he wanted a lawyer.Apparently the police chief is receiving death threats!!! He also told the police there was nothing they could do about it!!!!(without solid prove)Pretty arogant. Thereis NO DOUBT HE’S THE 1.I’ve been rescuing the misfortunet for 45 years.I’ve seen some pretty horrific things.I live in Adams,Wisconsin.Were located in the middle of the state.There has to be LAWS PAST THAT THESE SICK BASTERDS GET A FELONY COVICTION.Also scew PLEA DEALS.That’s a frigging joke. They have to arrest this basterd!!!!!! NOW before he wants to inflict pain on another helpless animal & family ???

            1. Thanks Julie. I have written about this guy. The police have failed. The Justice for Sage supporters on Facebook, as you might know, have hired a private detective to find the criminal. He does not think the person is the one you refer to by the way.

              1. Top o the morning to you Micheal!!! Thank-You so much for your reply’s!!! Hope you’re having a great day?! I wonder…if this investigater is REALLY doing ALL he can!!! I know it takes alot of money & time,but it seems awfully fishy to me that they have it narrowed down to the exact same area that where Miss Rose lived?? Yes! It could’ve been a disgruntled neighbor but I DON’T believe that for 1 second! There was absolutely NO WAY Sage could walk with the injuries to his feet & every other part of his little body.Someone put that cat through that doggie DOOR! You have to ask youself how could someone be so bold as to possibility being seen???? How would they know where the dog door was? I know people who don’t have a doggie door on their door.They have them installed on an outside wall.Also what’s up with the testing on the collar.Results on that should have come back by now.There are far TOO many coincidences here,you must admit.My son-in-law works in-law-enforcement.He’s been doing some digging.As you know they have access to data that the general public doesn’t have.His instincts tell him that this person is the 1!! As he also has said with a reward that high,someone other than the family would know something & come forward.This family is afraid of this degenerate & the repercussions of what could happen if they do!!!As my son-in-law also has said it wasn’t long after that the police chief startef receiving death threats.Now of course that could be anyone doing that because police investigate any # of cases.But the caller or callers have have referd to the Sage case!!! To many coincidences if you ask me..Any how they need to catch WHO EVER DID THIS,throw them in jail,pass around he’s a child molester & an animal abuser & let the inmates HAVE AT HIM!!!Poetic Justice don’t you think???☺☺☺

                1. Totally agree with all you say πŸ™‚ It smells and the person who did this should be castrated and bled to death slowly πŸ˜‰

                  1. Thanks Micheal,Your a very passionate & very caring person,so am I.I just wish the so called law-maker’s would make animal abuse an automatic felony & if convicted they have to register through a data base,& never be allowed to be around them or own them!!!!! But realistically they can’t even get gun a comprehensive gun reform done.Hell when they only show up a few days a month & only care about their own agendas,that unfortunately won’t happen.THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE!!!! Have a GREAT DAY?????☺☺

                    1. Sorry about the way my words are all broken up!!Have to check my settins but I know you get the jist of what I’m saying

                    2. You don’t want to get me involved in a discussion about gun reform πŸ™‚ Take care Julie.

  3. Omg!!!! Just read this crap. I’m from Canada. No way in hell a man like that would get away with that!!!!! We have stiff laws when it comes to animal abuse. If he did get away with it, like has down there. He’d better realize who his friends are!!!!! Pure evil!! The fact that he kills these cats in a way that they suffer,shows his true character. I have four cats. I love them to pieces. I don’t let them out very often cause I’m worried a nut job like him could be lurking around. Yes we too have freaks like him.

  4. This man/monster is a psychopath. You have to have something very wrong with you if you enjoy killing a innocent being, especially if you say you’re addicted to it. And everything he says about feral cats are untrue. He just wants to justify his sick behavior. Someone who enjoys something that is Morley wrong, will justify their actions by any means necessary. And it’s funny that a hunter says feral cats kill wildlife. Isn’t that what he is doing? I saw a picture of him, unfortunately with a bunch of dead sparrows all around him that he just shot. Sparrows are birds. He looked disgustingly happy like a serial killer would right after he/she just killed somebody. I can tell you who is the most dangerous animal on the planet is- HUMANS! Why don’t the hunters hunt themselves instead of innocent animals that have EVERY RIGHT TO BE HERE, AND NOT FOR OUR PURPOSES!

    The notion that human life is sacred just because it is human life is medieval. ~Peter Singer

    You want some facts, read this article. And the citations are underneath it.

    Note from Admin. I have saved the text off website for SEO reasons. Please read it by clicking on this link.

  5. This is all bullshit!! There are thousands of homeless people and poor people here in the US that these animal rights people wouldn’ piss on if they were on fire! PEOPLE get off this shit and get on with trying to make this country a great place again instead of crying about a wild cat that will die of starvation sometime in its life!!

    1. God, your comment is crass and ignorant. It really is. I think we will consign you to the incurable. The ones who will forever see the world in crude way. There is no reason why the government can’t help poor people and treat feral cats humanely at the same time. Your photo is disgusting.

  6. I am so sickened to see he is raising another HIM!! The world doesn’t need any more now or in the future! I just hope I hear soon that this piece of garbage does something wrong legally and gets caught.. I’d like nothing more than to see him punished or in jail where he is not able to hurt anything.

    1. Me too Jessi and thanks so much for your passionate defence of animals. I love to see that. Animals need defending against people like Sam Wood.

    2. I so agree with you Jessi! I would either like to see him in jail, or 6 feet under would be even better! When I think of all the wonderful people we have lost, & THIS pos is still walking this earth. What was God thinking?? He is the most disgusting subhuman I have ever heard about, & he has no heart, & I was HOPING no offspring…like you said! God Bless you for YOUR kind heart.

      1. Neither of you are correct. And for you to ban one of the people that would correct your ignorance….

        Remainder deleted as this person is being rude and insulting me and others. I will deal with what he has said later in an article. (Admin).

        1. I have copied and deleted your comment as you are insulting people needlessly. I will refer to your comment later in an article.

          1. Too late Micheal, I’ve already archived my words along with yours at an online archive. I won’t be back to see what YOU did with them. I’ll just send everyone to that archive of them instead in the future.

            1. That’s fine. I have nothing to hide and I’ll prove you wrong on your right to kill feral cats. Your so called archives will receive far less traffic than my site. No one will read your biased stuff except people who think like you. What’s the point?

    1. I wouldn’t be so quick to ever cite anything that HSUS ever has to say, if I were you. They were just convicted and fined almost 16 million dollars for being found guilty of running a manipulative scam under the anti-racketeering act. You might like to find another reputable source …. That one isn’t working anymore and using them as a resource….

  7. I know Sam isn’t Woody but I’m not sure the person commenting as J. Jones wasn’t Woody. The way he lashed out at me sounded like someone who has followed my writing for a long time. He didn’t use the usual words but the tone was similar. I don’t believe Woody realizes I do happy endings now and the few cases of abuse I cover are of people who have already admitted to doing what they did (as in the Tamara and Terry dumping).

    1. That’s what I meant earlier, Elisa. I believe that Jim may be impersonating Sam Wood here on this site. Not that he is Sam Wood. I see similarities.

      1. Elisa Black-Taylor

        I’ve been watching Sam’s videos on his page and he’s pretty laid back in them. The Sam on here is more on the offensive. So you may be right.

    1. Thanks HJeim. Yes, like father, like son. They had down what they have learned and so the animal cruetly is perpetuated.

  8. What this whole thing is really about is a so called man who hates cats and enjoys killing for no reason except his own personal distortion of the facts. I’m not sure which loon it was suggested that it is legal to shoot any cat that may have escaped it’s home. One of the reasons we keep our cats inside aside from the obvious natural dangers is people like this. you know he would ignore a collar or even a friendly cat because given the chance it would give him extra pleasure to kill someone’s pet cat. I recently left Michael a link to a study of the devastating effects of dogs intruding into nature with or without their humans and wonder if he shoots all dogs he sees that have escaped their enclosure. I’m using his definition of an invasive species here. I have known way too many so called hunters like him. Most are usually sunk by their own illegal activities and are often guilty of abusing their own animals. Like our veterinarian with the bow and arrow their own big mouths are their own downfall.

  9. A deranged human being who enjoys killing things. Most disturbing is his not at all hidden hate of cats. His posts are meant as bait. Responding to it only feeds him. Believe me the temptation was there.

  10. I’m curious what Mr Wood would tell the thousands of farmers in Wisconsin who rely on their barn cats to keep rodent populations under control. Pretty absurd to ask farmers to keep their cats on their own property when they refuse to alter them. Unaltered cats produce so prolifically that soon juvenile cats are forced out of the barnyard to find or establish their own colonies. Maybe we should be practical and go directly to the source of the overpopulation of cats without owners. Maybe we should demand our so called humane societies to update their obsolete philosopies and programs for spay/neuter of cats. Maybe we should ask our veterinarians why they overcharge for spay/neuter services effectively pricing a simple procedure out of reach for too many people. There is enough blame to go around. TNR works. Trap & kill does not. History proves that. People like Mr Woods only makes me more determined to solve this travesty we as a race have caused.

    1. The rule of thumb on working barn-cats is what is told to every child who lives on a farm or any ranch, “If you see a cat more than 100 yards from any building, shoot-it. It’s up to no good.” That’s how they deal with them outside of urban areas.

    2. most farmers have no emotional attachment to cats and end up killing the excess off every year. Irresponsible pet owners think it is a great idea to drop their unwanted pet of at the farm to give them this great new life (another feel good plan like TNR) and farmer ends up having to kill them. I trap raccoons and other critters for a lot of farmers due to the crop damage they do and I ask them what do you want me to do if I catch a cat and they all say kill them. Reality isn’t as nice as your fantasy world

      1. It may be legal, but unethical. It all depends on what stance a person chooses to take. You’ve chosen the KILL method because you are a natural born killer using the “I’m helping the environment” BS to justify your murderous behavior. You kill so many animals and birds I don’t think you have time to do anything else. You’re truly a self admitted addict. Last time I checked, addiction is a disease and you clearly need help. You’re clearly over the top.

        What do you do with all the carcasses of the animals and birds you kill? Are they used as a food source?

        Additionally, well kept cat colonies are fed well, limiting the need for their hunting for local prey. They’re also speutered, rendering them unable to proliferate. This can be identified by an ear tip. Bottom line, what you’re doing is on the unethical end of the spectrum, and your platform to help the environment is a farce to make your followers (sheep) believe you’re a good guy vs a murderous creep. Too bad they’re so gullible and put you on a pedestal. We’re not fooled by your BS. You’re not a good guy not only because of your cat killing ways but for all the animals you slaughter for your “high” your fix. Seek counseling.

        1. There’s no known therapy that would benefit a sociopath even if any would consent to try. They see no wrong in their thoughts and behaviors. It’s everyone else that is messed up.
          Why they would bother even visiting a site like this is beyond reason. They won’t recruit anyone.
          But, they feel the need to rant, belittle, and argue. Their inflated egos and tunnel vision drive them in whatever mission they have chosen.
          At some point, many sociopaths have enough run ins with the law they’re jailed. Having them removed from society is the only therapy.

          1. I wonder how many other species of wildlife have been killed in those traps.
            While there is a feral cat problem that never seems to go away borderline personality disorders like this one encourage animal abuse.
            I read part of one of his brag posts about feral cat infestation. Removing a stray cat when it shows up to either a rescue or the pound if you must limits the increase in population. TNR is meant to cease reproduction on existing colonies. This man is a beacon for cat haters who are now busy constructing their own versions of his trap and may find themselves I deep doo doo if they use them and kill a roaming pet. I despise my stupid SIL letting her crap hounds run loose and leave feces everywhere and kill wildlife but I have no right to set out traps. Our county clearly lists cats and dogs as personal property. We do everything we can to ensure our house cats don’t get out. IN the worst case all of them are chipped and wear ID collars. I would hate to be him if he killed one of my cats. And I don’t believe he hasn’t killed house pets. His attitude is right out there. This big mouthed red necked pile of human filth has just opened himself up for a lot of scrutiny by people who may have missing pets. BTW if you research real pest extermination companies you will see their first tactic is to address why there is a problem in the first place when dealing with larger mammals. Even rats and mice they will look for the draw to your home.

      2. Barn cats here are almost without exception the feral cats that tolerate humans and have been fixed and the ranchers, family, and help are very attached to them often making sure they have secure housing from predation. I doubt the cat hater who is the subject of this thread would be tolerated at one of their farms. Almost without exception farmers know the danger of eradicating all species of nuisance animals. It simply opens territory for others.
        Feral cats with strong hunting skills are cheaper more effective and safer than traps or poisons. Of course we have lots of idiots like you that still live in the past and have the poorest understanding of how to control loss and continue to simply beat everything that annoys them out of existence.

    1. Ooops, one slight problem. His activities aren’t illegal, not in the least. In fact, if every municipality or county upholds all existing invasive-species laws, it is your duty and moral obligation as a responsible citizen to destroy any house-cat species that is found away from supervised containment.

      1. What in the hell are you talking about? It is a felony, in Wisconsin, to torture and kill a cat. Cat’s are not considered invasive species and there is no open season on cats.

      2. Ooops you are wrong again Woody. You’ll need to quote the exact law in the state where Sam Wood lives and operates and which supports his killing of domestic, stray and feral cats found wandering away from the owner’s property.

  11. Sam Wood isn’t Woody. Woody has stalked me too long for me not to know the difference. The language is wrong from how Woody addresses cat lovers and the feel is wrong. Sam Wood is just another man who thinks feral cats deserve to die.

    1. Agreed, Elisa. Sam Wood is out in the open while Woody uses aliases all the time and hides under stones in dark, damp places.

        1. Really? Then why did you take this picture off your facebook page? Why did your THIRD wife take her rant supporting you off her facebook page? You have plenty to hide and you know it.

        2. LOL! You do talk some BS! – and you know it. I Googled ‘species made extinct by cats in North America’ and came up with nothing, did the same but substituted ‘Man’ and came up with Carolina Parakeet, Heath Hen, Passenger Pigeon, Eastern Elk, Sea Mink, Blue Pike, Blackfin Cisco. Man 7, cats 0. I’m guessing, as you are so very concerned about the environment, that you don’t have a car and only eat organically produced food, otherwise your environmental concern claims are just a teensy bit hypocritical, aren’t they?

  12. So the feral cat problem in the United States doesn’t account for any killing of Native birds or animals?
    Does TNR stop these invasive predators from killing native wild life? You you have scientific data against what he is say let’s see it. All I see in this article is feel good solutions that don’t work and bashing of a guy that has REAL ANSWERS FACTS AND SOLUTIONS.

    1. Well, thanks for visiting. I appreciate that. I’m afraid that you are deluded if you believe that you have real answers facts and solutions. We do not know the true effect of predation by cats on wildlife in America. I’ve made that clear in the article. Although you believe surveys as if they are the gospel truth but they simply are not. In addition, you believe in killing feral cats which is cruel. It causes pain. You have no right to cause pain to other animals. It is a very ignorant approach to living to believe that you can take pleasure from causing pain to animals. Killing feral cats is not the solution to protecting wildlife. In any case you kill feral cats for your pleasure. Don’t kid yourself that you’re doing it in the name of conservation. And please don’t raise your voice by writing in capitals, which shows an act of desperation on your behalf.

      1. So you do admit there is a negative effect on native wildlife? What is the exceptable lever to be tolerated in your opinion?
        There have been scientific studies also done on traps designed to instantly kill but I am sure you are not interested in them scientific studies either navies thy don’t fit your cause. Never once did I say I take pleasure in killing a cat it is just the right thing to do. Your feel good programs don’t work if they did the problem would at least be getting smaller enstead of larger. I get it you want the warm fuzzy feeling you want to believe you are making a difference but you are not.

        1. How come you only show pic of a dead cat and not this picture? Do you find the facts offensive? Or because it doesn’t fit your agenda you don’t want to use

            1. Thanks Toni. The reason why it took a little while to publish your comment is because I rested for a while. I discovered that there are quite a few comments on this page. I’m very pleased about that.

            2. What I find strange is the dead cat picture is not offensive only the picture with the facts. Hummmm you folks are offended by truth and facts.

              1. No, we are offended by your ugly disgusting face with your snaggle teeth. We are angry that you sneak around making torture devices to torture and kill cats. And here’s the picture, without the words, you idiot.

          1. How come you kill birds while pretending to be their protector? Stop lying and making a fool of yourself by justifying your killing while posting pictures of you killing the animal you say you want to save.

            1. Great comment. And well done in publishing this photograph of Sam Wood. It proves how deluded this person is and how hypocritical he is.

              1. Except that photo is taken out of context. Starlings and European House Sparrows are destroyed in vast numbers all across North America — as required by all invasive-species laws. So that makes her post a “great comment”, right? πŸ™‚

              2. None of the animals you list are invasive species, they didn’t make little boats and sail to America, or book a seat on a plane, and they can’t fly that far on their own. They are introduced species, there is a difference. A species taken somewhere by Man is an introduced species. Man and killer bees are invasive species in North America, cats, sparrows etc are not. You educate yourself.

          2. I have seen this photograph a lot of times on the Internet. Of course, domestic cats and feral cats do prey on birds sometimes but they prey on mammals far more often such as rodents. But the point is this: no study has conclusively confirmed the impact that cat predation has had on wildlife species. They are all extrapolations from smallish studies. People like you like to exaggerate the impact of cat predation on wildlife in order to justify your cruel killing of feral cats. The stark reality is that you like to kill any other animal that you come across because it gives you pleasure.

            1. It doesn’t matter what they prey on. In Wisconsin, it is a felony to torture an animal until the animal dies. Clearly, this man had set these traps to torture and kill cats. He brags about it. He needs to be charged. He has removed the picture from his facebook page. Guess he figure it out. DUH

              1. So he removed his nasty brag picture? I spent some time reading ordinances last night. Cats are included in domestic animals and in most cases killing them comes under animal cruelty. At the same time you are almost universally granted the right to use humane live traps and take nuisance animals to the shelter. State animal cruelty laws do not end at the city limits.
                What I did find is a large number of chat rooms populated like our hero cat killer who get their jollies out of shooting the neighbors cats. I am not defending anyone who has been asked to keep their pets on their property I’ve been in a decades long battle with SIL/ and in laws over barking roaming dogs.
                Pest control companies use humane live traps for cats and take them to shelters. There are different laws on how nuisance wildlife can be eliminated. Most of them prohibit poisons or kill traps for larger animals because domestic pets and children could end up being injured. There is no way to tell a feral from a lost/abandoned starving cat or a house pet in most cases. He’s playing fast and loose with the law.

          3. Sam Wood, those numbers are a “bit” off from the real numbers today. Since then many peer-reviewed scientific studies have confirmed the numbers in the graph shown.

            1. You are misleading people. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about cat predation on wildlife. It is handed about between so-called scientists as if it is fact but if you dig more deeply you will understand that even the best scientists do not know the extent of predation on wildlife by cats. In any event it is still cruel and illegal to kill feral cats by shooting them. The authorities may turn a blind eye to it but that not mean that it is legal.

                1. I can’t get the picture of that poor cat out of my head… And it torments my mind to think how many he has done that too. I wish he’d never been born… What a sick dark soul.

        2. The only negative affects on life, wild or otherwise, is your thrill to kill. How many humans, adult or child, caught in your traps like those baby raccoons did you shoot and murder and grind up as coyote bait?

        3. You don’t have to say you take pleasure in killing cats, it is quite obvious that you not only take pleasure in killing cats, but take pleasure in killing anything and everything you can because you feel the need to post pictures of yourself with all you have slaughtered, like it makes you some kind of real man. Anyone genuinely acting to protect any species doesn’t feel the need to brag about it. The truth is, you are a psychopath and a lower form of life than any of the animals you slaughter because an animal, in a natural environment, only ever kills to survive, not for the pleasure of it, like you do. And in case you are thinking of coming back with the old clichΓ© about foxes in hen coops, I have had all my hens killed by a fox once, my fault, I hadn’t secured the coop and the hens were in an unnatural situation that the fox, in a natural environment, would not encounter.

      2. I guess if a cat tears the skin off of another cat, like it does to all other animals, then that is not an animal in pain. Okay, got it.

      3. Michael, I believe that Jim is posing as Sam Wood here and patting his own back. I’m sure that Sam has been too busy trying to free himself from “FB jail” that he was placed in a couple of hours ago and not interested in jumping in here.

      4. What do you say about your killing sparrows? What are they taking away from you? What upset in nature are they? First you said you kill cats to save the birds, then you turn around and kik then yourself You Kill small birds? Ever wonder how many are protected?’
        It is clear, you just want to shoot and kill

        1. When I kill sparrows, starlings, pigeons, feral hogs I am 100% backing my stance on the treatment of invasive species.
          You do know they are invasive species right?
          You do know the compete with native birds for food and habit right?
          You do know they pass on disease to native birds right?
          Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to again educate folks about invasive species and the damage they cause.

          1. The only virus is you Sam. You are psychopath that enjoys killing. Just a hill jack who has never amounted to anything. You should go default on a few more credit cards, you worthless loser. I really hope a hunter mistakes you for a pig and puts a bullet in your head.

            1. Thank you Frank!! That’s telling it like it is. He is not man… real men don’t have to constantly murder animals to make themselves feel big and bad. He is less than a a maggot.

    2. Sam here is an excerpt found on Legal Zoom from a high powered bird enthusiast about feral cats killing WI birds. From the horses mouth.
      And it’s not only traditional cat lovers who are against feral cat hunting. An unlikely chirp of support came from Karen Hale, the executive director of the Madison Audubon Society, one of the largest organizations devoted to birds, when she voted “no” on the proposal, citing its controversial nature. Hale recommended more studies, analysis, and discussion to determine whether feral cat hunting is really the best solution to the disappearance of Wisconsin’s songbirds.

    3. Since when are YOU concerned with the killing of birds? You murdered them and videod it just so you could watch it over and over again. Your lame excuses fool no one. You are a serial killer.

      1. Actually the definition of murder is the killing of another human being but I get it you need to distort things to try and prove your point. I video me shooting sparrows, starlings and pigeons yes and your point is what? I do it to show I am standing behind what I say About the removal of invasive species. You do know they are invasive species right?

    1. Thanks Jones. No it’s not too complicated but it happens to be legal to let a cat go outdoors so are you creating new law or is that too complicated for you?

      1. It is legal to let them outdoors on your own property. Anything else is trespass and they can be trapped and taken to the pound to be destroyed or in rural areas you can destroy them yourself. This is also true in urban areas. (Cheaper and quicker that way.)

        1. Hate to tell you but it is legal for the cats to go out they aren’t like dogs who have to have a license. The law states they are free roaming animals but for you to harm one of them even if it is on your property is animal abuse it’s the law in all states

          1. Thanks Susan. J. Jones is a mad troll called Woodsman001. He is an ornithologist and he likes to distort the truth etc..

        2. No you can’t there is a new law that you can not kill and animal
          Called animal cruelty you actually go to jail for it. If we are lucky enough.

    2. It’s complex when dealing with colonies. Very difficult to change any, let alone all, members of the colonies to stay on a safe property. Even then, the idiots will shoot across the street to kill them, place traps illegally on private land, sic their dogs on them, etc. It’s close to impossible to contain them, though we try. Hm. Maybe that’s too complex for you?

      1. If you can’t contain them on your own property, then that’s your problem. You’re not going to make your problem into everyone else’s problem. People paid good money for their homes and lands, they’re not about to let you use it to keep a colony of your cats on it for your pleasure. Maybe you’d like to pay someone $1000 per month for the use of their land for your cats? How about if I use your yard without your permission to raise some boa-constrictors, same thing. Is that too complex for you?

      1. It is even legal to shoot trespassing cats in the UK under their Animal Welfare Act. That law works both ways. The same laws that protect cats protect other animals from being killed by cats.

        1. Well, there you have it, you just make it up to suit yourself don’t you? Under section 2(a) of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, cats are a protected speeches. You are clearly too stupid to realise that someone from the UK who knows the act might read the ridiculous crap you post to justify your bloodlust.

        2. That is just totally rediculous I don’t know where you get you in for from. I never heard of law protecting other animals from feral cats.

      1. Elisa Black-Taylor

        And also I haven’t said even one mean thing to you on this thread. So I don’t see how I’m cyber-bullying you. I have much better things to do with my time. Like photograph birds.

  13. My apologies for the typographical error when describing his name. This entire article was dictated using Dragon Dictate. No matter how hard you try to get it right sometimes this software gets it wrong and it can be difficult despite numerous checks to spot the particular kind of errors that this software makes.

  14. This man is a monster and in the fast track to murdering humans. Fb should not post things from him or about him. FBI has made it a crime to do these things, why are they not acting upon it?

    1. Thank you, Sherry. I totally agree with you. Facebook, as we know, has a history of failing to take down animal abuse images and to censor animal abusers. Although this particular person would deny that he is an animal abuser despite the fact that he must be killing the odd domestic cat rather than just feral cats.

      1. Thank you for publishing this article on this kill for thrill loser. From his own posts and pictures he gets off on the pain and suffering of others. Who is to say that a person, adult or child, has not been helplessly snared in his traps, murdered, then ground up for coyote bait? This pos loser has no compassion nor respect for life. And, there are pics of a child he is exposing to this.

      2. I am crushed and disheartened at the cruelty displayed, but the lowlifes that post on social media often get nailed that way.

    2. No, the FBI has not made it a crime. They do not make laws. That is a different branch of the government. All the FBI does is collect information on anyone who has committed a real crime and also now track if they have ever practiced in any forms of animal cruelty. Humanely killing an animal by hunting or by veterinarian means or for your grocery store or even killing animals for your cat-food is not a crime and is not animal-abuse. Get your stories straight.

  15. “I believe that it is he who needs educating and enlightening.”
    I believe that it is he who would benefit society by having a lobectomy (removal), not to be confused with an ordinary lobotomy.

      1. So you would do harm to a human who kills animals for food or to protect wildlife from being destroyed by your cats. Do you know what that makes you?

        Should we give you a lobotomy for buying a can of cat-food with real meat in it?

        1. Enough of your unfounded wildlife destruction rants, Jim. We’ve heard them all.
          Sick, twisted, demented killing of animals is different from entities that kill for survival.
          And, not being a flesh eater myself, you have no idea of what I feed any cat. The lobotomy isn’t in my court.

          1. If you are not feeding your cats animal-flesh, then you can be convicted of animal abuse. Any educated person knows that a cat will go permanently blind or die if they are not fed animal-flesh. What’s your real name, address, and phone number. Because if you don’t admit that you pay others to kill animals for you for your cats, then I’ll have to turn you in for animal-abuse. You can’t have it both ways.

            1. Your comment is ridiculous. Cat food is based on roadkill and that sort of source. The source of the protein is animal carcasses that humans refuse to eat and it is then rendered down under high temperatures to make it edible. I cannot see how that is animal abuse. Also slaughtering animals in abattoirs is done under controlled conditions or it should be under law while shooting and trapping is just plain cruelty to animals. It is impossible to avoid that conclusion.

        2. Give me a break. Sam woods says the cats are killing the bird, then the creep posts a picture of his kills, sparrows and starlings. That is just plain shooting to kill something. Since his justification to kill any cat was they killed the birds. What does Sam Woods say to
          Justify HIM killing sparrows?
          I don’t believe ethical hunters kill sparrows

          1. Thanks Jill. Some Wood just likes to kill animals. We know that. There are quite a lot of people like him who have no sensitivity whatsoever towards the pain and suffering that they cause animals. They are simply focused on what gives them pleasure which is hunt and kill.

          2. Some species of sparrows (The European House Sparrow for one) and Starlings especially are killed in vast numbers due to being invasive species that are displacing all the native bird species and driving them to extinction. Please educate yourselves.

  16. I have a screenshot where he acknowledged that if a cat has a microchip the cat is considered owned and unless he is scanning the cats he is held liable for murdering someone’s cat

    1. Absolutely. This guy is obsessed with killing animals and I don’t think that he is very selective when it comes to cats. I don’t think that he is particularly concerned if he shoots the odd domestic cat in his addiction to eradicate America of feral cats. Thanks Ronda.

        1. Yes, feral cats can be a problem. So can humans! In fact humans are far more of a problem for wildlife and nature than feral cats. The feral cat problem is exaggerated. You have not ‘put down’ 7 feral cats. You have cruelly killed them. There is a difference.

        2. You need some education on feral cats. They will keep coming unless they are tnr’d. If you have a small colony that is spayed/neutered it will control it’s own numbers. More will appear if you keep getting rid of them, It’s called the vacuum affect.


        4. Everyone has an IP address. Since I’ve moderated other boards some allow admin to view your IP address. If you used your phone it’s even worse. There are animal cruelty laws in every state. If you have 7 cats you had to kill today perhaps you should go outside and see what the attraction is. Do you shoot all stray dogs that cross your property ? In many places cats are not included in the leash laws. Something I disagree with. Real pest control companies use live humane traps for most larger animals even if they are dispatched later. Feral cats are taken to shelters where they will most likely be euthanized. I know that seems like a wasted step to you but it allows shelter workers to determine who is feral and who is a lost or abandoned pet.

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