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Assad or the Russians bombed a famous cat sanctuary in Aleppo — 5 Comments

  1. Vegans grow their crops by injecting millions and millions of acres of cropland with 100% anhydrous liquid pure-ammonia (not that 2%-3% ammonia-water that you buy in stores). A most excruciating way for any living thing to die. The gas that doesn’t get absorbed into the soil then rises in the air to kill any living thing in the area. Millions upon millions of animals gassed to death EVERY YEAR with 100% pure ammonia gas in their lungs, just to feed vegans so they can pretend they are holier-than-though when chewing on their slimy curds of tofu. How is this less of a crime against animals and nature?

    • Please provide some authorities and evidence on this. But keep it short. In particular you say that millions of animal are killed annually by ingesting ammonia gas. This sounds far fetched to say the least as I have never read about this in the press. I would have picked it up.

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