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ASPCA Rehoming of Caboodle Cats — 7 Comments

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  2. I will be glad to hear the end of it too and hope the cats all get good homes. I can’t help wondering though why the people who have reclaimed their cats, relinquished them to CR in the first place?
    Hopefully all this has given a reality check to the people who dump their cats in Shelters on any old excuse they can think up.

      • It is so exciting to see them finally going to loving homes that they deserve. Four more days to go until there are a whole lot of happy kitties and families!

    • Well that is sad because a group of young people and some adult here in Tampa and Orlando are taking free dogs and cats from craiglist they are taking them to an empty field let the cage open and when the kitties and dogs run to freedom they shoot them to kill them, a lady post this in craiglist the police is after this but people dont care giving their pets away, and this is what is making me sick ASPCA is giving the Caboodle to anyone and people with Piton Snakes feeds them with cats and little dogs and other animals.. Please poor Caboodle Cats giving them for free and to anybody!!

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