Asian Leopard Cat

Threats and Conservation


Hunting for pelts (skin and fur) has been and continues to be widespread. In China “harvests” (I hate that euphemism which means killing for skin and fur) are huge – a lot of pelts go to Japan:

  • Average annual kill 150,000 in China
  • 1963 230,000 hunted in China
  • 1980 and 1981, 200,000 killed for pelts in China
  • Chinese government limits hunting to 150,000 annually (1989)
  • In Sumatra young are taken for pets
  • In India it is vulnerable
  • The Amur cat (in Russia) is badly threatened (hunting commercially for pelts) and could be extirpated (destroyed)
  • Generally they can be killed as pests for killing poultry
  • Generally habitat loss and fragmentation is a major threat

In Sumatra its survival is linked to the Sumatran tiger in terms of protection. The Sumatran tiger is little protected in Sumatra. In fact, its habitat is being destroyed systematically by massive logging.


This wildcat is listed under Appendix I of CITES in relation to Bangladesh, Thailand and India and under Appendix II for the other countries. See CITES in relation to cats. And if you’d like to see IUCN for cats. This sets out a list of wildcats and their status in relation to their survival.

Hunting is banned in Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Taiwan, with regulations in place in S.Korea, Lao PDR, Singapore. Plus there are the protected areas (reserves, parks etc.).


Wide ranging diet!

In the video below the leopard cat can hear the water and is it seems instinctively drawn to it.

Asian leopard cat – Sources:

  • The main source is Wild Cat of the World. Accuracy is a priority.
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From Asian leopard cat to IUCN Red List for Cats

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  1. All that I want, is a purebred Asian Leopard Cat ,….in the 9 1/2, 10 to pound range, for a ((pet))! I already have a Bangel and he has been a pet for about (14) years, so I know a ‘Bangle’, being called an Asian Leopard Cat, in my sleep, lol, lol. Both of my Cousins have Female Mountain Lions, as pets and one frequently lets his kids play around them, etc. No, I don’t want the ‘lecture’ about it,my mom also has a Tabby/Bobcat, from Tucson and I’m not going to tell you where the ornery brat’s at! All that I want is a ((purebred Asian Leopard Cat Cub or young Male)). any volunteers???????????????????????


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