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At what age do cats stop growing? — 3 Comments

  1. Turkish cats only reach maturity, otherwise stop growing at 4 years of age. and their morphology is strikingly different from when young.

      • I think certain breeds (Ragdolls, Maine Coons etc) don’t have their full coat in terms of length and colouration until they are 3-4 years. Perhaps that’s why they aren’t considered fully grown till then?

        Sophie was a longhaired Cypriot (possibly Angora heritage) cat and looking at photos of her, she didn’t achieve her full size and coat length until she was around 3. As her fur grew longer it also became more shaded until the tabby markings were only visible on the last 25-30% of the hair shaft. Strangely enough the short hairs on her head were tabby from the root, but the tips were silver.

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