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Audio: Listen to me explain the medical reasons for Grumpy Cat’s face — 19 Comments

  1. We might think we are “advanced” with animal welfare laws in the UK, but the reality is that cock fighting, dog fighting, cat coursing, hare coursing, fox hunting – all still abound. These foul activities, are practiced by people from every social strata, all over the country.

    Tail docking is still carried out by cruel breeders (at home, using anything from kitchen scissors to vegetable knives) despite it now being illegal. Vets have to have a licence to perform tail docking now, and see evidence that the dog they are being asked to mutilate is a “working” animal. Of course, this system is widely abused, though I am heartened to see that many vets refuse to carry out this procedure.

    There is a huge market for selling animals with deformities on sites such as Gumtree too.

    Like it or not, the UK has a VERY long way to go regarding animal welfare.

      • A lot of people think we are right too Michael and we have to go on trying to convince those who think we are wrong that it’s them who are just that.
        We are making progress but very slowly and we must keep on …..

  2. Cock fighting was banned here in England by the Cruelty to Animals Act 1835 but it still went on illegally in the late 1800s.
    Near where my paternal granddad lived was a pub known as The Blood Kit and they had illegal cock fights there in a pit in the basement until they were caught out and stopped.
    Personally I hate the thought of birds forced to fight just as I hate men forcing pit bull type dogs to fight, that’s illegal here too, but people who think they are above the law still do it, thankfully most are caught.
    I suppose I’m an animal rights activist although those of us who only believe in peaceful protests prefer to be called animal welfare activists, trying to educate about how animals and birds feel pain just like we do and promoting kindness and compassion for all living beings.
    I truly believe that ‘Grumpy Cat’ is being exploited and is very unhappy and I truly believe that every animal, bird, or fish has the right to live their life fitting to their species.
    Like us they only have one life and we have no right to use or abuse them, they are not collective ‘animals’ they are each and every one of them one animal with feelings of fear and pain just like us.

    • …..suppose I’m an animal rights activist although those of us who only believe in peaceful protests prefer to be called animal welfare activists….

      For me this is an important point. Thanks for making it. “Animal rights activists” are scorned by hunters and animal users. It is a phrase that implies extreme views, violence and aggression. But as you so correctly say, we are simply concerned about animal welfare. All of us should have the same concerns. We have to learn to live with animals and not use them for our misguided reasons. Surely that is the only decent way to live?

    • The UK is generally in advance of almost all other counties on animal welfare. What was banned in England 200 years ago is still done in many parts of the world today. This is the problem of uneven development across the globe. This causes big pressures and stresses in the world.

  3. In Mumbai the Internet speed is slow and hence i heard the audio with “Buffering” where Michael sounded and explained the deformity with authority of a Veterinarian.I find nothing wrong if the owners of this cat mint money on the freakishness of their pet provided part of the income is used for “ANIMAL OR CAT WELFARE”.Animals are exploited as “Money Machines” for the pleasure of humans in many sports and activities, most common being “Horse-racing” where race-horses are nothing bur “Racing Machines”.I did a lot of research on “COCK-FIGHTING” after viewing this brutal bird sport in the Philippines and also wrote my blog and opinions for this sport not being as cruel as viewed by animal rights activists .Confining chickens to cramped cages for a few months and slaughtering them for human consumption is tolerated but “Cock-Fighting” where the birds are well cared and fed for at least a year is considered a crime.We humans have strange “VALUE SYSTEMS” when it comes to judging “GOOD & BAD”.Agreed “Grumpy Cat” is a freak of nature but its no harm if the owners of “GRUMPY CAT” exploit his freak looks for monetary benefit provided they care for the cat which i am sure they do as he is a feline star and their ticket to fame & money.

    • I find nothing wrong if the owners of this cat mint money on the freakishness of their pet provided part of the income is used for “ANIMAL OR CAT WELFARE”

      I tend to agree. Grumpy cat’s owners say they give some money to charity but how much? What percentage of earnings? Not much I suspect. To be honest I still have doubts because it is still exploitation unless you give all the money to charity. Even then, many cats will gain but one cat, Grumpy Cat, will lose out. Do we have the right to make that decision?

  4. Yes it played!
    I agree with all you say Michael and also with your comparison of human dwarfism to feline dwarfism.
    A cat’s brain is very similar to a human’s brain and putting human ‘freaks’ on exhibition has long been consigned to the history books. We know now that every human has feelings and emotions so why don’t some people realise that cats have much the same? Cats by their very nature don’t enjoy being away from their home, they hate being laughed at too, yet I can well imagine the laughing and the pointing fingers of the people queuing up to have their photo taken with her. It’s all gone too far, they should let that poor little cat live in peace, who knows how long she has to live, why should her whole life be about entertaining people and her ‘owners’ making money from her disability!

    • I am pleased it played Ruth – the video one! These audio files are terrible. They have always caused problems. Videos are guaranteed to play if they are yours so I just made a video out of the audio file.

  5. Will you write your explanation Michael if we still can’t get the audio to work? I’ve always been able to play your little video clips talking before, but just can’t get this to work.

    • I hate audio files… 😉

      I have converted the silly thing to a still image and an audio file, which is guaranteed to play.

      I had hoped that the audio file would play for everyone. The audio files play for me but I have a top of the range computer and I can’t expect other people to have that sort of computer.

      It is about software installed on computers.

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