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Assessing Big Cat Size In The UK — 9 Comments

  1. This was on the News on “B.B.C” in Mumbai and i personally thought that it could be an escaped pet lion on the loose as the eyewitness accounts seemed authentic.Michael has shown the first picture of the animal on this blog something “B.B.C” did not although they mentioned eyewitness accounts.Arthur.Conan.Doyle gave the World Sherlock.Holmes and one of the best haunting mystery story in the “Hound of Baskervilles”. Seems most Britishers are carried away by the “Hound of Baskervilles” fiction and like to imagine a genuine large beast roaming in the British forests or Moor lands.This could have been a reality a few decades ago when manny Britishers owned large cats legally as pets, same available in London’s famous store “HARRODS”.In the 21st century its very difficult for a wild big cat to roam undetected in the British forests.

    • Yes, Rudolph, good comment. I forgot to mention that there was a time when you could buy a big cat at Harrods as a pet. Anyone could do it anytime. Totally unregulated. These days, I really don’t think there are many pet lions or tigers in the UK. They will be rare. Maybe a handful.

  2. Aha! Methinks the average person might have an unfortunate bowel reaction if he saw a real lion up close and personal! Vicious large 400kg beasties with sizeable fangs and able to beat you senseless with a single swipe!

    Not at all like Monty Python’s lion tamer thought they might be!

    PS – I’m from South Africa – I’ve seen lions up close (but always with a fence in between), in game reserves or (sadly) in zoos. Best place for lions is running free in their natural environment. Wonderful majestic animals.

    But a great story – wait for the wag who decides to really release a lion in the English countryside. Oops….

    • One day we will have a real lion on the loose (2025) and people will see it across a field and shout “Oh, look there’s auntie’s ginger tabby..I was wondering where he’d got to…here kitty..”

  3. That makes sense,some people will be disappointed though if the lion turns out to be “Teddy, the neighbour’s cat”.Funny story!^^

    • People are desperate to see a lion or a black panther running over a English field. No one has got firm evidence yet after all these years.

      Mind you Teddy Bear is a very big domestic cat!

    • It’s the Brits. We wish we had the puma or some other large wild cat. We are ahead of all other countries in terms of hunting large wildlife to extinction.

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