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At least 150 black panthers at large in Britain! — 7 Comments

    • Oh, and there’s probably only a few, being sighted numerous times and exaggerated after that as well.

  1. We have cougars 15 miles to the east and 15 miles to west and I have no illusions that they can read they care about where a map says their habitat is.

    • “Cougar” is just another local name for Puma concolor. They have many local names due to their native range spanning 2 continents. “Florida Panther” is yet another local name for them. The Florida populations are not black, as you would expect of the name “panther”, they look just like every other cougar, mountain-lion, puma, etc., because they are genetically no different than.

  2. I live where there are puma (mountian-lions, Puma concolor), yet I haven’t seen one in my whole life. Neighbors have though. Not seeing one, as they are very secretive and go into immediate hiding on the presence of any human, doesn’t mean they don’t exist where I live. It just means I haven’t seen them, but, no doubt, they have seen me many times during my life so far.

    I trust you will relentlessly and steadfastly protect their existence in the UK, the very same way that you protect the existence of your other non-native feline species, Felis catus. If not, be prepared for the highly vocal claims of utter hypocrisy that all animal-lovers will hurl your way.

  3. Most supposed big cat kills are actually done by dogs, but “alien big cat” enthusiasts refuse to accept such a mundane explanation, while others refuse to believe that man’s best friend still has its hunting instincts. Many of the researched black panther sightings have turned out to be: black Dartmoor pony, Newfoundland Retriever dog, black cat seen in poor light, trick of perspective.

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