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At What Age Should A Cat Be Spayed Or Neutered? — 3 Comments

  1. I clicked on this article because I DO have an opinion, and was amazed to see you seconded it. I have had cats all my life, and I’m 61 years old. My mother would be over 100 if she were still alive and she loved and had cats all her life too.

    We had indoor-outdoor cats back in the day, and we always neutered or spayed them. But my mother was adamant that the male cats would not be neutered until they were at least 6-7 months old, and preferably until AFTER they got the true male “head”. She told me all my life that neutering too early would cause their heads to be tiny, and also deprived them of other natural hormones that went along with the testosterone.

    As for females, it will also make them have tiny heads. I have calico female I got from the local shelter and they spayed her as a small kitten. My other calico is a street rescue that was probably close to a year old when I had her spayed. She has a beautiful wide face, and the one spayed early has a head about half her size, yet she’s a far larger cat.

    So for my opinion, I’d wait at least 6 months for either, and I’d probably wait on the male until he got his full head size. Maybe that’s not a popular opinion, but I’ll stand by it.

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  3. This comment was moved from the home page. It is by gabriel altunel

    Our little girl Cinnamon has given birth after the two months she’s been with us while we were trying to look for a spaying center. We are not thinking of giving them to a shelter, however, we will give them to compassionate cat lovers whom will give them a good home, meaning we’ll look for a home for the kittens once they grow alittle. 3 were born and they are all healthy and sound along with their mommy. My son helped her give birth by cutting their umbilical cords. So far their colors are gray, black, and black and white.

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