Attitude Acres American Bobtails

Attitude Acres American Bobtails

by Patricia Peters
(Southern California)

Attitude Acres is a small, family run, cattery, specializing in chocolates and chocolate silver American Bobtails. Attitudeacres is pleased to announce they are home and breeder of TICA first IW and LIFETIME achievement winner, Attitudeacres Murony.

*Note to editor* Whitetail run is listed as a breeder of American Bobtails. She quit breeding in 2002.

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Attitude Acres American Bobtails

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Jan 03, 2008 Thanks
by: Anonymous

Hello Patricia

Thank you for posting on my site. I love the look of your Bobtail in the photograph that you uploaded.

I wish your cattery success in 2008.



Attitude Acres American Bobtails — 4 Comments

  1. Patricia, I bought a long hair male, black and silver from you in 2009. My heart aches, Keiko got out and was killed this weekend. I’m devastated, our family is still in shock. Are you still breeding? Please contact me.

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