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Asthma sufferers more likely to have allergies including to cats — 8 Comments

  1. I remember taking allergy meds when I was pregnant with Laura. Then after delivery I came home from the hospital allergy-free. Gone. Never figured that one out but I’m so glad. I had sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. They never came back.

    • I think this is an interesting topic because I had a similar experience. There is not much on the internet about this but it might be quite important. There is lots of stuff about the cat allergy but v.little on self-cures.

      • I’m a big believer in vitamin C and local raw honey. If I get a cold then its alka seltzer cold fizzy tablets to the rescue. I find the C-section study fascinating. First time I ever heard of a baby gaining immunity from the birth canal.

        • That doesn’t surprise me funnily enough. As soon as we alter naturalness we get unforeseen problems. It is like feeding a baby on breast milk rather then commercially available substitutes. There is a lot of protection in the natural milk. Breast is best! 😉

  2. I have asthma and have an allergy to cats.I work with cats at a rescue centre and have 6 cat’s of my own.I keep taking my med’s and don’t intend to change job’s or get rid of my cat’s.

  3. Thanks for this Elisa. For me there are two points of interest.

    1) The inhalers that asthma suffers use contain steroids. This is a medicine of last resort. It just forces the body to work harder. There are side effects. I wonder if the inhalers weaken the body over time and it is that which leads to an increased susceptibility to allergies including to cats.

    2) The fact that you lost your cat allergy over time as did Laura interests me. When I took on Charlie, I was very slightly allergic to him then it went away. This is a nice discussion point. It seems we get used to the allergy. Conversely perhaps steroids make people more sensitive to allergies.

    I have a feeling that it is the medication that makes people more sensitive rather than the asthma or an inherited condition.

    • My house guest a couple weeks ago (when I vanished!) is allergic to cats and asthmatic – as it happens. He brought some Benedryl and another thing I forget the name of. He talked about how one should get used to it and it go away – it did become less of an issue by the second week at my place and the benedryl helped in the first days when he was sneezing badly. We kept his room closed off from the cats. That was hard for me because reducing my cats area by about 25% is a serious thing to do – it wasn’t easy and they weren’t happy about it but it was necessary for him to be able to sleep in there – even so he slept badly from sneezing and coughing he said.

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