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Attempted Theft Of A Cat Clearly Shown On Video — 4 Comments

  1. I really don’t buy the ‘dare’ concept. It’s time the law comes down on these thieves once and for all. Pet theft is huge in the USA, which is another reason most shelters insist on microchipping an animal and most microchip as part of the vetting process. I wonder who was driving the car? That person should be brought up on charges too.

    • Yes, the dare scenario is what they’d say (i.e the thieves). As the cat escaped I’d expect the police to let her off. Too much paperwork for a cat. That’s the attitude.

  2. If a person is so heartless to hurt an animal and its owner so badly for a stupid dare, that person is mentally unstable. Cruel. I would not show her mercy.

    • It is certainly stupid. Really idiotic if we are honest. Maybe naïvety is another factor. But at the end of the day it is very bad behavior. If she had got the cat into the car and let the cat lose somewhere else it could have ended badly.

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