Ashera GD

This is the top of the range cat in the Lifestyle Pets Inc. stable (aka Allerca Cats). Believed to be an F1 Savannah cat as the appearance is identical. The F1 Savannah is to a certain extent hypoallergenic which fits in nicely with the claims by Allerca Cats.

This is a very large domestic cat at around 25-30 lbs. It is the largest domestic cat and a wildcat hybrid. The father has to be a serval. The world’s tallest and largest domestic at is an F1 Savannah, Magic. The Ashera GD was promoted by Lifestyle Pets has highly exotic and super expensive. Although this gorgeous cat is very impressive, desirable and somewhat hypoallergenic, you’ll need to be a special kind of cat caretaker, which means enriched space and more time. These are demanding cats. This is not a cat breed unless you agree the Ashera GD is a Savannah cat which is accepted by TICA. A lot of people have been critical of Lifestyle Pets.