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Art Students in Japan Made a Giant Cat Head

  A group of students at the Japan School of Wool Art have created a startlingly realistic, gigantic wool felt cat head that can be worn as a mask. The project was led by the students’ art teacher, Housetu Sato.

What’s the point of this large, silver tabby-and-white (I bet they didn’t know that) cat head which is placed over the head of humans? Is it “glorious” as described by the website?

The answer is that (a) it is meant to a form of art, probably conceptual art which can be and mean anything at all and (c) for me, it is not glorious but slightly boring. But that is just me.

What else can I say about this “artwork”. Nothing and therefore I’ll tell you what Housetu Sato the teacher has to say but it is sadly unintelligible because it is in Japanese or Google translated Japanese:


You go to the bathroom to get my cat to watch your step, what g was turned upside down… Dead to the disposition and I wipe out when I turn suddenly began!! It looks like our cat from a vu what? He’s dead. It was pretend. 殺Seyo properly! Cat and saying in the back of the slippers hit the final blow. Look happy nasty black image of a burned into bed twice and tried to close my eyes and gloss silhouette so I decided to get up…
Postscript: and put a after the showcase, and soon the body to be able to, because I didn’t leave the room and go back to pc. After that, the rice in the cat. I think I have a cat again went to the room and g’s corpse is disappeared without a trace…
You think I’m gonna eat!

Do you have an opinion on this art?

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  • I agree that the workmanship is outstanding. But, unless used as part of a costume in a play, I see no purpose.
    Those talented people would be so much better off using their talents to create magnificent tapestries or rugs.

  • As an art project, it seems to be well done. There have been many art projects that I think are ugly. At least this doesn't seem ugly to me. If it was mass manufactured, it could sell at Halloween.

  • I always and immediately tune out when I try to make sense of translated Japanese; why do they insist on sounding so stupid? They are obviously intelligent people who get things done, but I swear they are from another planet.

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