Article Exchange

Article Exchange

Article exchange is not that commonly encountered it seems to me yet, general exchange between websites is becoming increasingly more important and of value to webmasters as the internet expands rapidly and becomes highly competitive.

We all know about link exchange and how this benefits a website.

We also know about writing articles for article sites. When you do this you can leave a link back to your site so you get an inbound link and some traffic from people reading the article. Of these, the greater benefit comes from the link as it helps with page rank.

It should then be possible for webmasters to contribute to each others websites by writing articles for those sites with links back. But aren’t these sites in competition and why then should they help each other?

There are about 56 million or more sites in general competition. Sites in the cats sector can, on a limited basis, as described support each other to mutual benefit against the general competition of getting seen. I am really talking about that – getting traffic.

If you would like to participate in this program please contribute by writing a small article on the forums page and leaving me your email and I will respond positively. I guarantee that I will give you more than I receive. Test me.

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