Asian man goes shopping with his cat in chest baby carrier during Islamic feast of sacrifice

This has happened somewhere in Asia as far as I can tell. There is a bit of a buzz about it on social media. And I suspect the buzz is both ways: some for it saying it is cute and adorable and all that sort of stuff and some saying it is not not right and the cat is being abused.

Man carries cat in baby carrier
Man carries cat in baby carrier. Seen inside shopping area.
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As for me, well, you can guess which camp I am in. It does look quite cute et cetera but you can’t keep a cat in this position for the duration of a shopping trip. It could harm the cat. Also he may become frightened for whatever reason which could cause problems. There are a number of potential dangers to the cat.

Actually, I think this guy is an exhibitionist and he is using his cat to attract attention. He is bound to attract attention. It looks like his is doing it for his benefit. I cannot be said to benefit the cat. Therefore it is cat abuse or exploitation in my book but I do have quite a strict rules book 😉

The pictures were posted on Facebook. He was shopping during “Hari Raya”. Hari Raya is an Islamic festival also known as the Feast of Sacrifice. So you can expect a hell of a lot of animals to sacrificed (brutally – it’s bound to be brutal). More animal cruelty I am afraid. It is a brutal world for animals isn’t it.

“The animals are killed according to the proper religious rites” – that does not mean animals are killed humanely or decently or for a good reason. The guy carrying the cat is doing something that is against the teachings of Mohammad.

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8 thoughts on “Asian man goes shopping with his cat in chest baby carrier during Islamic feast of sacrifice”

  1. This man is shopping to celebrate the festival of Eid-ulFitr after the fasting month of Ramadan. It is not the feast of sacrifice, which comes later in the year. Thank you and peace to all.

  2. I don’t like it at all, that can’t be comfortable for the cat, it’s nothing like a natural position and totally restricts any movement. I have seen baby buggy’s designed for pet’s that would probably be better if you must take your cat out with you. Some cat’s are “bomb proof” but some are easily frightened, my cat is most happy at home, I wouldn’t dream of putting her in a sling.

  3. It’s the perfect tool for “picking up” a new girlfriend. He has been reading “lad’s mags” which tell him that all he needs to do to pick up a hot babe is to pretend to like cats, ‘cos that’s all women are isn’t it – just a confusing mass of likes and dislikes?

    The cat looks uncomfortable, it’s probably fearful of so many people crowding up on it. The body layout of a cat isn’t the same as a human baby, so the cat’s comfort is more than compromised, especially the constant knocking of the line of the spine every time the bloke takes a step.

    The only statement this guy is making is that he is up for some female action and he’s a bit clueless about cats.

    Some of the cats killed barbarically in Yulin this year were dressed up in cutesy bows and sweaters, to attract diners. Was that making a positive statement for the welfare of cats? Of course not.

  4. My take of this is that this guy is making a positive statement during the time of this hellish festival.
    It seems to me that he is showing that his cat is his baby, and he doesn’t condone the slaughter.
    I don’t see abuse any more than I would consider a human baby being abused in that carrier.

    • I think you are being particularly generous Dee. I would doubt very much that he has any notion about making a statement during this damn festival. And personally I also doubt he is deliberately treating his cat as a baby. I think he just wanted a convenient way to take his cat with him and thought a baby carrier was a good idea. It is not. Also it was bound to get him attention big time. That must be a factor in the decision to do it surely. How many cats do you know who’d stay in that baby carrier for say an hour or more?

  5. I’m not surprised at this. The kitty does appear to enjoy the attention in that second photo, and he or she might be the rare cat that does enjoy that, but the average cat isn’t going to tolerate that for long. I don’t know this man’s motives for sure. Unless this dude speaks out, nobody does. I tend to go for the darker side of human nature. He looks like an exhibitionist to me.

    Humans are weird. We can compartmentalize anything to justify what we do. Taking his cat with him like that, shopping during Hari Raya, where animals are sacrificed, bothers me a lot. That reminds me of this post I saw on the PBS website a couple years back. The thread was about that wild stallion Cloud, and this one woman posted that she absolutely loved horses. She adored them, and she bragged about her show horse. He’d won many trophies and she was quite proud of the fact that she felt the horse was responsible for keeping several people like his rider, trainer and groom employed. Then in the next breath that woman said that she felt that ALL wild horses everywhere should be destroyed because they were vermin and a drag on civilization. Sounds like one of Kristen Lindsey’s clan.

    • I tend to go for the darker side of human nature too and I think in this instance it makes sense to go that way because any normal caring, cat caretaker would not try this. It is too problematic.

      I agree that humankind is weird. It caught my eye the fact that here he is carrying his ‘baby’ around and in the background animals were being killed quite possibly in an inhumane and cruel way to worship some god or prophet. To me it is crazy. In some way it encapsulates humankind’s madness only they don’t realise it.

      • I just had another thought about this. Even if this guy is actually doing something positive with his cat, since animals are sacrificed during this event I figure his cat could hear their dying screams and become really agitated and disturbed by that.

        I bring the element of sound up because of an experience I had with my boy Bandit years ago. Bandit was a big orange tabby who was very easy going. He immediately staked his claim on my bed every single day and night. I had my tv in my bedroom and one night Bandit was zonked out on my bed while I watched a PBS show on euthanasia in animal shelters. A German Shepherd was injected on camera and when they put the needle into him the poor dog yelped. He moaned and made these really eerie, heartbreaking sounds, like he knew he was done for. Bandit woke up and stared at the screen. Up until that time nothing on tv bothered him, not gunshots, explosions, monsters roaring, I mean nothing. He wouldn’t move and he wouldn’t even wake up. But when he heard that dog he immediately recognized the sound as another animal in distress.

        Bandit sat there staring at the screen until the show switched to another scene. Then he hopped down off my bed and left. Very unusual behavior for him. He refused to come back until the next day. That was unusual too. He was on edge and agitated.

        We don’t know for sure that cat in the article heard those dying animals, but I think he did.


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