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Arthur Heyer Paintings of a Dog Mucki and an Angora Cat — 3 Comments

  1. Hello, Thank you for possibility to look of name Heyer. A the painter..I have picture of HEYER.A for some time.. and could not find much information about painter.. On the picture : there are two Angora cats playing with clock.. One is sitting on top of the clock and one is playing with pendulum. I got the picture from my father born 1900. He got it in Budapest, as I was told , when he was young . My mom brought the picture to me from Czech rep. to Canada . So it looks the picture was traveling long way and it lives long time too. I wonder if could be ? that this picture is related to those pictures what Mr Michael and Mr. Rudolf is writing about ? Thank you for your informations till now .


    Update: picture added by Michael:

    Persian Angora type cats in painting by A Heyer

    • Hi Anna, it seems quite likely to me that you have a painting by Arthur Meyer. Can you photograph the painting and email it to me so we can see it?

      Is it in the same style as the paintings that you see on this page.

      My email address is mjbmeister[at]gmail.com (substitute the [at] for @). Thanks.

    • Hi Anna, thanks for providing a photo of the picture. My gut feel is (a) the provenance is excellent, meaning the history of the acquisition of the painting is great. That supports the idea that the painting is by Heyer (b) the style makes me doubt that it is by Heyer. It looks more modern to me. Almost like a fake but…

      ..I am not an art expert, just a cat person who likes to discuss cats in paintings. So the best thing to do is to get an expert’s opinion. One of the auction houses will do that for you.

      Good luck and thanks for contributing to PoC.


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