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ASPCA say the prejudice against black cats is a myth. PETA disagrees — 4 Comments

  1. In my area, speak to any rescue, they will all state that they encounter some varying degree of problems in getting black cats adopted.

    Prejudice is fairly rife when it comes to black domestic mammals. Cats are sadly not alone in being the recipients of ignorant prejudice baed on colour.

    The Black Dog, present throughout mythology as a portent of death eg: Black Shuck – is present in many cultures. In the UK, courtesy of Winston Churchill, a visit from The Black Dog, is a euphemism for a bout of serious emotional distress/depression.

    Horses are not immune to colour prejudice either, it is often said amongst old style horse people, sadly some younger ones too, that a black horse is never a good horse. Chestnut horses (particularly mares) suffer from being thought of as fiery and unpredictable. The genes that produce a chestnut coat also produce a horse which may have more hairs per square centimetre, ergo more nerve endings, which may result in more skin sensitivity. See “The Horses Mind” by Lucy Rees for more on this.

    In my area, black and white (cow cat markings) are seen as too common and along with black cats are often harder to home.

    What a giant pile of steaming ignorance colour prejudice is…

    ….and that is before we even consider the prejudices and bigotry applied to the skin colour of homo sapiens.

    • I tend to favour your argument that there is a genuine prejudice against black cats and dogs. Perhaps ASPCA are trying to get rid of that prejudice by saying it does not exist.

      • I think the ASPCA are right in that colour prejudice is from mythology, sadly a myth that humans love to perpetuate, hence it enduring.

        It is always a massive task to rid the world of prejudice, when intelligence would serve all beings, so much better.

        You could be right there about the superior motive of the ASPCA, I hope so. Good luck to the ASPCA, if they are trying to dispel the myth.

        If succrssful, !aybe they could move on to religion next!

        • It would be nice to have some good data on the percentages of each type of cat coat type. I suspect the black cats are quite numerous but also that they are the least popular.

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