Attorney for Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey has already filed an appeal

The attorney for Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey has already announced his intention to appeal the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners’ suspension of his client, reported October 19. Attorney Brian Bishop didn’t waste any time following the decision on October 18 to suspend Lindsey’s veterinary license completely for one year, followed by four years fully probated with quarterly reporting. This PoC article will bring you up to date.

Appeal filed (Photo courtesy Veterinary Practice News)
Appeal filed (Photo courtesy Veterinary Practice News)
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Attorney Brian Bishop told People the decision by the Board to suspend Lindsey’s license is unfair because Lindsey was never charged for the killing. Bishop stated

“Dr. Lindsey and I are disappointed that the Board ordered suspension of Dr. Lindsey’s license based on an action that had nothing to do with the practice of veterinary medicine.  There is no evidence that Dr. Lindsey knew – or had any reason to know – that the cat she shot had an owner and [was] not feral. Dr. Lindsey did what she did to protect her property and her own cat from a free-roaming animal that was trespassing on her property, damaging her property, and endangering her domestic cat and her horse.”

According to Bishop, the appeal has already been filed. Facebook: Tiger’s Justice Team News responded to this newest development Wednesday afternoon

“This Motion follows the familiar pattern of Bishop’s previous filings on Lindsey’s behalf: 47 pages of bloated, frequently irrelevant arguments that have thus far failed to sway the vet board, SOAH judges, and Travis County District Court. They’ve heard it all before, and although it is possible, we do not expect SOAH to grant a rehearing on the basis of egregious disputations that are worn threadbare by repetition.

If SOAH declines Lindsey’s request for rehearing, she can file an appeal with Travis County District Court, an option her attorney has already indicated she plans to pursue. As always, TJT will provide updates as the case progresses.

Those who feel disappointed by the Board’s decision can take heart from the knowledge that Kristen Lindsey is NOT a happy camper at this outcome. Although Tiger’s supporters hoped for full license revocation, the sanctions imposed by the Board are a true slap-down for Lindsey, as is the dramatic increase in publicity surrounding the case. In the wake of yesterday’s Board meeting, Tiger’s story has drawn massive national media attention, assuring that Kristen Lindsey will find it more difficult than ever to evade the long-term consequences of her abhorrent behavior.”

His wording “had nothing to do with the practice of veterinary medicine” is an insult to medical professionals everywhere. Not just in the veterinary field, but medicine in general. Isn’t it common practice that should a doctor be put into circumstances outside of his/her medical practice environment, that doctor is expected to lend assistance in a medical emergency?

We read stories every day where veterinarians go beyond what is required to save the life of a dog or cat. To think a veterinarian would injure or kill ANY animal that would be treated by a licensed veterinarian is a slap in the face to those who cherish the ability to heal an animal and earn a living at it in the process. Agreed?

How do the readers here feel about this latest development?


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19 thoughts on “Attorney for Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey has already filed an appeal”

  1. I neglected to reiterate that I feel deepest for Tiger whose cause was… is most important at the heart of this. I AM Tiger!

  2. As I’ve said previously: I have followed this from the day K.L. uploaded her post and have been dumbfounded at just what a cruel, remorseless, arrogant person she continues to be, along with her lawyer. It seems as though they believe their own rubbish. I am a formal complainant on the case, and to the other extreme I am awestruck at how professional and brilliant the Tiger Justice Team has been. I bet this was a career-making case for them, and hopefully a breaker for Lindsey and anyone who would be foul enough to follow in her footsteps. What a sorry excuse for a person and especially a veterinarian.

  3. I’m disgusted by the leniency of the sentence. Where was the justice for Tiger and those who knew and loved him? Lindsey can’t be that upset by the publicity surrounding the case, because she’s never shown an ounce of remorse or even apologised for her actions.

    Nor do I think it will impact her finances that much.
    Let’s not fool ourselves, Lindsey has associates and friends who share her views and will still employ her. Whilst awaiting the outcome of the SOAH hearing, one of the court documents mentioned she’d been working for a vet in order to pay her legal fees. (Yet her lawyer claimed to be working pro-bono.)

    If I lived in Texas, I’d want any vet clinic I used to sign a sworn affadavit or public declaration that Lindsey was not hired in any capacity.

    In my opinion, all Lindsey has learned from this experience is to be more careful next time and not brag on-line to strangers. I worry greatly for other victims (past and present) we’ll probably never know about 🙁

  4. What Lindsey told Inside Edition on Wednesday. “At the time I made the Facebook post, at the time that it happened, in my mind, I had captured a feral cat. There is a feral cat coming to my property, I had issues with it, I captured that cat and 1) took it to the local shelter to be scanned and put up for adoption or euthanized in a humane manner or 2) took it to the clinic I work at and tested it for disease then altered him , gave vaccinations and returned him to my property where I’ll let him live now that I know he presents little or no threat to my cat and may even make a pet of him someday.

    I helped her be normal.

        1. I wish there was a way to edit. Thank you. Zealots. No one is less of a zealot than me. I see extremism on either side as counterproductive to moving animal rights forward.
          I have pointed out many times if this had been a dog instead of ‘ just a feral cat ‘. There would have been a lynching. The disparity in animal cruelty even when neither animal is mentioned specifically is disgusting.
          The big question looms. Why wasn’t she cited for Animal Cruelty. A charge that in many states can lead to revocation of a license? What about the DUI another step to revocation? And the only person who has ruined her life is Lindsey herself. Listening to her is like dealing with the narcissists on my husbands side of the family. Pointless. It will never be their fault.

          1. I’m not familiar with US laws, but could Lindsey potentially be facing any jail time if convicted of DUI?

            In many prison systems, animal abusers are seen as scum by other inmates and treated accordingly. Perhaps a brief spell inside would be Karma.

            1. No the custom here is to slap them a bit and let them continue to drive until they slaughter a family on the interstate going the wrong way. We have DUI repeat offenders with numbers well into the double digits. All they have to do is remember to blow into the ignition interlock before they pop the 40 and drive off.
              It’s important to really read what this woman is saying and how. The content is barf worthy and hard to plow through. I have two extreme narcissists one with a borderline personality on my in-laws side. They have in about 25 years never done anything wrong. Ever. A narcissist is impossible to treat. Therapy is simply another platform for attention and playing the victim. The only way to live with a someone with this disorder is to NOT. It’s evident her parents are enabling this delusional behavior. I know why. They don’t want to be the next target of her inner rage. What she done to Tiger is sick. But it simply highlights a bigger possible mental health issue that means she would not be considered fit to practice. Should someone care to pursue that avenue it might be more productive than trying to make her accountable for animal cruelty.

              1. Has she, actually, been examined by any behavioral specialist? I’m not seeing that.

                Her narcissism is a fragment of her antisocial personality. An antisocial or sociopath lacks the capacity to feel. They are able to respond as normal people in some circumstances because they have learned to mimic what behaviors are considered appropriate. Hence, she may cry on the stand when a performance is required.

                And, as you write, there is no treatment for that sort of disorder.

                She should never be able to have contact with animal in her lifetime.

                1. I doubt she has been ordered to therapy. And it’s pointless with someone like her anyway. Most board for professional licensing have something about impairment. That could speak to either an addiction or mental issue. It is seldom evoked unless there is evidence of drug or alcohol abuse. IN this case she has a DUI but it has not to my knowledge been taken to court and may never be. More plea dealings are likely. Her family enables this behavior. Remember she’s being picked on. This is the reason I cut 90% of my husbands family out of my like the two with the issues mother and daughter were enabled by everyone around them. Who knows what Lindsey’s parents and family have covered up.
                  I think the big question is this a vet you would want to have handle the euthanasia of one of your pets possibly one of the most sensitive procedures most of us will ever have to endure. I would say IMO that a vet who shoots a cat through the head with testimony there is a good chance Tiger was still alive in some aspect and hold him up on the arrow for a trophy shot should be barred from every being allowed to handle a pets last minutes. Lindsey knew there were other options, she choose the one that suited her best.

    1. We all know that she is lying to save her -ss. She has no compassionate bone in her body. She didn’t think through a darn thing except to kill.

  5. The key words here are she didn’t know. I mean can’t both sides play the game. If she didn’t know then she shouldn’t have shot. She could have put her cat in the house and to hear veterinarians say the cat was a danger to the horse is beyond stupid. IN fact cats in horse barns are a staple not only for mice but as companions for many lonely horses. They can form very tight bonds. And I have never heard of a cat hurting a horse.
    No the lowlife was playing with her bow and arrow and seen a victim. I bet her yard is a sea of unmarked graves.

  6. This is totally ridiculous. A “licensed veterinarian,” killing a defenseless cat in the most inhumane way, and posting the picture on Facebook while he was in excruciating pain and still alive? Seriously? Any truly compassionate person, especially an animal doctor, could never commit such an act to begin with. Kristen Lindsey may be a licensed veterinarian on paper, but not in her soul. She has a cold heart made of stone. I advocate revocation of her veterinary license, forever. End of story. No appeals. :'( :'( :'(

  7. She needs to lose her license permanently! There is no reason a “vet” should be allowed to kill an animal-feral or not. I really am so very disappointed in the judicial system. I’ve seen too many human and animal doctors who care nothing for the patients entrusted to their care. I an ashamed of the “humans” who let these people get away without the proper punishment.

  8. Elisa Black-Taylor

    What Lindsey told Inside Edition on Wednesday. “At the time I made the Facebook post, at the time that it happened, in my mind, I had killed a feral cat. There is a feral cat coming to my property, I had issues with it, I killed that cat.”

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