Arsonist killed and dismembered seven cats. He tells us why he did it.

He killed seven domestic cat out of spite and because he felt satisfied after he did it.

Cat killer Gaughan and one of the cats, Rusty, who he killed
Cat killer Gaughan and one of the cats, Rusty, who he killed
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Brendan Gaughan tells us that he killed the first two cats out of spite for the owners. It is not clear why he was spiteful towards them. Perhaps he was jealous of them because he felt isolated and an outsider.

He found that killing the first two cats left him “satisfied”. This led to him to killing four more domestic cats within 10 days. At his trial, the prosecutor, said that his client would feel satisfied hurting [the families]. He left the dismembered bodies of the cats he had killed in plastic bags on their owner’s driveways or front gardens.

Then Gaughan became bored, in November 2017, of harming animals. He decided to start fires of various sizes and in various places. He would search for unlocked sheds in the night and set fire to their contents.

When he was killing cats he would set off between 1 am and 2 am in the morning looking for them. He would encourage them to come to him and strangle them.

He received just three months added to his prison sentence for killing and mutilating the cats. He was brought to court on the arson charges when he volunteered information regarding his attacks on domestic cats. In fact he asked for 15 other offences to be taken into account.

The reason why I have written this short post is because it is the first time I have heard an explanation by a killer of cats as to why he did it. The reasons are bland and pathetic of course and of course he had no feelings whatsoever for what he was doing i.e. towards the cats; absolutely no sense of the pain and anguish that he was causing.

Apparently he expressed regret during his trial and shame for his actions. He did this through his defence barrister and as I am a little cynical it is almost certain that he said this to try and mitigate his prison sentence. In short, I don’t believe him. His sentence was reduced because his violence was directed towards animals are not towards humans.

He will receive psychiatric treatment during his 44 month prison sentence.

2 thoughts on “Arsonist killed and dismembered seven cats. He tells us why he did it.”

  1. This offensive lump of dysfunctional scum will be out in far less than 20 months. His pisstake explanation for his foul activities are a prophecy for further brutal violence.

    The judge decided that he was not a danger to humans, despite the fact that during two of his psychiatric assessments, he casually mentioned that he had “thought about” entering homes and raping any women inside.

    Fire setting is also a huge alert to deeper psychological issues.

    The judge, in his sentencing preamble stated that the killing of the cats was “distasteful” and he was limited as to what he could add to the sentence for the cat killing. He also stated that Gaughan was not a danger to the public

    How do we continue to allow such ignorance and stupidity amongst judges, who are supposed to uphold the law, yet demonstrate such blatent and slack unworldlyness?

    We will see this Gaughan bastard again. He will kill more cats and fulfil his idle rape fantasies. No one will dig deep enough to find out why he has turned into such murderous oxygen thief. He will not change. He will continue to con the police, the judiciary and idiot psychiatrists and psychologists until the day he dies.

    Again, our wonderful cats and all women are pushed to the bottom of the pile where law and justice are concerned.

    Distasteful indeed.

    Poor, poor cats. They just do not stand a chance.

    The law needs to change, as do many judges.

    PS: SNARL reported the trial outcome on their Facebook page.


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