Artwork Of Cat Diva Ai Chan

By Elisa Black-Taylor

Today I’d like to share the artwork and photography of cat diva Ai Chan. Ai Chan lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is a graduate of the University of Feline Fantasy. She majored in art and photography and then went on to obtain her degree in quantum physics as well as psychology (with extra credit for purr-sonality). That’s quite an accomplishment for a cat. Especially since she has to balance being a model/diva.

Artwork of Ai Chan
Artwork of Ai Chan
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I became friends with Ai Chan on Facebook more than a year ago. Her photos are what get me through my toughest days. Take a look at some of her samples here. More can be found on her Facebook page in her Family Album as well as her Vintage Cats album. These are some of the cutest cat pictures I’ve seen anywhere. Ai Chan introduces us to a few ancestors each week, describing the relationship to her as well as any family secrets involved. Some of the cats she’s descended from have questionable reputations.

I don’t know how she and her human father create these amazing photos. I even wrote to them and asked how these pictures are made. Since I never got an answer, I had to do a little research (using my VERY active imagination) on my own. I believe I’ve learned the secret to her artwork.

First, let me tell you Ai Chan is always going on top secret missions. These ended a little over a month ago when she suffered two strokes. All of the cat community was very worried about her and checked on her daily. According to her human father, she’s 95% back to being a normal cat. She has already announced that her next top secret mission is in the works.

I really believe I have Ai Chan’s top secret missions figured out. She’s a time traveler. I support my belief by using photographs of her family as a reference. It’s easy to see all of her ancestors were photographed or painted by the same artist. These were done in different time periods, as well as different countries. Ai Chan has used her education on quantum physics and can make the quantum leap into any time period she desires to visit. Imagine the surprise of her ancestors when she pops in unannounced with her sketchpad and camera.

I still don’t understand how these beautiful pictures are made. The only thing I can figure out is Ai Chan has also made a quantum leap into the future, learned the technique, and brought it back to this time period.

Whatever the technique, I know she’s made a lot of her friends happy with her artwork.

I checked up on Ai Chan today to see how she’s doing. Her daddy bought her a new teddy bear because she accidentally destroyed her old one by amputating the legs. She confided in me what really happened to her bear. Since having a stroke, Ai Chan has decided to take up medicine and study strokes in cats. Things got a bit out of hand when she performed her first “bear surgery.”

Here’s the link to an article Michael (PoC) did on cat strokes a few years ago. It’s on this page.

Let’s all wish Ai Chan the best of health so she can continue to enlighten us with her talents. I’ve had a lot of fun writing this story about this wonderfully talented cat. Please drop her a line and let her know how much she’s appreciated.

Please don’t take me seriously on this article. Unless you want to. I mainly wanted to show off these beautiful photos so I built a story around it. Ai Chan, I hope you approve of the life I’ve given you on


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11 thoughts on “Artwork Of Cat Diva Ai Chan”

  1. I am Ai Chans granddaughter. If you don’t believe me check her family tree on her facebook page. Even though we are very close her top secret missions really are TOP SECRET. She won’t even tell me but she is the most wonderful Grandmother anyone could have. Also Elisa, I’m not sure but I think your right about the time travelling …… purrrrrrrr

  2. At first got confused but later understood the story through blog discussions. Excellent cat picturisation story.

    • All I knew about her going into this was her talking about secret missions and I knew she survived 2 strokes. Since I wanted to showcase the photos I had to build a story around them. Ai Chan is very active on our pictures-of-cats group page on Facebook.

    • Look at her Facebook page. I just hate I’ve confused Michael. LOL. I still want to know how these photos were done but Ai Chan won’t divulge the secret. Thus the fictitous story I built around them. They would make a great calendar.

  3. Elisa, just tell me in plain language of a few lines what this is about! I don’t understand it 🙂 Sorry. Is she a human or a cat?

    • Poor Michael. This is a cat. She has a lot of cat friends and she tells us all she goes on top secret missions but won’t say what they are. And she posts these photos of her family. I just think they’re adorable.


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