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Attitude shift in Australia to confining domestic cats 24/7 — 2 Comments

  1. I once read a very interesting HSUS article which linked the increased number of US cats being kept indoors with the rise in declawing. This apparently began in the 1970’s and collars were airbrushed out of magazine photos of cats, so as to give the impression that the indoor-only lifestyle was more common than it actually was at the time. Current estimates suggest that 30% of all cats in the US are declawed for the privilege of being kept “safe from harm” with an indoor-only lifestyle. I therefore don’t share your belief that Americans love their cats more than Australians or any other nation for that matter.

    The Audoban Society (amongst others) have been very vocal at demonzing cats in the US and they’ve also helped spread the fear factor and probably over-stated the dangers. Whilst I don’t doubt that there are some areas where it simply is not safe (predators, heavy traffic etc) to allow cats free access to the outdoors, but the US is huge and I’m sure there are still many areas where cats are free to come and go in relative safety.

    Australia has some very unique wildlife, so I do sympathise with them wanting to protect it. However I don’t think a ban on free-roaming cats will solve all of their problems. The native wildlife will only survive if there is sufficient habitat and food resources to sustain it.

  2. Ofcourse, it will be worldwide soon.
    Cat caretakers will want to safeguard their domesticated cats just as they want to here.

    Please correct that most state county laws mandate that domesticated cats be kept indoors or be subjected to being taken to kill shelters by animal control. Any free-roaming cat, not a member of a registered feral colony, will be taken in, held for 3 days, then killed.

    Cats from registered colonies are safer than any domesticated cat sniffing around outside.
    For this, I am grateful.

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