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  2. Hi Wadan Khan, thank you very much for telling us about these lions. This is an amazing story. The best book on wild cats ‘The Wild Cats Of The World’ says that the lion was widely distributed in the Middle East until 200 years ago! So on that basis the lion was in Afghanistan over 200 years ago. But not since.

    There is nothing on the internet except a false claim that some US soldiers shot a lion with a Photoshopped picture.

    I have never heard of lions in Afghanistan. But you are in Pakistan and closer to the what is going on.

    What I will do is write a short article about it and hope that it gets noticed.

    Thanks once again for commenting.

    Update: here is a post on this lion.

  3. To whome It may concern
    I am Wadan Khan from Quetta Pakistan I always loved animals from my child hood and I still love them now and I am these days so much concerned about the wild life of Pakistan especially in our home villige. I also love Afghanistan so much as we have the same culture language and history.Like 5 years ago I heard about a man in Quetta (city I live in) has pair a of lions male and female lions and people say that they were gifted to him by Ahmed shah mahsood in Afghanistan and were caught when they were cubs in Afghanistan as wild lions but I have searched a lot about that is there any wild lions in Afghanistan as we all know the Afghanistan is also one of the historic distribution of lions but I have found nothing but I have seen those lions with my eyes and the male died last year but the female is still alive I am so much concern that they may belong to the land of afghanistan so they should be restored It is some thing precious and I think If it is true that these lions were caught in Afghnistan so they should be different in DNA and other characteristics then those of african and asian lions. please do some thing I am 17 but I will do every thing to help you for that lion I am wating for your reply. Every body so far beliefs they were caught in Afghanistan.Please I hope you will take a step atleast If you cannot do any thing or believe in it just share it with some one.

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