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Attention-seeking Cat Behavior — 6 Comments

  1. my rebel certainly does this around 4pmish when he was dinner. Also ive noticed around bed time after 11 and early in the morning. He just meows alot then looks at me and will start to claw at wallpaper he knows hes doing it. Hes definitly an affectionate cat. i dont want to be mean but sumtimes if he does it too much have to put him in kitchen with door shut as we got a hallway. Im dreading going away as i have a feeling he will complain alot.

  2. An ignored cat is an unhappy cat and eventually a depressed cat too. It takes so little to keep a cat happy, as Dorothy says a few minutes is all it takes, surely that’s not too much to ask!
    Some so called cat experts obviously don’t know as much about cats or love them as much as we do.

  3. I think it’s the attention seeking cat’s caretaker who needs ‘treatment’ in the form of education that their cat is not getting enough attention.
    Cats attention spans are quite short and it doesn’t take long to make them happy by playing with them a short while.
    I think those cat ‘experts’ who say ignore the cat know about as much about cats as the ones who recommend spraying water at cats to ‘teach them’ acceptable behaviour.
    They need to come to PoC and learn about cats 😉

    • You said it well, Ruth. Marvin weaves in and out of my legs, sometimes almost tripping me to the floor. He is after all, almost 20 lbs. All he needs is a few minutes of attention. He never wants more. He, for sure, is the best entertainment for himself. He is very easy to engage in any kind of play.

      Bigfoot stands at the top of the stairs and calls. That one is easy. I come a running. He has me trained.

      Yellow just glares at me through the door glass and gets me running for food.

      They all have me well trained.

      Any of them can have my attention any time they want, any time of the day.

    • I know we think in the same way when it comes to cat caretaking. I find the conventional cat behaviorist’s ideas too formulaic. It comes out of a book and they tend to repeat the same stuff.

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