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ASBO for Rocky the fiesty cat street fighter — 10 Comments

  1. Ruth I hope you get good neighbours you deserve good people next door to you. As for poor Rocky there seems to be a shift in people expecting cats to stay indoors more and more and it was never like this. Cats have always been known as a free spirit and Rotherham Council should have educated themselves on cat behaviour before blaming Rocky. How cowardly blaming a cat! They should be damn well ashamed! They could do a lot of damage to cat welfare and also start a precedence! Ridiculous!

  2. If I was her I’d move to where Rocky can live his life as a cat is entitled to without idiots complaining about his behaviour, if they left him alone to do what cats do he wouldn’t bother anyone.
    It’s like poking a bees or wasps next then complaining if you are stung.
    Some people are so stupid!

      • In our area the council are forced to provide someone with an exchange home, but there are also plenty of private landlords who rent houses out, there was long lists to choose from and we persevered researching them until we found this one in a cat friendly place. If things got bad for our cats here we’d not rest until we found somewhere else, their safety and quality of life comes first.

        • Yes, she definitely needs to move then.
          I’d love to know what “crimes” poor Rocky committed.
          I’ll have to google about council homes because Michael writes that they are valuable assets. I’m not seeing that something not owned could be an asset. But, I’m going to guess that one is more favorable than an apartment.

          • Most are not in very nice areas, which is why we rent privately, but the council do keep the houses themselves up to standard, where with a private rental it’s a battle to get anything done. Our landlady is a good one but not well off and she does what she can, it’s a low rent in comparison with similar houses and she never bothers us so we give and take and try to do what we can to keep the house and gardens nice. Right now the window hinge needs renewing, it’s the one the cats come and go by and Walter is a bit of a yoyo lol so we don’t expect her to pay for that but in a council house they would pay. They put new kitchens and doors and windows regularly where ours are old but it suits us fine to live here as long as the cats are safe.

            • A private rental, a landlady that doesn’t give you grief, safe for the boyz, and a do-it-yourself small repair once in a while? You’re exactly in the right place, I would say. Just for the peace of knowing that my cats were safe, I wouln’t care if the cabinets were falling off the wall.

              • Yes Dee we don’t either 🙂 as in fact they almost are lol
                If it wasn’t for the next door neighbours it would be Paradise, hopping and praying we get someone decent in the one the layabout man has just vacated, we know we have a month’s grace until he hands the keys back to the agency. The other side is just dog noise which is irritating, especially in the night, but not constant, the landlord is his own dad so it’s a battle to get him to see our point of view.
                Live and let live is OK as long as our cats are safe.

  3. I don’t know what a council home means.
    But, it seems that Samantha has no coice but to keep her cat indoors.
    That should not really be cumbersome, as many USA cats are completely indoors and adjust well.

    • Hi Dee. A council home is a home owned by the local authority (city council) who rent out the home at below market rates for poorer people.

      I agree she has no choice but to keep her cat in now otherwise there will be more complaints and she can be evicted by the council if she is in breach of her tenancy agreement.

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