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Attitude towards feral cats. Southern versus Northern States, USA. — 10 Comments

  1. Many in the south come from the north or elsewhere. Unfortunately they are the less desirable type.In general though,the south is more anti-cat than the north.And many take great delight in hurting the cat lover in various ways.The cruelty towards the cats and caretaker can be heartbreaking.And the AC adds to the meanness.It angers me that cat people do not spend their time making others lives miserable,but the cat haters seem to think it is their job to be cruel to the cats and us.

    • Geri thats heartbreaking I’m so sorry 🙁 here in the UK we have always been known as a nation of animal lovers but more recently there seems to be a shift so many cats are disappearing, people seem to be less tolerant however rescues such as the CPL and the big one the RSPCA are respected and heavily endorsed. Sorry to say it but it will be a sad day if we ever move so far that we adopt the attitudes of the cat haters of South America. On a positive note however how great is it about that HUGE injection of cash into TNR? And how great will it be to show all the haters that its the way to go once they realise it works!

    • Thanks Geri. For me looking in, the demarcation is not huge between the south and north but there is slight difference of opinion in their attitude towards cats particularly in relation to feral cats. It is about what I call “enlightenment” (a better and more rounded understanding through education and experience).

    • I agree if you are a dog lover (which I am that as well but do not foster them) dog lovers and dog rescuers are golden! If you are a cat lover and a cat rescuer you are crazy cat people and hoarders because you foster cats. It does not mater if you adopted 200 cats into new families spayed and neutered 500 you are a Crazy cat Lady or Crazy CATMAN! Up north the laws protect animals down here they do not. I think the bad attitude and labeling comes from the top with the Governing bodies leading the way in the south!

  2. The Bible Belt states aren’t really the way described years ago. Florida and the Carolinas (north and south) have been pretty much excluded because of their transient, retirement, and tourist appeal. They’re just a mixture of north and south now. So, for me, I can’t really say whether northerners or southerners differ in attitutes toward cats or not, from my perspective.

    However, there does seem to be a differnce in attitude about cats between the northern retirees and the implanted Florians. The retirees seem to have a very low tolerance for cats. I can only guess that they may not have been used to seeing cats year round in their wintry world up north.

    Only my opinion, but I think that Texas is the absolute worse state when it come to the humane treatment of animals.

    The remaining states still seem to be Bible Belt, ie. Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri. These are pretty much big hunting states, so maybe their mindset toward animals is different sometimes.

    • I remember working in Franklin, NC back around 1993 and thinking I was going to the little mountain community where my grandmother was raised. WRONG! People from up north and from Florida had bought out the farms and the original settlers of the area had either died or taken the offer to see and move away. There’s not really any north/south boundary in the Carolinas anymore. And OMG how RUDE those people were. I had one man not watching what he was doing and walked right into the hood of my car. Flipped right across the top of it with me sitting still watching him. THEN came over to cuss me out. And in the store people would crash into me with their shopping carts and not even say excuse me. I’ve solved that problem by putting a whole pineapple with the sharp leaves pointing out at the back of the cart. They run into me now and they’re gonna get hurt. No way will I ever go back to Franklin again. That mountain community is NOT what the Foxfire books portray. And I’m a direct decendant of the Carpenter family in those books.

      Now I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t even have a traffic signal it’s so small. The old families are still here who settled the area 200 years ago and people are friendly.

      • Perhaps the old idea of north and south being very different that I have from the movies 😉 is out-of-date or exaggerated. I do sense though that there is a more traditionalist God fearing mentality in the south which lends itself to being more human-centric and therefore less feral cat concerned.

        • My friend who was killed last summer was from Michigan. His dad was from the south. The one thing he noticed between living up north than in the south is in my neck of the woods you don’t walk the sidewalks to town at night or you’ll be stopped and most likely arrested. He had a seizure disorder, which led to his death, but the Anderson police arrested him 3 times for public drunk and it was his nervous system issues. He finally stopped being harassed after he took the officers to court and won thru a jury trial. A lot of cops will stop a lady driving alone after midnight just because it isn’t done much here.

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