As a cat lover are you tired of seeing photos like this one?

As a cat lover are you tired of seeing pictures like this?
As a cat lover are you tired of seeing pictures like this?
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I am reluctant to go into details into why we see this picture on the website but as usual it shows a lot of cat carriers outside a home and the people next to the carriers are in hazmat suits because it is hazardous inside the home.

In case you are unfamiliar with this sort of photograph I’ll explain what it means. It means cat suffering. These men and women are possibly from the city’s animal services depart and/or there are some Humane Society officers there as well or SPCA staff. The police will probably be there too but they won’t be in the hazmat suits as these people are involved in cat rescue. The police are there to figure out if a crime has taken place. It probably has but it is doubtful that the anyone will be charged.

They are collecting dead and living cats from a nondescript home where they have been severely neglected for a longtime. I can say that without reading one word of the report because it is always the same story.

The person who lives in the home will be someone who lost control of the cats they cared for and they will normally insist that they had cat welfare at heart. It is very ironic.

As for specifics, well briefly in this instance there were 37 cats inside this Monroe home and 14 of them were dead. The person who caused this cat carnage and suffering is allegedly an 83-years-of-age woman who has been taken to hospital for evaluation. Why didn’t she seek help? That is the ever present question which is never satisfactorily answered.

The living cats were taken to the Everett Animal Shelter for a check. I hate seeing a pile of cat carriers outside a home. It can only mean one thing: a pile of cat suffering over many years. It is just awful. The condition inside the home will be awful too.

Here is a Monroe PD tweet:


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