Asperger’s man crafts beautiful cat home because he loves trails and cats

Greg and Winnie
Greg and one of his cats. I think it is Winnie.
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Greg Krueger loves trails and cats. He is also a good craftsman. The end result is a home which is full of trails for cats and they’re all high up. This, then, is a beautiful environment for domestic cats. Cats like to move vertically. They like to be high up looking down and of course they follow trails when patrolling their territory.

Greg says that all domestic cats have Asperger’s syndrome! He feels that he is in harmony with them. Although he lives alone, he has a family. He’s a perfect cat guardian. He’s been working on his unique home crafted for cats and humans for the last 15 years.

His home is in St. Joseph, Minnesota. The house has over 100 yards of catwalks and they are beautifully crafted. They are decorative and they blend nicely into the home.

Greg crafting his cat/human home
Greg crafting his cat/human home

One of the great difficulties of ‘catifying’ (to use Jackson Galaxy’s language) a home is trying to integrate the elements designed for a cat into those designed for humans. Cats have different demands to humans.

I am sure that a lot of cat owners don’t want to overdo the ‘catification‘ of their home because they think it spoils the way their home looks. Well, there is a solution and you only have to look at Greg’s home to see it.

Greg is clearly very happy and he treats his cats as his children. He wants to go on adding to his cat trails and nooks and crannies. He doesn’t want the work to stop because he enjoys it so much. It’s cat heaven.

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  1. Greg Krueger has found his niche and he is happy with his kitty family. And I am happy for him. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸΎ


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