Assisted dying of people is good for pets

Assisted dying is good for pets
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First the definition of assisted dying. Let’s be clear it applies to humans even though we do the same thing to pets all the time when it is called being ‘put to sleep’ or ‘euthanasia’.

Definition of assisted dying: “The practice whereby a person with a terminal illness or incurable condition is helped to take their own life, especially by means of lethal drugs provided by a doctor for the purpose.”

I am sorry that this is a bit dark but we need to be realistic unlike the advertising agencies who sell a world as seen through rose coloured spectacles. I am reaching out a little bit and saying something which is uncomfortable and unusual but I think it is worth saying as a lot of older and old people live with and depend on their cat companion. If they die in an unplanned way and many do and if they have a cat or two the cats have to be dealt with hastily let’s say. They need to be rehomed. Perhaps a shelter will be employed to find a new owner.

But the point here is that:

  • With assisted dying the person who has decided to die can plan for the exact moment when it occurs. This gives them, their relatives and friends time to rehome their cats and dogs in a programmed and sensible way.
  • Importantly a recent poll of 1,844 people conducted by YouGuv in the UK found that 78 percent of the participants would back a change in the law which would permit assisted dying for the terminally ill. The people of Britain support assisted dying as I do. The poll was organised by Dignity in Dying which supports legislation to allow assisted dying.
  • Out of the 766 participants who said that they belonged to a religion – mostly Christian – 69% said that they were in favour.

Assisted dying is common sense. It is humane and decent provided there are checks in place to protect the person in question as they are almost automatically vulnerable. The checks would include two medical practitioners signing it off and the written consent of the dying person whose signature should be witnessed by an independent person.

Some people would argue that cats and dogs get a better deal than humans in end-of-life situations. We routinely euthanize our pets because it is the humane thing to do. It avoids unnecessary suffering. Euthanasia has to be decided with great care and in the exclusive interests of the cat or dog but when it is done properly it works brilliantly. Although it is incredibly painful for the caregiver.

For humans, we put them through months or years of a form a hell. Hospitals keep them alive; barely existing (for what purpose?). Go into a British hospital and you’ll see rows and rows of dying elderly people, men and woman, being treated before they are transferred out to a hospice or their family’s home to die. It can be slow. The end is unsure. It is distressing for all concerned.

Assited dying would remove all the unpleasantness. It would be more humane. It would be better for the cats. I think you need to plan your death! We have no part in the decision to come into the world. We should have the right to leave it on our terms in our interests and those of our pets.

We believe that any adult of sound mind who is intolerably suffering from an incurable, physical condition and has a clear and settled wish to die should have the option of an assisted death.

The Humanists

Assisted dying isn’t just about the person who wants to die in a controlled way. It is also for the loved ones who suffer with them over what can be a long time and their cherished companion cats who’ll need a new home. They deserve the best possible home. They should be rehomed under the supervision of their owner if they have the capacity to do this. But it would be nice if they are involved. Assisted dying facilitates this. It is the last duty of a dying person: to see their cat nicely settled in a good home with their blessing.

P.S. It is my contention that many people in care homes are dying on order. They are asking the care home doctors to euthanise them with an overdose of morphine or some other drug perhaps the same drugs used to euthanise pets. In other words, assisted dying is taking place already in large numbers but it is illegal. The doctor takes a risk but they’ve learned how to disguise it.

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