Assad or the Russians bombed a famous cat sanctuary in Aleppo

You remember that heroic guy, a former ambulance driver and electrician, who rescues cats in Aleppo, Syria? Well I wondered how the hell he could keep going in what has been described as hell on earth. He kept on going. He saved cats. He cared for them under the most testing of conditions. True devotion. I’d give him a medal.

He said that he would stay and protect the animals, “no matter what”. His word is true and strong.

I wondered if he had been bombed or shot at. At the time he hadn’t. But now he has. It looks like barrel bombs have been chucked out of helicopters over his cat sanctuary where kids are also present playing with the cats. I think some children were killed too. If they were it would be nothing unusual in Aleppo.

Aleppo cat rescue
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Aleppo cat rescue bombed

He says that they have bombed the area with chlorine gas. Remember Obama’s red line statement. He said that if Assad used gas he’d send in the troops to get Assad. Big words. No action.

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I believe that the sanctuary is called “Ernesto Cats”. His name is MOHAMMAD ALAA ALJALEEL as far as I know. His tweet announcing the closure of the sanctuary because of the bombing got loads of tweets in reply. Of course, because we love this guy. We fear for his safety and the safety of his cats.

Cat sanctuary in Aleppo

Cat sanctuary in Aleppo

Some cats were killed in the bombardment. The air strike also hit Aljaleel’s house. Two cats were killed. One was a tabby cat. Aljaleel was looking after the cat for a young girl whose family had fled to Turkey.

May this man be safe. May his cat survive with him. And may he be rewarded. Perhaps he already has. He has many thousands of admirers.

The West’s failure to intervene is a reflection of the failures in Iraq, Vietnam, Libya etc.. It is a failure of humanity. It’s a degradation of morals as far as I am concerned. Syria is the home of the world’s first domestic cats.

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Michael Broad

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5 Responses

  1. SandForYourHead says:

    Vegans grow their crops by injecting millions and millions of acres of cropland with 100% anhydrous liquid pure-ammonia (not that 2%-3% ammonia-water that you buy in stores). A most excruciating way for any living thing to die. The gas that doesn’t get absorbed into the soil then rises in the air to kill any living thing in the area. Millions upon millions of animals gassed to death EVERY YEAR with 100% pure ammonia gas in their lungs, just to feed vegans so they can pretend they are holier-than-though when chewing on their slimy curds of tofu. How is this less of a crime against animals and nature?

    • Michael Broad says:

      Please provide some authorities and evidence on this. But keep it short. In particular you say that millions of animal are killed annually by ingesting ammonia gas. This sounds far fetched to say the least as I have never read about this in the press. I would have picked it up.

  2. Albert Schepis says:

    I wish I could say I’m always proud to be an American, but I’m not, especially in cases like this.

  3. Susan Gort says:

    May he and his cats fly with the angels. God bless them all

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