Audio recording of Steven Mishow admitting to shooting neighbors’ cats

This is a follow up page to one I wrote on 3rd December 2017 about Steven Mishow shooting domestic cats belonging to neighbors. One of them was Olivia belonging to Pam Dowell who decided to leave the area as a result. The two others were a semi-feral named Emerald and Pumpkin a neighbour’s cat. Olivia liked to play with Pumpkin (Punky). Punky was also a beloved cat and the neighbor’s daughter was distraught over the cat’s death; ‘folded over in tears crying about her cat Punky and asking WHY, Why did this happen?’

Mishow a cat shooter and killer

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In a very rare audio recording you can hear Mishow admitting (1) his hatred of cats and (2) his pride in shooting them. Mishow is speaking to a neighbour who recorded the conversation without Mishow’s knowledge.


Below is another version (MP4) in case the above does not play. It is quieter:


The beginning is difficult to understand and is the voice of Mishow then the neighbour comes in. Mishow’s voice is slightly higher pitched.

“Yeh, I got it right behind the front shoulders. When they run see ya later muther fucker. I will kill every fuckin’ cat I see……That cat I seen about a week ago. Must have been a week. It’s been missing about a week. Shot the fucker. Them fuckers stink so fucking bad. They used to piss in my fucking garage.”


Steve Hanson commenting on the original page wrote:

“Steven shot them in the ass, one cat was paralyzed instantly and he ordered his dog after them which the dog attacked and shook the death right out of them.”

Steven Mishow’s sister Rachel has defended her brother’s behaviour. She says that he didn’t intend to shot the cats dead. He used a pellet gun at a distance (240 yards) and at night she says. But Mishow says he shot the cats deliberately with the obvious intention of killing them.

To compound the admitted crime (he pleaded guilty in court) Mishow ordered his dogs after the cats to finish them off we are told. Pam says she was never able to recover the bodies of the cats. It is believed that they where ‘bagged and carried off to a dump’ the day after initial contact by Pam Dowell with law enforcement.

Pellet gun?

I don’t believe that he used a pellet gun. It was possibly a .22 calibre rifle but that is a guess. Cats often survive pellet gun shootings even when hit multiple times and they get home. In this instance one bullet killed or disabled the cats.

Pam says that she lives in a residential area a block from a school and that Mishow lives ‘across the street from my house and the Jordan’s’. We are told that Mishow knew that Pam’s cats were their pets. They were not ‘nuisance animals’.

The audio recording was played to the police and their investigation was not started until a week later. Hardly a sign of commitment to justice and law enforcement.

Cats stink

The cat hater’s argument that cats stink is a fallacy. They always say it when defending their cat shooting behaviour. Domestic cats are cleaner than most humans. Apparently Mishow’s property (that he says he was defending) was the subject of a ‘blight complaint’. Tons of garbage was in the area. It has since been removed.

Mishow's home


Mishow was convicted but punished lightly. This is the usual outcome.

Last comment – update

Jill has made a comment which brings us up to date – “Update to a long year of drama/theatrics for my sister Pam”. Please click this link to read it.

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368 thoughts on “Audio recording of Steven Mishow admitting to shooting neighbors’ cats”

  1. It appears the new and improved version must now step in. Stone Hanson at your service. Life coach and Dr. Phil of the common man. So Rose and Rachel can not stop the obsession train and continue to use aliases on this cat blog. Three Dog Night is jumping the casino circuit and rewriting a verse to their 1974 classic “Liar” in honor of them. Here’s my thoughts on court (and I was there) … either the men in brown shirts are coming to put the R team in orange suits or the gang from Meds 1 is coming to put the R team in white jackets. Michael, what do you call a person who has documented and obsessed with a neurosis on another for 2-3 decades? John Hinkley Jr? Mark David Chapman? Robert Bardo? Rose Nordskog! STALKERS! Preoccupied fascination and jealousy is not healthy (Rose, your video rant against Pam is being used for Ozzy’s updated release of Crazy Train, Gnarls Barkley refused, it was too crazy for him.). There is just no simpler thing to say here: R team you are making asses out of yourself. It is like watching a rerun of the old Brady classic: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia but it is Pam, Pam, Pam and you two Jan’s need to get a life, get moving and get lost. Jerry Springer called and he says to shut it down. He’s not coming out of retirement. Whack-a-doodle-do.

    1. The drama with Steven Mishow continues even thought my sister no longer lives near him. He repeatedly contacts law enforcement stating my sister abandoned her cat when she relocated. (the deputy told my sister he is getting tired from the tele calls from Steven)

      Pam has two pet cats that moved with her. Her FERAL companion, Silver, was unable to be relocated. (Twice she managed to get him into a cat carrier with plans to find a rural home for him, but she was unsuccessful. In terror, he broke free.)

      When Pam moved into her Cohasset home, she live trapped, had neutered, and found homes for up to 10 ferals. Silver, although fed and given outside housing during the winter, was not domesticated. He preferred to run free as he always had.

      A trailer park neighbor knew that Silver often spent time under his trailer home. He likes all animals and didn’t mind Silver. Pam hoped that the new owner of her home might keep an eye on Silver and left food with her for that purpose. However, that didn’t come to be. Thankfully, the trailer home neighbor said he would be happy to make sure Silver was safe/fed!

      This continuing revenge seeking behavior by Mishow is not due to his concern about a FERAL being abandoned. As proven in court, he hates cats! The reality is this man needs serious mental health intervention/treatment! No individual is safe from his revenge seeking behavior!

        1. Well, the people who make it a drama are the people who hate her. Perhaps they are the ones you should direct your comment at. Her story is actually interesting because she loves cats and Mishow hates them and some of her neighbors hate her. It’s a dysfunctional situation and for me the villains are the ones who love to have a go at Pam and can’t stop – they are obsessed with it. Perhaps jealousy is involved. She moved to get away from them.

          1. She moved to get away from the villians. Moving to Grand Rapids is far from moving away. Your right MANY NEIGHBORS didn’t care for Pam. Pam had many altercations with neighbors. Why would she expect the person who bought her house to continue feeding feral cats? Pam expects other people to pick up what she abandoned?

            1. I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask your house purchaser to care for the feral cats. You could almost insist on it as part of the sale or select a buyer who liked cats. It is unusual but not unacceptable. I disagree with your last sentence. She is just trying to get continuity in feral cat care. What’s wrong with that? You are hostile to her and that comes through and it colors your attitude.

              1. Michael,

                Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum; the fake alias users. They obviously will never understand that farmers, etc have FERAL cats they name and feed. Metro people feed and name FERAL cats. They are not pets/they are not domesticated. They are not ABANDONED!

                The new home owner was ASKED to keep an eye out for Silver and she AGREED. However, she changed her mind which was her option. Thankfully, John had known of Silver for years, since as a FERAL, Silver often frequented his home. Pam’s worries that Steven might kill Silver are ever present, but it helps to know that John will do what he can.

                I don’t believe Kelly is a real name, but if this were Kelly S, her dad would be ashamed she is posting negativity against Pam. Our fathers were best friends until his death!

                1. Now Pam is a farmer and a metro person. Wasn’t Emerald a feral also? Wonder what PETA would think of all this. After all they also believe cats should be leashed, that what one does if they love their pet so much. The more your write Jill (Pam) it just shows more and more the degree of your mental illness.
                  Will Pam let her cats run the neighborhood now. Would has it, she is already being a pain in the ass in the new neighborhood

                  1. I’d say her detractors are far more likely to have a mental illness judging by their obsession with being nasty to her. I see no signs of mental illness in Pam.

                    1. Stone Hanson Life Coach

                      Stone Hanson, lifecoach checking in to clear up the tweedle twins and their on-going dose of codswallop. That Rose gal must be off her corker and on another bender. These two curtain twitchers apparently have no bloody lives. One never knows if they are trollied or just plain dim. I think it is fair to say we are all bloody well tired of the twosome tweedlers and can hope they will be silenced with a stay at the Nick. They are pants, simply pants. Smarmy twits to be sure. R team and another load of waffle. These two need some new words, one can’t spell and the other can’t hear and the two of them are blind to their own jealousy. Now twaddle off Tweedle girls, twaddle off. Ta-ta.

                    2. Bla bla bla applies very nicely to everything Pam’s detractors have written and they have written copious quantities of bla bla bla. It’s an obsession with some of them. I’d recommend medication myself.

      1. Let me get this straight. Pam thinks the new owner needs to feed the feral cat she invited into the neighborhood? Now the feral cat lives under someone else’s trailer home? Pam tries to kennel the feral cat, and the cat busts out of the kennel. What kind of crazy shit is this? When she moved she did abandoned her responsibility. How dare her expect someone else to pick up the pieces.

        1. Anna, if you read the words of some of these people who dislike Pam you will be reading lies, untruths and distortions of reality. Believe me. Don’t believe them. Pam is a decent person. I can vouch for that. Some of these comments are by disreputable people with an axe to grind.

          1. No one has a axe to grind. Just a go to phrase for you when people dsagree with Pam Dowell. You act like she is a saviour to the whole Itasca County. All she does is cost taxpayers more money. It’s time more people stand up to her, and not be scared to the twit.
            When pressure is put on her he picks up the red phone to a lawyer. She can’t handle fighting her own battles. It’s her history. You look at her n she dialing a lawyer.
            She is a “has been”. She is certainly losing her mojo. Hiding behind Jill’s name and this Steve name. Not surprising.

            1. I disagree. The detractors do have an axe to grind. They want to maliciously troll and criticise someone who is better than them. Pam is not a saint – no one is – but some of these comments are by total assholes.

            2. Kelly/Rose, Anna/Rose. Fake personas on a cat blog about a man with a hatred of cats and his fatal attack on them. It is sad and disturbing to see that others that have no personal relationship to this case have usurped themselves into the situation.

              Today’s posting by Rose Marie demonstrate how humorous she finds it that Facebook censored some of her posts. And how she is now focused on someone working at the local PO. (she has not lived in this city for years)

              It is a sad statement on how one individual can spend countless energy trying to hurt/mock others!

              1. Tell us again who is obsessed. You seriously stalk her Facebook. Are you bored? Seems your obsessed Jill=Pam. Your life lacks substance. Why don’t you just take a picture of the post.

              2. I believe you just called the kettle black. You being the dam kettle. Ignorant you are.

                You often Tak about your dad, and people being friends with him. Realize not friends with you, but your dad Pam.

                1. Stone Hanson Life Coach

                  Dear R-team: The only ones watching are you and your fake aliases. Rose put the barley pop away. Plagiarize say what. LOL

                  “Rose Marie
                  5 hrs ·
                  Lol. They keep following so why not. Then they plagerize in the blog. I find it humorous for sure
                  Meme reads:
                  “Sometimes I post stuff just to piss people off – then I’m like, wait there’s more.”

                  Italian soda, barley pop, burgers and fries, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer where would you like me to send you some glue? Sadly, there is no fix for your broken record. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Pam, Pam, Pam. And the trophy goes to ……………. Pam for the win. 😉

                  Fall’s coming. Get moving. Get a life. Rose, get sober. Rachel get lost. Deep in the woods you two could do both.

                    1. Stone Hanson Life Coach

                      From Rose Marie Morency (abandoned by John) Nordkskog (abandoned by Bob) Tinquist (dumped by Mike) Schumacher (dumped by Lynn) Facebook commentary: “No this is their lives then they brag how they are Soooo over it. They dont want it to die. What else would they do? Take nice homes and decorate them ugly? Live trap cats then abandon them? File endless amounts of motions and orders to pretend they are relevant? Start a blog with some pussy in the UK and use porn names as aliases? So many things they could be doing but this is what they chose. Wait for it…………..”

                      Wait for what Rosey Mattress Back Marie more of your spewings, page creations, name-calling, sea hag cruelty, put-downs, assaults, and attacks on people you don’t know or haven’t known in decades. You need to check your own abandonment issues and ask why nothing but low-life’s are in your circle. A little meth here, a little meth there, here a meth, there a meth everywhere a meth meth. Tonight the rocks are calling, they said get back under them, they need more slime build up. And you excel at that. PS: Soy boys have awesome physiques. Thanks, I’ll take it. I prefer butter boy though. Hey, I found your last class reunion pic. Thought I would share.

  2. Jill, why not tell the WHOLE truth! Both Pam and Rachel are both looking at CONTEMPT CHARGES. Pam has a Lawyer. When your looking at criminal charges you also have the right to a lawyer. Why is Pam and Hanks worried about tax dollars. Both live off Taxpapers. It seems that Hanks wanted the 200ft distance, because she herself can not trust her impulses, Of violence tendencies. The judge was looking out for Rachel’s best interest to protect her. Excellent move telling half truths.

    Hey let’s save tax dollars and not file orders. Oh that would be an adult idea.

    1. Stalking more of Pam’s deceased or chalk-rubbing her dad’s grave? Or wait …. wait, perhaps creating a cover story because she had been stalking Pam’s families memorial sites and people will be giving statements on that??? We’ll see.

    2. Just for information Michael. The “Carol” that made the above two posts must be Rachel or a friend. It is NOT me.

      1. Thanks. I have completely lost track (almost) as to who is who because of all the alias and my lack of time to try and sort them out 😉

        1. If only was Pam responsible, and seriously looked at her actions and reactions. Hopefully she has learned, most likely not.

        2. Well, 99% of the post are underpinned with a love of cats 🙂 This particular page is unique on the site for the long list of fruitless, non-productive arguments.

          1. YOU!!!! Michael allowed the non-productive arguments. Pamela needs you in her corner, or on her corner. She couldn’t get any other blog to even entertain her hardcore left wing liberal mind. Like most left wing liberals, she does not like to be told “NO”. She cant fathom someone having a difference of opinion. When they do, she has a 5 year old tantrum. She cant solve problems by conversation. NO!, she has always had lawyers at her finger tips. She will never change, ever. There will be another tantrum, I’m sure you will right a blog about that also.

            Why did she move to the heart of down town Grand Rapids. If she does have any cats left, I hope she keeps them inside. Nothing she does shocks me.

            1. Like most left wing liberals, she does not like to be told “NO”.

              Where does that idea come from? Why do liberals object to be told No more than people with other political persuasions? I’d have thought that right wing types are more prone to object to being told No.

              1. Very much a left wing hardcore liberal. Her mommy must not have told her “NO” or her daddy. Seriously, she cant fathom anyone having a different opinion than hers. Many people differ in how she conducted herself in regards to this NON-FELONY case. ATTENTION is all Pam craves. It must stem from her dad walking out on the family.

                1. Well, Karen (if that is your real name) that’s you opinion. I am sure many people have a different and more flattering opinion. What are you like? Are you perfect?!

                  1. Micheal I am not perfect nor would I ever claim to be. I also would never claim to be a self proclaimed community leader. Pamela Jean, is all about self promotion. The length she will go to is creditably insane. Type in Pamela Dowell Minnesota in a search engine. She has a self induced narcissistic personality. Its great to love yourself, don’t get me wrong. To hurt others, to gratify they need is pure evil. That’s why she loves tis blog, its not hate, and it mentality gratifies Pamela. This blog now is far from education. Pamela is a scorn female, who is trying so dam hard to discredit one person. The harder she tries, the more doors that are being shut on her. People are starting to recognize that there is a serious mental health issue in Pamela’s brain.

                    1. Just because a search engine finds her does not mean she is narcissistic or self-promoting. It means she’s done stuff that search engines pick up. If you type in ‘michael broad cats’ I come up on Google but I don’t try and self-promote. Perhaps a lot of her detractors are envious of her. It is possible.

                    2. Love how you shut comments off. All Pams life, she has tried to self promote. Below she posts websites that have to deal with her. She is far from a community leader. Go up to someone in Grand Rapids and say “Pamela Dowell”. Not much comes from people that are not in her circle. She is all about self promotion. She is a self proclaimed community leader. Just because she thinks she is doesn’t mean she is. Whos prospective is she looking at. Community leaders help people in the community. Pamela Dowell HURTS people in the community. She has wasted so much taxpayers $$$. Im sure she feel entitled to that also. Lets wait for “Jill” to chime in.

                    3. I only delete comments which don’t comply with the clearly stated comment rules so if you are referring to me (Admin) you have not read the rules and if that’s the case it explains a lot about you.

  3. I have a question. Why do people go to the older post, when they are talking about a current issue. That means people following this literally have to scroll and look for me dates. Just a question thank you

    1. Not sure. I’ll investigate that. The key will be for me to ensure the newer posts are at the top. I’ll check that now.

    2. I have just checked the setting and they are set to present the newest comments at the top of the page. Maybe what you are seeing is people responding to someone’s comment written a while ago.

  4. My friend Pam painted this. She has been under attack from the day her pets and her neighbor’s pet was killed. My friend Pam is a caring person. She has been very giving and supportive to me. She will prevail. In memory of her cats Olivia and Emerald.

    1. Very nice. She is a good person. Those who malign and denigrate her are ignorant fools and it shows in their stupid words and thoughts.

  5. Jill=Pam is now complaining that she was turned in for abandoning her duties to care for feral cats. Pam thinks the owner of her old house should feed the cats. The owners gave away all the bags of cat food that were left behind. The owner was not told about what is wrong with the house. Well, she has been told now. The new owner hates cats, and wants nothing to do with feeding cats and all the other wild animals Pam invited.

    1. She loves cats and did all she could. If the owner dislikes cats that’s unfortunate but when you sell a property you have to be take what you can get. The fact the new owner dislikes cats should please people like you so stop bitching. No more comments from you. This has gone on long enough.

    2. What was the expression you used in the past, Michael? God,fake Kenny you are an idiot! Still can’t accept that I am Jill/not Pam!

  6. Forever sad that this lovely tame pet was unjustly baited and killed. RIP Olivia. What a disgusting loathsome person.

    1. Thank you Judi. Nice photo. I agree and any decent person must agree that Mishow is a loathsome person because only a loathsome person could do what he did.

      1. No Judi is Judi. There are many friends and family who find the killing of family pets horrid. And to those of you who defend it, you are just as horrid. Rose, what is wrong with you? Did you stop development at 5th grade?

    1. Kenny what’s your point? And why do you take pleasure in trying to belittle her and defend (it seems to me) Mishow who is clearly a disagreeable person without morals.

        1. Kenny, please try and focus on the morals of Mishow or should I say his lack of morals. That’s what the article is about. If you want to be on topic criticise him

          1. The latest on Steven Mishow: He called law enforcement to report that Pam abandoned her pet cat when she moved. So, of course, at the taxpayer’s cost a deputy contacted Pam to discuss Steven’s report. The cat is a longtime feral that came to eat when Pam put food outside for her cats. Twice she tried to kennel and relocate him but he panicked/ broke out of the kennel.She was unable to domesticate him as a pet. She did ask the new owner of her home to occasionally to put food. She left food/portable housing that could be used for the cat in the winter. She fears everyday that Steven may harm this beautiful feral cat! She was heartsick that she was unable to take Silver with her when she relocated! How ironic, that a person who attempted/and succeeded in taking a cat’s life/who has expressed his hatred for cats, would report someone for abandoning one!

              1. I agree, Michael! I am just glad my sister is no longer exposed to the “crazymaking” that happens being his neighbor! Ugh!

      1. Kenny = It’s Rose. So predictable. Her point is to carry on two decades of hatred and envy. Now if that isn’t pathetic, not sure what is.

          1. Although what I am sharing is not directly related to the case against Steven Mischow it does involve the two women who have supported his cause and further perpetrated how they, too have been victimized!

            Yesterday, two harassment hearings were held involving Steven’s sister. The first one the petitioner was granted a 200 ft variance of no contact against the sister. And the order will be in place for a year. The 2nd hearing was continued: 1) Judge felt more time was needed to present the evidence 2) the judge strongly encouraged Steven’s sister to find legal representation due to the fact that she faces possible jail time if proven she violated the harassment order. Meaning, this has now moved from just a civil case to possible criminal charges.

            Steven’s sister previously requested that the hearing be delayed so she could better prepare herself for the hearing. The judge has to legally ensure Steven’s sister have representation when facing criminal charges. That is her job!

            It was not because Steven’s sister was being treated unfairly nor any “false reality” that is presented on
            their Facebook pages. Again, this demonstrates the continuing drama that never ceases with these two women.

            Thankful that my sister is a strong woman with people that care about her!

            1. This is the most recent posting from Rose re: the hearing from yesterday. Please know that both of these women keep their Facebook settings to Public. This is info anyone we know can see. (our family has been blocked)

            1. Protecting property from nuisance cats???? I beg to differ. Strong morals there. Dowell not so much. Entitlement is what Dowell is used to. Use terms that Dowell understands. She understand entitlement.

              1. God you write so much rubbish Kenny. It is illegal to do what Mishow did therefore it is immoral. It is legal to do what Dowell did. Therefore she has done nothing immoral. You don’t understand that. I think you have a mental health issue. There is no other explanation.

                1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

                  This was one of the funniest moments. On my birthday. That steak was huge. It was suppose to go on that Hoagie bun. It of course was to big. So, since I knew my Facebook fans would see it and use it for their own purpose, I put my birthday meat in my mouth ?. Yummy yummy.

          1. Kenny = Rose and Rose and Rose and Rose and more Rose
            Birds of a feather flock together. Morals? Ethics? Nope and Double Nope.

            Oct 29, 2014
            This is in regards to the upcoming election for Itasca County Attorney. There are two combatives, Jack Muhar, encumbent and John Dimich. Beth Bily wrote in the weekly Scenic Range Newsforum that there was a cloud of discord emanating from the Coleraine Police Department. Coleraine is where John Dimich resides and is Coleraine’s city attorney. According to the article, Coleraine Police Commissioner Mary Drewes requested and was approved by the council to hire an outside attorney to review events to date and recommend future actions. It makes one wonder what made the city go over the head of John Dimich? The article also quoted John Dimich as telling city and police commission officials that it would be better to focus legal advice on the future than past actions.

            I’m sure John Dimich wants the voters to look to the future instead of the past because Bankruptcy Attorney John Dimich filed for personal bankruptcy May 6 2011. Do the citizens of Itasca County trust an attorney with the county’s budgetary obligations when this attorney cannot handle his own finances? These two issues must weigh on your vote Nov. 4. As for my vote, it will NOT be John Dimich.

            Dennis Whitson

            This bankruptcy information is gathered from cases filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Duluth Oct. 5-11.

            DEBTOR: Rose M. Schumacher

            ADDRESS: 30196 270th Lane, Aitkin

            CHAPTER 7

            DATE FILED: Oct. 5

            ASSETS: $150,778

            LIABILITIES: $203,169

              1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

                Hi Micheal

                Those are not comments from me. Either is the picture of me eating the steak. I know who posted those. That was on my birthday. Im just watching and learning more n more about me everyday.

              2. Michael, since fake aliases are used on this blog, I don’t believe the real Ms Mishow wrote this but instead a person who has had negative experience with Mr.Dimich/city lawyer for 3 small cities who has supported Ms Mishow and Ms Rose in their actions of harassment.

                  1. Steve-o-rino Life Coach

                    Kenny, you know the playah’s: Rose Marie Morency Nordskog Tinquist Schumacher and Rachel Jo Mishow Eiden Burdick Mishow Bledsoe. Keep up now. Got your running shoes on yet.

                    1. Hmmm so who is Ms Mishow. Seriously?

                      Girl I have my jogging sneekers on. Pshhh with running shoes. I’m moving and grooving before your feet hit the ground in the morning girl.

  7. Well if Patrick is real. He belongs to the same mentality as Mishow. He likes to kill things. He loved to pick on his former cat and toss it around until it turned bad from abuse. He shot out the neighbor’s windows with his pellet gun. He shoots squirrels to let them lay in the road dead while taunting the mothers in the nest. He has taught the neighbor children to stomp on frogs and other wild land creatures. He is a young idiot who drives like a fool. His mother treats him like he is her boyfriend, her man. He is reckless and a menace. Will not amount to much of anything sadly. Just another loser in a series of them.

    1. Harsh words for a little person. Pam/Jill/Mom/Christine/Braidy.

      Not part of any family from your area. I do not live in those parts. Chill and relax, jumping on someone who made one comment. By the sounds of that attack I see why so many are against you all. I ruffled some feathers just with one comment. Check your medicine boxes, I think you missed a dose or two.

  8. Night time libtards. I will check back in the morning to see comments. I truly enjoy conversing with all you. It’s fun when Pam/Jim/Mom, you know the ones. Than of courses Micheal is fun to poke at. Toodaloo.
    My true name.

    Hey let’s go with Sponge Bob, Bob the builder, Steve from Blues Clues. She-Ra or He-Man. Wonder woman…we always wonder what Pam is gonna d next.

          1. OMG, Pat Wiswell, knock it off. It is not hard to figure out who says what on here. And honestly, I know all the “players” because I am Pam’s sister.

          2. Wow, one posts with their own identity and yet there are “non believers.” As Pam’s sister, I know the “players” who post on this blog. I was in error, evidently, thinking Pat was a former neighbor of Steven’s. However, Pat W is a friend of Steven’s sister, R. Ward, and other anti-Pam attackers. Welcome, Pat W. Maybe your next posting might actually reflect an intelligent comment about the subject of this blog!

            1. Pam Pam Pam. Why do you drive yourself nuts. Your skills lack merit. Just sit down little one everything will be ok.

              1. Why are you trying to belittle her? Why not criticise Mishow who is obviously a loathsome person. Anyone who delights in killing someone’s pet has to be no good. Have a go at him. Go on.

            2. Starting to sound like your relative Trump. All Trumpsters have the same agenda. Bloodlines run deep. Trump’s & Dowells

  9. Steve-o-rino Life Coach

    Karen and Nancy (nice try Rose and Rachel attempting to be Nancy S. LOLOL!) Pam was not fired. You can say it a million times and it still is not so. You can’t fire someone who is already gone. But it makes for good publicity so that moron chief tried. Pam was offered a job at the metro transit police by the way after she left her job in Princeton. She was also offered a job back at her first job in another community. Pam’s professionally documented disability (yes medical and physical) is why she left the profession. That’s the facts gals. I hear the National Enquirer calling your names. And again, how does any of this relate to Steven Mishow, the deranged cat killer of Cohasset? Weather is great. Activities are abundant. Music concerts galore. And 5k’s are all over. Now get off the computer, lace up those shoes and get your butts out there running. The only thing running is your mouths and green with envy is rolling out. Ozzy called and wants his crazy train back.

    1. Pam can’t fight her own battles. Oh that’s right she just can’t use her own name. Why would Pam leave cat food for the new owners of her house.they HATE cats

    2. Interesting concept. Why would they go outside when you guys want them to be assaulted. Sure makes someone want to go outside. Pam is an adult bully.

  10. Pam tried so hard. Most of her articles say she was a police officer and injured in the line duty. Wow!!! There are two more articles not in those lists. She did not med-out. She was FIRED! Just like she was fired. Most of her “law enforcement years” were spent in litigations. Boundries is what Pam lacks. She needs to watch her own bobber

  11. Pam’s hides behind “mom”. Are we suppose to read the self righteous look at me freelance writer articles? What is that suppose to prove. All it proves is Pam is all about “Look at me, look at me. I need attention.” The self proclaimed Community Activist. Protesting on her street corner every other week isn’t a community leader. She is always a victim or a Damsel in Distress. Same Pamela Dowell from years ago. Victimizing people for her own personal gain. Nowadays she needs to enlist help. Facebook is her new stage. I had to unfriend her. She creates drama, than can stand the heat in the kitchen when it’s thrown back at her. She is a coward. No community leader.

  12. In doing a simple search with our local newspaper, The Grand Rapids Herald Review (Minnesota), one can see just how much of a “slacker” Pam is not.

    And the list continues the more you search and I did not include many of her freelance writings, which are always received with high praise for the story presented. Bottom-line, Pam Dowell is a bright, smart, engaged, witty and kind human rights champion. I have known her for a lifetime and she continues to amaze me. She loves her cats, she loves her friends, she loves her work, she loves her volunteer activities, she loves activism, she loves being an artist, she loves interior decorating, she loves her friends and her family, she loves her community and most certainly all her life she has loved and revered her parents. We have always been proud of her. Her accomplishments are impressive. That aside she is simply a person who does; she fights to right the wrongs. Standing up to low-brow thinking, she risked attack. Pam did what was right. She sought justice. To me, she is a hero.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to support Pam. If you want to write more or an article please do so. Just add another comment and I’ll convert it to an article.

      1. This is a sampling of her current project:Individual, Indivisible and Humans of Grand Rapids.

        Again, anyone who knows Pam knows that a handful of people may try their best to put her down. Her actions, writings, continued work towards community and humanity highlight the person she is. She cares. She always has. She carries her father’s torch and her mother’s determination.

  13. Rachel Jo Mishow Bledsoe shared a post.
    13 hrs ·
    Lol. They are cute. I love gray kitties. My 1st kitty her name was Georgie, a gray tabby.

    Interesting I got her at Kmart,when people would be giving away kitties n puppies. My mom n I got home, and Steven came riding in on his bike. He picked up a kitty at Kmart also. His was black gray striped tabby. His name was Striper. Both would climb a tree next to our home n sleep. Until one morning we woke up to let me cats in. Only one was in the tree. A neighbor knocked on the door, my mom went outside. Georgie was gone. First time my heart hurt. ?. Striper was more interesting. We moved from the house. Striper would run back to the old house. From the fairgrounds to behind Blandins. The neighbor would call to let us know striper was back in his tree. One day striper never went back to the old house. I’m sure he joined his Georgie. I learned over time after having MANY cats, when you let the outside, they might not come home. Living down the MP&L road in Cohasset. I lost a few cats to cars. There was one cat Shorty. He went outside and never returned. I’m guessing an eagle or big animal got him. Than one day my ex-husband called n who worked at the Hibbing shelter and ask me to bring the boys there. He had a dog named Mandi. I wasn’t so sure about getting a dog., But Dan was good at selling. She had so much energy. Well we got her. Sadly she run out of the house n was hit by a car?. We had her for about 7 years. Such an amazing dog. It was so hard for my boys, Nate took it the hardest. Mandi was like his therapy dog. She also loved every one n everything. Even baby kitties ?. We had a cat have kittens twice and Mandi helped the mommy take care of the babies ?.

      1. Yup. No one went for felony charges n wasted tax papers $$$$. Community leaders do it waste taxpayers money. Community leaders help everyone n don’t attack everyone who disagrees with them.

        1. William aka Team SRR – Hahahaahahahaha. Two misdemeanor convictions for animal cruelty and if Mishow wanted to push it to a jury trial, all parties would have gone that route (and most would preferred to see him get the felony he justly deserved). Steven Mishow is a loser pet killer not fit for the social norm of this world.

          1. It couldn’t be tried as a felony. No bodies. This audio was never played to the judge…..

            Note from Admin: You’ll have to amend this. You are mentioning hurtful and person things and they are irrelevant to the topic discussed in the article. I have been very liberal (overly liberal) in allowing mudslinging comments but yours is beyond the threshold of acceptability.

            I have saved your comment. You’ll need to rephrase it if you want it published and it has to be neutral in its content.

  14. More lies from the Dowell team. Christines charges were WERE NOT DISMISSED.



    1. Gosh, this will be a helpful piece of information when it is time for the hearing related to this manner. (which I believe states one is not to be “harassed” online due to the current order in place) (I am sure Michael would be willing to submit the IP address for this posting to a lawyer– if requested)

      1. Hmmm the interesting thought. What about those mugshots. I believe your sister has contempt charges for tat move.

        Keep up your strategy. Hanks went to jail protecting w again??? Best thing is Hanks to stay far away from your sister. Drama followers your sister. Sue sue sue. Her name should have been sue.

      2. Did I not see Mugshots on the first page Jill/Pam. Pretty sure Pam is as found in contempt on that also.

        Did Kayla hurt someone’s feelings??. Do you need a safe place.

    2. Rachel knows about continuances first hand from her multiple arrests for harassment violations. Of course, she calls her arrests “dismissals” and then claims she is a victim of domestic violence, all while bragging on her public personal diary page (Facebook) that her former boyfriend called her on her birthday. You know the one that she claims beat her. Yes, Rachel is one big continuance of drama, lies, gossip, insanity, crazy and obsessed. She knows the court system because of being in it, misusing it and abusing it with her absurdity. She be cray-cray with her girl crush Nosey Rosey, another social outcast and reject. May they live on as BFF’s forever and eat each other alive in their time machine of revenge, jealousy, bitterness, ugliness and general hag-dom while the rest of the world moves on. PS: Steve-o-rino nailed it with the Milli Vanilli comment. HYSTERICAL. #blameitontherain

    1. Kayla aka Rachel … we all know what you are saying. Why, because you were there, too. And remember how you spin it now. Yes, doing a share of share of a share and using the term “potato face” (when it is an accurate description) is most definitely a high crime. You pulled in a favor with Mr. Frumpy and lo and behold, he issued an arrest warrant. One that every reputable person thinks was a waste of taxpayers money and court services time. But that is all you know “Kayla.” Ruh,right!

  15. PD allowed her cats to run. They ran with raccoons and skunks (per her FB) and then they went missing. PD sent out massive social media statements that stated Steve was a killer. After weeks of bullying a criminal gets a “‘tape recording” of admission of guilt. Maybe Steve was sick of the bullying. The recording man is missing! Keep your pets safe by keeping them home!

    1. I have no idea what you’re getting at. What is the point that you wish to make? It seems you only want to do is to criticise Pam. Yes, a lot of people think that cat owners should keep their cats inside at all times. But she had the right to let her cats go outside under the law. Letting cats go outside is very commonplace in America. It is almost universally accepted in the UK. In many other countries in the world (nearly all other countries) cats go outside all the time. So Please, be a bit more reasonable and focus on the perpetrator of the crime not the cat owner. It is he who should be discussed. You can’t excuse him just because a person has their cats go outside.

  16. Well as always ole Steve-o-rino has to jump in with those plain old nasty truths. No cat door at Pam’s house. Only a retractable screen door that two neighbors cat and dog each tore a hole in (and none of those “respectable” pet owners with free roaming pets paid for the $150 damage each time). Hmmm. Bad dudes in that area for sure. No raccoons in the house or bears or deer or zebra’s or unicorns either. A baby skunk wandered in an open patio door. Oh my. Call the Wizard and let’s trot down the yellow brick road together: Lions, Tigers and Bears. Mishow lived in his dump for a year before he went on his hunt. It wasn’t because of damage to that shit-hole; he is simply a madman who is one noodle short of a box of spaghetti for brains. So to Team Rachel and Rose in their myriad of names, lies and tall tales. You two teletubbies need to get off the computer, get a life and quit harassing the universe because you are both lost in some lopsided twilight zone of revenge, anger and jealousy. Neener neener get off the playground, pick up your marbles and go home. Rose I hear the 90’s are calling you. Even Milli Vanilli calls you a has-been and fake. Girl, you know it’s true.

    1. Did she sue those neighbors. Oh poor Pam a victim of screens on her home. How violated she must have felt. Animals violating her home. I can’t believe she didn’t contact very media outlet out there to plea her case. The pen to paper suggestion might hold true here. She should sue them also and make it a criminal case.

        1. Her speed man, her speed. Hell make it a federal case. I’m sure those animals violated her safety?. Her screens were to protect her. $150 for screens. Go to Cole’s they can fix them for $20. What a dam fool she is. I’ve never felt sorry for her self induced drama.

  17. Rachel Bledsoe (real name).

    I simple come here to learn more about myself. Just wondering if I do anything right?

    I truly appreciate Jill visiting my Facebook page to keep everyone informed.

  18. The cats had a ‘cat door’. Skunks, raccoons and other animals would slip into her “castle”. PD chose not to control her animals… that is one fact that can not be watered down! PD history is not favorable (unless you have a penis). Beware of a women with lawyers on speed dial!

    1. Canvas…(deleted because gratuitously insulting and serves no purpose and is not relevant to the page – Admin)

        1. Did it hurt Pam’s feels. Gosh, you seem to need to help her reinvent herself. She is what she is. She does have lawyer’s on speed dial, when her feeling get hurt. Seriously this woman was a cop? She has no shell. She must have been offended everyday,hence why she was fired. How does she live in society with being so easily offended.

          1. Why don’t you focus on the Mishow’s crime and his cat phobias and his criminal mind rather than mudslinging? The whole page of comments points to childlike adults throwing custard pies at each other for the hell of it. Why not try and build a pleasant neighborhood rather than undermine it?

            1. Pretty much seems like Mishow was a victim to Dowells hobby of feeding feral cats. I also agree he was pretecting his property. Regardless if it’s a trailer or a castle.

              1. How do you justify killing cats to protect property? It is both illegal and morally wrong. Your standards are shot through.

                1. Well it’s morally right. You ust like the smell of cat urine. Laws are made by humans. In time they will charge. He was doing what people do to protect their property. Regardless if you can’t stand that fact. Her cats which are property, were on his property. She neglected to control her property. Pretty easy to understand. She shouldn’t be allowed to have any animals if she can’t control them. No excuses. Dog owners have to control their dogs. The cat lady should have trained her cats better

                  1. “You ust like the smell of cat urine”

                    Why did you write that? That’s right on the edge of acceptability. If you make further comments watch your language please.

                    The fact is that the law is against you and your kind. You can’t argue against that successfully so you are wasting your time. You support animal cruelty. In my book that makes you an immoral and nasty person.

          2. As I said almost everyone who has commented has participated in mindless, childlike mudslinging for their own entertainment revealing a dysfunctional community. You’d all do better trying to heal and build the community.

  19. J.C.with a reminder

    “Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”

    From my friend Arthur Schopenhauer

    1. That is a nice and wise saying with which I heartedly agree. Our attitude towards animals tells a lot about us to others. On this basis Mishow is a *****.Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      1. To bad Pam was a the iwer who seen the injury n still let her cat run back out side. Ive personally herard enough of Pam talking about this. Her Facebook is full of hate. Range from this, to the person who built her house, the car dealership took advantage of her. Always whining about not getting her way when someone disagrees with her. Attacking a young lady because she arrived a man older than her. It will be another victim soon.

        1. Arelette- Cohasset

          Ok, so your mad that her brother didn’t say a word? Clue us in on your post. By the sounds of it. He paid his fine and restitution. What the issue?

          1. Are you saying that there is no problem as Mishow has paid restitution? If that’s what you mean you are missing one important point: cats lost their lives and they were loved. A crime was committed. You obviously place little value in the life of a cat. Perhaps that applies to all animals.

        2. Arelette- Cohasset

          This picture speaks vlumes. Your stalking Rachel’s page. Funny. All the talk about Rachel stalking Pam’s gang. You all are down ng the same crap. Winner winner chicken dinner.

        3. What has come out in the extensive comments is that the community dynamics are interesting (in a sad way) and they are the backstory to this cat cruelty case.

          1. A new story is in the Herald Review from another resident. The feral cat problem in Cohasset. It’s a real problem, people have every right to protect their property. Cats are nasty, their urine stinks. More people will come forward. Steven has set the stage for protecting his abode. Hopefully their will be a law that people can protect their abodes from cats. Pam is not a responsible pet own she is a problematic person.

            1. Well, people do have a right to protect their property provided it is lawful and moral. Cats are not nasty as evidenced by the fact that there are about 80 million in homes in the US. Their urine stinks no more than yours. Yes, it is used for marking territory but spayed and neutered cats mark territory relatively infrequently. If Steve has set the tone for protecting property there will be more cat killings and more crimes. Not a nice neighborhood obviously. A place to leave and steer clear of.

              1. Disagree, I welcome living next to a neighbor who wants to protect an abode. Not one who invites ratchet cats. Cat urine stinks and has ammonia in it. You have to replace everything. Pam should be paying Mr. Mishow for the problem caused to his adobe. She feeds feral cats, she invites the problem. She needs to be held accountable. she is just as much to blame. Irresponsible pet owner, she put her cat in danger by leaving it outside at night alone. She willing let nature take its course. Since Cohasset is a rural community, the cat was not killed by Mishow. My bets, the cat was prayed on by a wolf.

                He protected his property. Whatever loud mouth crap all these whine tits want to spew.

                1. At the end of the day Steve is the criminal and Pam isn’t. That says a lot about Mishow and his supporters like you. A hell of a lot.

                  1. It sure does. Protecting our assests. That does say alot. We take care of our property. We do not let others destroy our property. Looks like Pam is a worst criminal. Assault on a human. A GUN CHARGED. Terristic threats is a serious conviction.

                    1. My God you’re stupid. Please no more comments. I won’t publish anymore as you have made your point and you’re wasting my time.

                    1. So, Pammy does live…through “Jill”. Everyone wastes Micheals time if they do not agree with him.

                    2. No, I am happy to publish dissenting views, more than happy as is proved by the large number of them. It’s when the comments are insulting that they are deleted.

                    3. FYI I don’t “hide” behind fake names. I have been and always will be Jill/Pam’s sister. And again, Michael, I’m with you on the “My God, you are stupid.”

                    4. My God Jill is dumb. Tell us again why Pam locked herself in your dad’s house. You guys just couldn’t get along. Pammy wanted it all. Like normal. A bunch of rich white girls fighting over daddies money. This shiws that you also will go to bat for a sibling. Yet you condemn Steve’s sister for standing up for his constitutional rights. Looks like the only one that you guys elueve has rights is Pammy. Why are you stalking Rachel on Facebook Jill. Are you getting a sick rise out of it. Yet you say Rachel stalks Pammy. ?. Get over yourself. Pammy has always been the problem child for her parents. On it continues.

                    5. I felt I should address William/aka Rose’s last spewing of hate simply because I can!

                      My father has been deceased for 11 yrs; my sisters and I miss him everyday. Our “wealthy lives” gave us careers in Social Work, Law Enforcement, and the Food Industry. If wealthy means “rewarding” our careers gave us that!

                      Stalking has been bantered about quite a bit re: Facebook pages that are set to “public.” A revisit to Websters Dictionary?!

                      Quote: “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.”

                    6. Never can admit any wrong doings can you Jill/Pam. Use your definition of happiness and apply it to Pam’s life. Law Enforcement you say. Pam tried to sleep her way to the top. She failed n was fired. She lost her husband’s, she slept her way right out of every marriage.
                      Pam is a homewrecker n a liar. Heaven forbid she works for what she has. She just Sues people. That’s how she “works”. July, go fight another battle.

          1. Everything hurts Pam’s feelings. Her ultra sensitive left winging makes her unstable to handle the truth of her wrong doings.

              1. More commentary by Steven’s sister about the “alleged” feral cat situation in city her brother lives in. As stated by the city security officer there is no current feral cat problem. (and I believe other cities when encumbered with feral issues, live trapped, and euthanized them)

                    1. No,I’m not feral cats are dangerous n gross. They ruin property. I would if have done the same thing. If this women loved her cat. Keep them inside. Get a gauge cage around your yard so they can’t get out. She was the main problem.

                    2. I think you’re living in the Middle Ages. You’re cat-phobic. And if you say that you’d do the same thing you’d be a criminal and cruel. I think we should keep you inside, permanently.

      1. She neglected her cat? How’s that? For letting her cat go outside for Steve to shoot? Come on. Millions of people let their cat go outside although in a place where Mishow lives it was unwise because he admits to like shooting a cats. Nice isn’t he?

        1. Yup, she was a horrible parent not to supervise her cat (child). She should not have animals. Who would let their cat they cherished outside at night. Left all alone while the human parent is inside sleeping. That is neglect. If a human parent did that to a human child they would be in jail. She classifies the cats as her children. Well, she failed. She endangered them.

          1. Yes, Tina, I get your point. A lot of people agree with you about letting cats out but that said hundreds millions of people (in all, on the planet) do let their cats outside and it is not illegal. You can’t state that to let cats out is automatically neglectful. In the UK 95% of cat owners let their cats roam freely outside. Are they all neglectful? Maybe they are.

            The only reason why she endangered them is because living in her community there are nasty cat shooters and killers. Is that Pam’s fault? If the people living there were more normal and decent the cats would be safe outside. In the UK neighbors don’t shoot cats with guns and bullets (they very rarely shoot cats with air guns). If they did they’d be imprisoned for a year and fined £20k.

                1. This is your mind set. If I would have said those insults of Steven or his sister you would have published it. You have a double standard.

  20. “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Ephesians 4:31-32 PS: And get off the computer. It’s summertime!

    1. Ole’s Wife Lena

      So these are the facts. Mitch called Christine LAST WEEK. Andy Borland was given all of the pictures, documents and proof that there was ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF in the violation regarding the HRO. If you would like a copy of the HRO you will see it DOES NOT state she can not call anyone a POTATO FACE. It was discussed in length christine’s first amendment right was violated, and a share from a share from a share was also not a violation. The plan today was to have the judge look thru this file with a fine tooth comb and decide the dismissal on her own. Had she decided there was enough evidence to show a violation was made it was going to be scheduled in August to start the Jury trial. Supreme Court if needed. So sorry to take away anyone’s glory but Christine’s, which she DESERVES. INITIATOR is the name potato face was called by these lawyers. No probation, no guilty charge, nothing but the HRO back enforce like it always was. If Christine posts potatoe faces name, PERiOD, she will be in violation of the HRO, PERIOD. The “so called” bogus charge would then be reinstated and Christine would just have to go back to court asking the judge to take the case a part like a fine tooth comb, informing the judge it was a violation of Christine’s first amendment rights and then asking for the jury trial she sooooo was waiting for. What more don’t you wood ticks understand! For Christ Sakes put it to rest already!!!!


        Poor Hank. I don’t believe a dam word that rolls off your tongue. Tell us a little now. Why do you have a order against you. Please enlighten us. We know it’s a lie anything that you spew.

        Your a f****** coward. You resort to this blog. What can’t put it on facebook? Will you get in trouble again. Poor Hanks.

    2. Christine, the only victim today

      To all of you so worried about court today. Nothing is any different than it was. I have an HRO and there is the same HRO on me. Today in court there were “no charges” to file. All that happened today was i continue to follow the HRO that was against me since February. Nothing has changed except John Dimich has truly shown his true self by filing a bogus charge that was NEVER a violation in the first place. BTW Roseanne Barr aka Rose Nordskog by yelling YIPPIE walking out of the courthouse is a HRO violation then I will be glad to hand you over my life savings. What learning center did you graduate from anyway??? Had anyone known anything before court today than why did I get a big sense of rage and a whole lot of anger? It’s over…..finished. Let it go now and move on to someone else. July 27th will be here soon enough and that’s when it all gets settled. In the meantime people get a life and leave me out of your bullshit conversations.


        Life saving. You have sh*t bitch. Your not handing no one a f**** life savings. Maybe your piggy bank full of Penny’s. What a f**** idiot.

      2. Tells us. What landed you with a harassment order to begin with? You dam 2st admendment was never violated. No charges where dismissed. Lying to your Facebook friends again. What’s your next lie.

      3. Christine. I’m s ok to tell the truth. Your charges were not dismissed. Maybe in a year, if you can even make it.

    3. One year Water. Give it a few, it won’t take that long.The person can’t resist nor control themselves. A walking time bomb ready to explode.

      1. Truebluelivesmatter

        ???????. Yep just what I thought. A bathtub water drinker, a nose picker and a booger eater……..need I forget to remind ya’ll an eagles club bathroom stall slinker, shitting her drawers because there are others that would love to kick her ass. Hey, there is a great band at the eagles club Saturday night, the waitresses are ready for some more high fives and a bathroom stall with your name already on it. The only thing you have to do is call those poor, sick and tired police Officers and give them more things to talk about you in the station oh and then Waste some more tax payers dollars. You are a complete and utter joke amongst the men in blue! An embarrassment…….???

  21. Another good link to remain at the top in unison with all the stories on this Cohasset Cat Killer who bragged that he shot the one cat in the shoulders paralyzing it and shot the other cat up the ass then allowing his dog to maul and shake the cats to their torturous death before Mishow collected the bodies for disposal. He is one twisted soul and from his going on in dark of night hunt with intent to bait to his sick supporters making excuses under the guise of a “fair trail.” What you don’t think jurors in this county couldn’t have figured this one out. Just let Steven take the stand. Nothing could be fairer. Watching the idiot attempting to be savant would just get him what’s his due. The dude is an exposer, peeper, a creeper, a doper and a night crawler, bottom-line dirt bag. People and pets need to stay clear of him. There is no decency in him or his family.

      1. Today a harassment case Steven’s sister filed against another individual was dismissed (as it should have been earlier) . Yet, she posted on her Facebook a selfie of herself taken at the courthouse. It was witnessed that she approached a female she did not know, offered up some layman legal advice, asked her to take selfie with her, and said they could become Facebook friends. This is her idea of “winning.” Again, just the family dynamics involved in the cat situation

          1. I was in error–Steven’s sister above is an acquaintance of the female in the pix with her. However, it still stands that she posts a selfie taken in a courthouse like it is a
            “badge of honor” when she has a longstanding history of filing bogus harassment suits. On the positive side, Pam received her restitution payment for the loss of her cats! (a small victory but justice is not always what it should be!)

            1. Another clarification. It was a Harassment Violation. Dam girl, you need to report facts. It was a crimal case. It is set to continue. In a year it will be revisited. You apparently we’re not there.

              1. Factsbeknown#waterislife

                Factcheckless or lease. How much you want to put up in cash that this ever goes up for revisit?????? This case was not a potato face VS Ms. Christine factcheckless (Good God!!!!). It was the State of MN VS Ms. Christine. (John Dimich actually). Potato face had no reason to be in that courtroom whatsoever because it was not about her! In fact it again was a bogus charge made by John Dimich, city attorney. It was bogus because not only did the two police officers that came and arrested Ms. Christine said it was a dam idiot move by Dimich. Why do you think the dirty corrupt Dimich recused himself because? it wasnt a violation of the HRO. The case is over……done………dismissed! But in your own little make believe worlds just keep this going because you make for an exciting “fake news” story. No probation, no conviction, HRO stays in place for hopefully 2 years instead of 1. And it will be tightened up to 5000 feet. (Lord save us all). The only victim was the charges made by Dimich who had no business nor right to charge her. Letters went out to the important legal boards for the state, attorneys passed along certain heart pictures of the main character with conversations by potato face to proper lethal boards. It’s over……now let the real victim have her deserved solace. She needs to get all her paperwork together and organized for the next court date. PS: Reminder dirty player, this case will never be revisited…..ever! Call the lawyers in this case and straight up ask them. I am afraid you are going to be greatly disappointed! Now go away and leave her alone..?????

        1. Correction. It was not dismissed. It is to be continued for a YEAR. If no or same similar offense occur. I am the victim in the case and I also communicated with the prosecutor on my wishes. The female in this picture has also been my friend for years. Please, report correct information. There is now a YEAR of what I call probation. The case will be looked at again in a year. Who said anything about winning. So to be continued…..

          1. Again the city attorney opted to not pursue any criminal action; hence an unnecessary jail stint for the person that was wrongfully charged with the harassment. I beg to differ on your definition of “victim/friend.”

            1. Bla bla bla.

              One year … Than it will be revisited. Not out of the woods yet. I hear there is a mugshot for sale. Should go buy me one. Let’s flaunt this shit.

        2. Ole’s wife Lena

          It’s TRUE Jill. Potato face was talking so loud we all heard her ask this supposeded girl, sitting next to her before court, how to spell her name so she could friend request her on Facebook. What a sap to listen to …..we all heard her say would you take a selfie with me? The girl said, “ I really don’t want to because I don’t look good this morning.” Potato face said, “you look alright.” The only reason she takes selfies is to be like she was called by the court system this whole time, an instigator/initiator. Go find something fun to do……or is this what you really do for fun! AGAIN, NO CONVICTION, NO PROBATION just some Master manipulation by potato face!

    1. I watched the video and it’s interesting. It is relevant to this long thread of comments in which mud has been chucked around with abandon.

  22. Getting way out of hand. This blog is now supporting violence. ?.

    Now borderline personality disorder is a excuses for poor judgement. Everyone needs to take their own accountability for their actions and words. Yes everyone. Both parties have been harassing each other.

    Why did the courts need to get involved. Who started that? This is fucking middle school bullshit. All a complete waste of time. Whoever got the courts involved, you have wasted taxpayer dollars. ????

    1. Yes, it is mudslinging and human argument. It does illustrate human behavior which I think is useful and interesting as a backdrop to the killing of cats.

      1. I’m sorry Micheal, but the whole cat topic is lost. Now people are wanting to physical assault someone. This now has reached a new criminal level. You sir continue to let it play out here. You seem to encourage violence. Cats or humans you encouraging it.

        1. I admit that I have let this conversation play out even though it is about something completely different to the topic of the article. However, it does shed light on human behavior and that is the backstory to this cat shooting. People should stop commenting. Let it go. Move on. But at the moment they can’t. It like alcohol. They know it’s bad for them but they can’t leave it.

          1. Micheal do you support this hate? Do you support wanting people to loose jobs?

            You are saying you are feeding into the addiction. You want the violence. If not just delete both stories. Just a thought. Carry on.

            1. There is no way I’ll delete the stories. I am not supporting hate. I am allowing people to express their thoughts and it is revealing. The ‘human condition’ is there for all to see. And it is the sort of backdrop which can lead to cat killing. It is interesting and instructional. I am surprised that people participate in it. They do so voluntarily and freely. They can stay away if they want to. It is that animosity which was behind the killing of these cats in my view. It is a unique page on the internet. It should stay.

          2. Michael the only one I have ever heard say, carry on, is Rose. So now we know Rose=the MAIN CHARACTER in this shit show!

        2. Karen There was no one involved here using borderline personality disorder as an excuse. They also were not stating physical violence was the answer. Going behind the school yard and fighting it out was something done all the time in the days of old. I have been physically beat not only by my parents but my husband. This shit going on by these two idiots is not only emotional, but mental and psychological. I would take a beating any day of the week. You have no clue the words of hate that comes from your mouth as you tell others to stop this nonsense. Instead of Karen let’s call you Helga the Hypocrite!

  23. This guy is a corrupt piece of crap and running for county attorney. He is as much as a bully as the two R’s are. In fact, Saturday night Rachael almost got her ass beat by other people she harasses. She flaps her big mouth and goes into a bathroom stall scared to death, calling the cops. The cops can’t stand her b.s. either. Rose finally got fired. Rachael is next! Idiots

    1. Christine – try being our own person. Do you ever get sick of trying to be someone you are not. You are just one more causality of Pammy. You family should have hav stepped in by now. How many more physic ward trips do you need. Stick with what you know. You seriously went to jail for Pammy you know she would never go to jail for you. Using people of mental illness is her specialty. Go pick some flowers. Just know your life is far more important than this chaos that was created.

      1. Christine Mary Hanks

        It’s too bad I am my own person. I kicked a lot of ass in high school but it was always sticking up for the ones being bullied. I dispise bullies and know when I see them in action and you are a big one (no pun intended). My manic breakdowns are because I have learned to KEEP IN MY ANGER instead of doing what I really want to do when being harassed. You have no idea about what I suffer with so STOP talking about it. Educate yourself and quite looking so gawd dam stupid. BTW if I could post pictures here you would see all the flowers I pick and take photos of, you would see my huge garden that I share my produce for, you would see my nature pictures from trips out into the woods from here to Togo/Tofte/Crosby/etc. (every other day). You would see in my pictures all the times I spend with many REAL friends that keep my days filled. PLUS I work 5 hours a day. I don’t have all day and night to sit on the computer to fight with 2 misbehaved girls full of anger and pure evil/hate. So leave me out of this b.s. You try to ruin my reputation/character. I really don’t care what you have to say about me. My friends think you are an idiot and know me for all the good I do in this community. What I do does not make me the person who you continually make me out to look like. Complete opposite in fact. I go for long walks, I visit with the elderly, I do self care, I am spiritual, hang with true friends, spend time with my grands & kids, cut wood for people for the winter, pick lots and lots of berries all summer for people that make jams, forage for mushrooms ever other day, work a job, go to out of town music festivals, need I go on……did you want my itenary for the rest of the week? Today: 8:30-2 going to work, going out for a load of wood at 3:30, 6:00 going to a POW wow in Deer River with kids, sleep (yep I do sleep). Saturday: 8:30-2 going to work, picking strawberries for a few people, heading to Duluth to see my favorite band with a “real” friend. Trampled by turtles at bayfront Park. Sunday:Heading right out into the woods (Togo) to pick lots of blueberries for people that make jam, get a load of wood and head home (around 4). So telling me to pick flowers is a FUCKEN joke! That makes you look like someone are really are: bully, hateful, narcissist, sociopath. Those things are deep within you and remain even with DBT or CBT or Electric Shock. You need to get off the computer and move as far as you can away from people because all you do is hurt people. You and your following are a waste of space! You know NOTHING absolutely NOTHING about me, nor does your new friend Kim. Go away. Be a bully to other bullies, spew your hate in another direction, look in the mirror at your ugly self, help your corrupt friend take care of your mother, attend church faithfully, get your boyfriend into treatment, leave me the fuck out of your conversations because I do what I do because of who I am. No one “ABSOLUTELY NO ONE” dictates what I do or how to act. I would sit in jail again if I needed. (Pam is more afraid of me than she is able to tell me what to do). Give it a rest, just give it a FUCKEN rest.

        1. Kudos Chris for “telling it like it is!” Fake Susan L is Rose spewing more hatred. I continue to be amazed and wonder how a person can be that miserably unhappy?

            1. Christine M Hanks

              It’s too bad you wouldn’t just name a time and a place Rose. Like the good old days where they just punched this shit out and call the winner, the winner. At least you could just stop wasting all your pent up energy on bullshit. Pam must have stolen your boyfriend away from you or something. I have NEVER seen so much hate in my life! You are going to have a heart attack or a stroke with all that dwells within you. Smdh. Have a good time in Honduras………if you treat people over there the way you talk about these people here (families separated) maybe, for the good of us all, they will put you and keep you in a cage. Have fun …….PS: Whenever you are ready to meet up I am 100% in. And anyone else that wants to as well. Bring your audience……

        2. Need…(deleted because of non-compliance with comment rules – insulting and not providing real name and uploading photo of commenter – Admin)

          1. Rose I go pick blueberries in Togo. I don’t socialize well and have never heard of or met the Newman’s at my blueberry patch. (SMDH…what an idiot). I give you my itinerary and you still have to spew hate! So again you know not what comes out of that pie hole of yours! I see you dictated to your best girlfriend to go to the Pow Wow last night??? I kept looking for her but obviously she doesn’t take orders from you either…….start packing for Honduras now. I think they have a cage up and ready for you. I will let them know to put a couple bottles of booze in there for you so we can see another video of you passed out with all the Honduran children around you laughing at the immigrant from America!

      2. This whole situation has clearly taken its toll. I say put all of you in a cage together and duke it out. Last one standing wins. You all bicker back and fourth pointing fingers, hiding in coffee shops, wasting the PD time when they have better fish to fry instead of responding to someone locking themselves in a bathroom with thier coffee and 18 bagels claiming how they are being harassed when they purposely put themselves in that predicament – ( clears throat). I mean if getting coffee is that much trama to you, then stay home and make coffee while peaking out your blinds like a normal crazy person would do.

        Everyone sits behind thier phones bulling,harassing and acting like 5 year olds who cleary cant be adults blaming one another on the same behavior you yourself are doing. The courts and PD must be shaking thier heads on this.

        All of you, just like anyone esle has a past and some of you sit on your pedastool looking down on others as if your behind never did wrong. This situation clearly has exploded from an innocent animal(s) being killed to a damn Jerry Springer, trailer park, white trash, mental illness, pointing fingers, Facebook, childish dilemma full of nothing but DRAMA. I mean really, all of you are so obsessed with posting things on Facebook you should make a Facebook page and add all of you together and then all of you duke it out and post your stupid pictures and your snotty comments to each other all on the same page; then you wouldn’t have to worry about having a stalker looking at your posts, then saying, ” Oh I’m going to post this picture and talk about this person even though I have a HOA against them and I’m scared to death for my life.” Perhaps you all should get together and think of a name that you could call the page. I mean at least try to be positive with your team work against one another.

        Everyone sits and ridicules one another about who’s rallying and for what,who’s going where, who sat on a horse, who’s fat, who’s thin, who stupid, who has mental illness, who’s harassing who only because you passed each other on the same damn street. If you feel that strongly about going out in public fearing you’re going to be harassed then move to a bigger city, one that could possibly accommodate somebody of your “mental” size.

        Perhaps if you clean out your car and empty out the 32 bags of Burger King wrappers you might find some common sense laying on your floor boards.

        You all hide behind your phones putting HOAs on one another claiming to be victimized claiming to be harassed and stalked; yet every single one of you are blaming each other and pointing the fingers when every single one of you is to blame for this continuing. Some of you are sitting behind the sidelines pulling the strings while others commit actual acts knowing damn well the outcome and suffering it causes. Perhaps you should change your profession to a ventriloquist, you seem to be better at that.

        But the bottom line is you all are to blame, you are wasting money and time and I’m pretty sure everyone is getting sick of the nonsense.

        Who cares who goes where, who cares if somebody seen somebody at a store, who cares if somebody’s rallying for the life of a snail and how it will affect the outcome of poticial parties! What everyone needs to do is mind thier own business. If you feel so threatened and have to have an H O A then freaking stick to the HOA and leave each other alone. You all cry wolf.

        Some of you feel just because you have friends in high places and feel the others are making threats against somebody in your high places- the bottom line is it don’t matter what it is or what cover-ups are used because in the end it’s all going to come out in the wash and whatever doesn’t get washed; Karma will eventually come back and bite them in the behind, no matter how big that maybe.

        I mean it is sad what happened to the animals it really is but this has escalated into nonsense. I mean some of you have moved because you felt so threatened and so disgusted with the situation yet you still are part of the problem. Obviously it didn’t bother you that much because you didn’t move that far. Far enough to be away from the so-called trailer trash however still close enough to keep yourself in the loop of all the drama.

        Others of you claim to be harassed and feel you can’t go anywhere without being victimized, yet you purposely drive and sit at places just to purposely start trouble. Are you the one with the bumper sticker on your car that says, “stay back 50 ft because I scare easily?”

        It is pretty sad when people have nothing better to do but to sit behind their phones using Facebook as your online therapist. I say all of you, even the ones sitting behind the scenes laughing when you know damn well who you are instigating others to do your dirty work with 67 binders of “eveidence” wasting trees for paper. If anything I’m sure Wal-Mart has been happy with the money you have spent on ink.

        I mean how can y’all sit and say that you’re sticking up for family or you’re sticking up for your friend or you’re tired of the threats and you’re tired of the harassment and things being said yet every single one of you are all a player in this game?!
        I don’t think any of you feel victimized none of you are traumatized or feel bullied because every single one of you are doing the exact same thing that you’re blaming another one for. If a person really feels that strongly about something, feels so threatened; they’re going to stay out of it, they’re not going to say anything. Yet every single one of you know damn well what you’re doing. You purposely post things on Facebook you all purposely post things on blogs and you all purposely say crap to other people just to keep the drama ball rolling wanting others to feel bad for your situation.

        It’s too bad Toys R Us shut down because some of you could go work for them since it seems you dont want to grow up.

        If I was the judge in this case Id throw the book at all of you and call it a day. And no matter what any of you say or do or what so-called evidence you have in the end, the courts are going to look at all of this and they’re going to look at all of you and they’re going to see who the masterminds are and how pathetic this situation is. This might have started out with innocent animals being abused or killed, which as an animal lover myself is sicking; but it has escalated into uncalled for nonsense.

        1. Ms. Mitchell do you realize what you have gotten yourself into with these girls. Come on into this 2 ring circus (Dingaling Sisters—Ding and Dong). I will have to come in and see ya’ll in person at the Forest Lake. Soon……I will seek you out. I will surprise you. Then you can tell me face to face that I belong in a cage.

        2. And yet “Molly” responded to this page finding it from where? Why did “Molly” respond at all? A need to lecture and preach about the situation? Truly another case of one person having the answers!

          1. Oh, didn’t you know? Just like mugshots, it’s plastered all over Facebook. That site gets shared more then a crackpipe in an alley. Or perhaps it was listed in the bathroom stall in burger king- for a good time go to this website.

          2. Jill I do hate to say it but Molly is like 75% right. It’s getting old. I am tired but I would get into a cage with them any day of the week and anytime of the day. I would take out all the RAGE and ANGER I have been holding onto for the last 11 months and whether I get my ass kicked or not I would be %1000 satisfied. They think I have mental illness but they have no idea that it comes from RAGE and ANGER. I go to DBT and see therapists because I am learning to deal with it. That is why I spend time in the hospital if Rose really needs to know. Look up Borderline Personality disorder and educate yourself and see that I am CRAZY when it comes to pushing me over the edge. Luckily for myself I have my toolbox full of tools…….from DBT.

            1. Yes, I do agree with “Molly” re: the never ending drama. At the same time, until “Molly” lives in the situation of never feeling free from harassment/stalking/public trash talking, “she” has no clear idea of what that encumbers.

              1. “harassment/stalking/public trash talking, “she” has no clear idea of what that encumbers.”

                What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

                You have joined in on all the above

                I agree with Molly.

    2. Violence violence violence

      Most adults can talk about things. Week minded people turn to violence. That’s all they have left. Violence turns into criminal charges. I guess you want to spend time for an assault. Yeah, always looks god on a resume.

    3. Yay yay yay. You have invited jobless people into your home for you to personaly support.???.Be very proud. Its such an adult way to do things. Dear don’t complain about them mooching off the government. It was your personal goal for them to be fired.

      1. Yes it is usual to hear a cat killer admit to his crime. In fact I believe it is unique on the internet.

        1. Not this page Michael. All you Do is sensor things that might hurt Pammys feelings. Not a interest page. Its a comical page. Your against animal violence but for human violence. Typical Pammy supporter. The FACEBOOK PAGE. BRING REAL LIGHT TO ALL HER LIFE TIME DRAMA. NO ONE CARES IF HER FEELINGS GETS HURT. SHe needs a safe place ??.
          Despicable to family

          1. I disagree with you completely. I am scrupulously impartial and fair. I let people have their say. I don’t need to do that. I only censor when the commenter is in non-compliance with the clearly stated rules. I’d suggest that you switch your brain on and think before putting pen to paper.

                1. That is awesome Michael. Susan L/ aka Rose does not know what “pen to paper” means! And because she isn’t satisfied with spewing her hate out on your blog she has now added this link to her Facebook hoping to garner what? (Sad/pathetic/tiresome!) As Steverino would advocate: Do something productive, seek counseling for the unhealed anger, focus on joy, and “let go.”

                  1. Thanks. I did not know that Susan L is Rose. Not that I care. And yes, she seems to be ignorant of the more refined things in life.

  24. Kelly S. (Attorney at Law)

    Steven Mishow did not WIN in this restitution order. The Judge was very clear in this order that the State proved their case and P.D. should be awarded restitution. P.D. did what any pet lover would, she turned in an affidavit outlining the expense involved in the proper care of any pet. And she may now file a small claims action against Mishow to seek an added judgement on record, which can be used in any future property matters with indifference to the criminal court measure of “Defendant’s Ability to Pay.” Once a judgement is made (and chances are probable Dowell would be able to rise to the civil requirement for this action), Mishow will not be able to buy or sell any legal property without first clearing the judgement. This should be the next reasonable step for Dowell, if she so desires.

    Restitution Order State of Minnesota vs Steven Lee Mishow
    Based on all the files, records, and proceedings herein, the Court make the following:
    1 On or about September 19, 2017, two cats (Olivia and Emerald) belonging to P.D. went missing during a storm. P.D. believed the cats were killed by her neighbor, Steven Mishow (the defendant) based on statements he made to other neighbors threatening to kill any cats that entered his property.
    2) Investigator Mark Weller, Itasca County Sheriff’s Department interviewed Defendant in regards to the missing cats on October, 11, 2017. Defendant admitted that he shot at cats but claimed he did not kll them. He described the cats he shot at, and the description matched the appearance of P.D.’s cats.
    3) Based on the acts described above, Defendant was charged with one felony count of Mistreat/Torture Animals Resulting in Death, pursuant to Minn. Stat 343.21 subd. 1 and two misdemeanor counts of Cruelty to Animals, pursuant to Minn. Stat 343.21 subd 7. On March 26, 2018, Defendant pled guilty to the two misdemeanor counts of Cruelty to Animals.
    4) P.D. seeks restitution for the loss of her cats. She filed an Affidavit on November 20.2107 seeking restitution in the amount of $10,339.52. The affidavit states the P.D. incurred $7,994.52 in care costs for Olivia between 2007 and 2017, and she incurred $2,405 in the care of costs for Emerald between 2011 and 2017. She testified that she calculated this loss amount based on veterinarian bills, general pet care costs, and an estimate of the annual cost of having a cat (as determined based on an online pet care costs calculator). She further testified that the cost of obtaining a new cat, including spaying/neutering, declawing, and other veterinarian bills, is approximately $500-600.
    5) Defendant filed an affidavit on April 13, 2018 objecting to the claimed restitution amount. He argues that the restitution should be limited to the fair market value of the cats. He also states in his affidavit that he has limited financial resources and lacks the ability to ay restitution. At the hearing, he proposed restitution be awarded to P.D. in the amount of $100.
    1) The State has PROVEN BY PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE that P.D. is ENTITLED to restitution for the fair market replacement value of two cats.
    2) P.D. is not entitled to restitution for the entire amount claimed in the restitution affidavit, as restitution must be limited to losses incurred as a direct result of the crime for which the Defendant has been convicted.
    Based on the foregoing Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law, the Court makes the following:
    1) Defendant shall pay restitution to P.D. in the amount of $1,000.
    Etc. ….
    . . . Under Minnesota Law, pets are items of personal property, and the loss of a pet is measured by its fair market value. . . .
    P.D. established through her credible testimony that fair market replacement value of a cat, including necessary veterinary expenses, is approximately $500. The Court finds that P.D. has proper basis of knowledge to reliably estimate the fair market value of a cat based upon her years of experience as a cat owner. Because the Defendant deprived P.D. of two cats as a result of his criminal act, the Court finds $1,000 to be the restitution amount that will fairly compensate P.D. for her loss.

    1. Thanks Kelly S. I fully agreed of course. I have read the entire order top to bottom myself. It is published on this site here:


      And the restitution order is discussed on this page as you probably know.

    2. Rachel Jo Mishow Bledsoe
      June 27 at 10:12 AM ·
      My brother is winning!!!!! The judge agreed with his lawyers arguments on his restitution . He will sail through this AGAIN!!!!

      This was posted on Rachel’s Facebook demonstrating her support for her brother, Steven, re: his charges for his criminal cat act! Her drama continues hourly. Add in her “new friend” Rose and the drama is almost worthy of an Oscar for their portrayal of bitter victims!

              1. No one supports a cat killer

                Interesting, Rachel just posted the “winning the war” comment on her public FB page. It appears she and her brother are excited about the Cohasset City Attorney, John Dimich putting a campaign sign over at Steven’s house.

                To them it presents a win. John Dimich contracts as a city attorney to several Itasca County communities. His job would be to prosecute lower level cases like charging Steven Mishow with discharging a gun in the city limits of Cohasset. But John Dimich has a personal friend, Rose, she has posted on this page, along with Rachel.

                He has gladly assisted the two mean girls and the cat killer in their games. This depicts unethical conduct and dirty backroom politics involving this attorney who is trying to run for the top dog position of County Attorney. The County Attorney’s office is the one that charged Steven Mishow with a felony for his crime. The Asst. Prosecutor who worked on behalf of the State of Minnesota is also running for County Attorney. The Mishow team along with their buddy Rose Schumacher have been aided and abetted by John Dimich. Now mind you John Dimich is an old has-been.

                He does not even rise to the level of a C-rated attorney. His buddy Rose’s mom lives with John Dimich. John has been supporting Rose off and on for 30-years. He is her puppet. She pulls the strings on his life. John also drafted the final will papers for Rachel and Steven’s mother. Interesting though, Rachel was left out of that will or so the story goes. Anyhow John Dimich has been party to some very slippery unethical conduct and even removed himself from a harassment violation case in which he made a biased call on an arrest warrant. Rachel and Rose gave him a call and asked him to issue an arrest warrant when someone called Rachel a potato face on Facebook.

                We have all seen Rachel’s current photo. More than likely those charges will be dismissed on the person, who should be credited with using a very fair description that would fall under the First Amendment of our US Constitution. Bottom-line John Dimich is corrupt. Placing his campaign sign in the small town of which he serves as a city attorney, in the yard of a person he knows has just been convicted to two animal cruelty charges may be legal. I am pretty sure he has lost himself many more votes in a race he was never going to win.

                1. Can we say your obsessed. Talking pictures of Stevens sign n his mailbox. Sure Matti Adams is so excited your supporting her.

                  Must be jealous your not in someone else’s will. After all you enjoy living off of other people. Your $750,000 lawsuit wasn’t enough. You locked Your self in your dad’s house thinking you were entitled. Yiyr uncle’s does n left you money. You made a false insurance claim for a ring. You laughed about it. When have you really worked? You were a D- cop. Think sleeping your way would get you to the top. When they fired your ass. You can’t even be trusted with troubled youth. Youur nothing but a wash up, trying so hard to be someone. You could of been a mom, but you aborted the fetus. Why? Wasn’t your husbands. Now you live in agony. Your miserable, you take advantage of Christine. Knowing she is extremely mental I’ll. You laugh because she can’t help herself n her emotions. While you skate away. Like you have always been. All about taking N taking. Your a joke for a community leader. You contradict yourself every time you open your mouth. Poor Jackie Dowell, she must hang her head in shame, every time she has to open her purse for you. To bad you didn’t use your intelligent for something positive

                  1. Steveorino Life Coach

                    Susan L. aka Rachel. LOL! Life coach lesson: Get off the computer. Find a hobby. Go on a diet. Walk, run, swim. Quit obsessing about Pam (goes for crazy girl Rose, too. 22-yrs of a tortured soul living green with envy). Your REE-DONK-U-LOUS is showing.

                  2. Hey Mike, I wrote this about Rachel.
                    “Go To Hell”

                    For criminal acts and violence on the stage
                    For being a brat
                    Refusing to act your age
                    For all of the decent citizens you’ve enraged
                    You can go to Hell
                    For gambling and drinking alcohol constantly
                    For making us doubt our parents authority
                    For choosing to be a living obscenity
                    You can go to Hell
                    You’re something that never should have happened
                    You even make your Grandma sick
                    You’d poison a blind man’s dog and steal his cane
                    You’d gift wrap a leper
                    And mail him to your Aunt Jane
                    You’d even force-feed a diabetic a candy cane
                    You can go to Hell
                    You’re something that never should have happened
                    You even make your Grandma sick
                    For criminal acts and violence on the stage
                    For being a brat
                    Refusing to act your age
                    For all of the decent citizens you’ve enraged
                    You can go to Hell

                    1. Sounds like a juvenile delinquent. Looks like Rachel is the adult. Just think if she would have been assaulted, ALL the assault charges that would go across the board. If she would have died, mommy dearest Pamela would be hiring and depriving ANOTHER lawyer.

  25. #supportfairtrial

    The photo your showing was never his. That was posted a couple years back. Here is a recent one.

    To clear up the spoon fed lies.

    1. The photo failed to upload. And what difference does it make to the truth if one photo of him is more recent? He is still a convicted criminal and admitted cat abuser and killer.

      1. Rachel Bledsoe ( real name)

        Negative. I read the papers yesterday. The felony charge would be where the the a nominal cruelty od “death” comes. He wasn’t convicted of a felony. The papers state He did not intend to kill the cats. He wanted them off the property. There was never admittance in court. EVER. SO ALL THIS HOGWASH WAS SHOOTUNG N MAIMING and whatever else you can come up with is not accurate. Keep spreading lies…. Nothing u are saying is accurate. Tgecreztitiation of $10,000 was shot down.

      2. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

        Its a bid deal. Your showing a picture of before he lived and owned the place. Michael try reporting facts.

          1. it is a big deal. Your saying that truck and garbage was his. That picture was posted on another facebook page a couple years back with more rattling on BS. That wasn’t his garbage, nor was it ever. To say “Mishows Home” is false. It was. It belonged to a Barry and his grand-daughter lived there before my brother did. That hateful facebook page went on and on and on for weeks.

  26. *Yawn* Two deranged short fat girls (if you would see them you would not let either of them sit on a horse much less a park bench) with time on their hands. Pam pulled a gun on her husband yadda, yadda, yadda, except she didn’t. You have an allegation from a man who was having an mid-life crisis affair and moved his young girlfriend into his house days after his claim. The couple lived in a fully alarmed house with a security monitoring system and panic alarm and yet no call was made to 9-1-1. Both Samuelson’s were in law enforcement. Pam Samuelson had a sizable personal injury award that Loren Samuelson sought. But then again how does a 1996 incident that involved a husband and wife in what boiled down to a heated argument matter in a 2017 felony level animal cruelty case with Steven Mishow. Oh wait, it doesn’t. Steven Mishow lives in a dump mobile home next to another bunch of dump mobile homes. He has collected government money since he was 18. He is physically cable of working but sucks off the government while committing crimes like disorderly conduct, tampering with a motor vehicle, indecent exposure (because you know the general public was NOT interested in seeing his penis but he wanted to show it off), illegal transfer of hunting tags and not one but two animal cruelty convictions. He has harassed multiple neighbors, and numerous people have moved because of him. He is at minimum, a creep and more than likely a real threat to society. The cat killer’s sister has been arrested say what 4-5 times, who knows how many more, you would have to search all the counties in MN. She alleges she is a survivor of domestic violence when very clearly she is a repeat offender of domestic violence and harassment. She has had dozens of harassment issues and abuses the court system and law enforcement systems ad tedium. She has been fired well over a dozen times and counting. She has never been anything other than a mediocre butt-wiper, food server or pencil pusher. She lies about her credentials and education (absolutely NOT ONE college or University degree). She has earned her reputation as a mean-spirited bully crying for attention claiming she is the target of bullying. No one buys that story. That girl has cried wolf one too many times. She has very few friends, most with IQ’s below normal. She is a less than respectable character who lies with candor. Bottom-line, you have a rat-trash family along with rat-trash friends who will harass you to a rat’s end. As for that Rosey, you can take the trailer out of the park but the trash is still there. Rosey has had a host of legal wranglings, a bankruptcy and legal eviction and a less than stellar work record of numerous dismissals and say what, a current firing. What a surprise. And Rosey is known for her addiction to alcohol which comes with a mean mouth and an even less than credible background of anything amounting to much more than a bar room drunk and floozy seeking old men to support her. Michael, what you have here with this team of Rachel, Rose and the cat killer is nothing more than the makings of an old re-run of Jerry Springer, American “reality” trash tv. You appear to be a fine man who is concerned about the cats of this world. Keep on with your mission of love, education and concern. We need more people like you Michael and far less like the double R’s who support animal cruelty and vulgar cat killers like Steven Mishow. It’s a small town here in Northern MN. Everyone knows their crap. Keep being the voice for the creatures, feline and the like, but never for those creatures that develop at the bottom of the barrel. I fear you have met them. Just shake off your shoes and that scum. The love of cats should shine on.

        1. Steveorino Life Coach

          Pam Dowell was arrested Feb 12, 1996 one time and charged with two felonies based on an allegation of her then husband who was involved with another woman. After his testimony in an order for protection hearing and with further investigation the felony charge of 2nd degree assault with a gun was dismissed. Dowell took an Alford Plea under the agreement of a stay of adjudication and admitted no guilt in the charge to terroristic threats. The only “evidence” to the court that any threat took place was the testimony of Loren Samuelson, whose story changed during the investigation. Dowell then plead to a disorderly conduct and told the court she and her husband exchanged angry words after an argument. And here we are again. Dowell has had a felony arrest and has a misdemeanor disorderly conduct conviction from 1996. How does this relate to the felony charge and double misdemeanor conviction for animal cruelty for the torture and death of two pet cats by Steven Mishow? You see I have sat on a jury before and one does not relate to the other. To think otherwise is simply s.t.u.p.i.d. We call this tactic smoke and mirrors. Now back to my life coach lesson: Get out, get off the computer, get a life. Grow up. Move on. You have beat this dead horse to the ground. Just say nay. NAY! PS: Dowell exchanged angry words with me, too, but I wasn’t a pussy trying to take her money so I never called the cops. Sometimes couples fight. Imagine that Rachel, the woman who has sported an orange jumpsuit on multiple occasions.

    1. ????????????????
      Master Manipulator…….. (remainder of comment has been removed and stored offline as it contained a gratuitous insult of sufficient gravity to describe the writer of it as a troll. Trolls have to comply with stringent requirements – see below empty comment – before publication. – Admin)

  27. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

    He is one of those people who protects his property. Again the picture u are showing is not his. I sent u a post from 2016. The photo u are saying was his garbage was from people prior. He cleaned that property up. The information being spoon fed to u are lies. You can do better MICHEAL.

  28. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

    Steven Hanson, your gonna post yet false informtion. I read every single report and interview. Stevens (my brother) dog is not violent at all. He is a very gentle 12 year old dog. So, if the cat was paralyzed. That means that there was a body? NO found the any bodies. So once again your article is based on lies.

  29. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

    Getting Old Micheal, Getting Old. Do you ever fact check before your make another story. That picture was taken 2 years before Steven lived on that property. Those pictures where posted years ago on a facebook post. I believe those are diapers in that boat. My brother doesnt own a boat, nor a truck. For the love of GOD, will you report facts

    1. Okay but did he remove the stuff after he moved in? And in any case you have been telling me stuff which is simply untrue. I am doing my best to tell the truth. It seems that you do your best to tell untruths.

      1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

        Yes he removed the stuff immediately. He took posession of the property waste management delivered. A commercial grade dumpster. He paid for it. He got rid of it.

        1. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

          Here a little fact for you Michael. Steven doesn’t own a .22. His guns are all registered. Not one is a .22. He handed over the pellet gun to the sheriff’s department. He called them up n ask them to come get it. Bet that fact was never told to u. Why would it be. It goes against your agenda. The other fact I’m sure tgatvwadnt guven tobyiu eitger. Cohasset had to hire a animal place a few years back to catch feral cats. Yes, my brother has that paper work also. The cats were killed. The house was burned down. There is a horrible amount of feral cats.

          1. I said I guessed on the .22. I admitted to speculating. I am not stating fact in the sentence. So please don’t distort what I wrote. You said he used a pellet gun at 240 yards and he had no intention of shooting at them. He admitted shooting at them and wanted to kill them. I have no agenda. I just try and be as truthful as possible. Pellet guns don’t normally disable a cat.

            I want you to leave this alone now. You have had your say. I have given you air time.

            1. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

              Ur stating lies. Law enforcement could not validate the recording. Mark Green was on the run for a body only warrant for felony burglary. Steven NEVER admitted to killing the cats. That’s what Matti Adams was pissed about. Your stories are all based on were not in the court room. I was. This was NEVER played in the courtroom.

                1. It was never used in court and is still not available to the public. This was NOT evidence. Mark Green is a felon in the run. He could not be question. This is only part of a conversation. What happen before, during an after. Iu can’t tell me. Cause ur a reporter who does a horrible job . your writing a story where u where shown the facts. You publish my jail pictures acting like I committed the cat crime. You neglect to publish what ive told u . I support a fair trial. That’s what we care offered in the USA. That is why there was no felony charge. The lack of evidence.

                  You can’t just sayvsomeone is guilty of a crime in Facebook n Boom!!!! They are guilty. My brother got a fair trial. You might not understand that cause again its not your agenda. Here are the cats. Your posting a quote from a STEVEN HANSON yet no cats were found. How would they know a cat was paralyzed or a dog got ahold of it.

                  1. The audio recording is interesting for the fact that it is the first time I have literally heard a person admit to killing cats by shooting. It is almost unique on the internet and therefore has intrinsic value. And as I hate assholes like Steven Mishow who hate cats and like to shoot them the recording is on this site. It is irrelevant to me that it was not used in court or is unavailable to the public. This is a cat website concerned with cat welfare. The recording fits the site nicely.

                    1. Great! Then I’m going to start a site called “” and make you example #1. It won’t matter if you delete your own pages where you proudly admited to this, those pages have been long-gone archived elsewhere and those will be used. 🙂

                      You do realize it’s just a matter of time until there is a major lawsuit against you for defamation of character, don’t you? This is hardly the fist time you’ve done this. All others safely archived out of your reach. LOL Let us only hope that live long enough to spend the last years in prison for all you do. 🙂 Then again, you might enjoy that. You’ll finally get to enjoy the kind of sex you’ve wanted from humans all your life, instead of getting it from your vermin cats. LOL

                    2. Langdon, you are a complete moron. Sue me and see where it gets them. There is nothing to sue me for. Nada. I don’t like you so I’ll ban you. Bye.

  30. From looking at the picture his home would be considered a public nuisance and is likely the breeding ground for vermin. Which is probably what attracted the cats to his yard.
    Not to be offensive but there is as the saying goes more than one way to skin a cat. In this case filing complaints about his living conditions would be a good start. While I consider his tactics borderline terrorism most bullies are notorious cowards. Driving him off his own land would be beneficial to everyone.

  31. I have to wonder why law enforcement isn’t crashing his front door in and arresting him for terrorism.
    And in the same breath why anyone who loves their cat would let them roam ever again after hearing this.
    I hope he’s sterile.

    1. I agree about the letting cats roam in a place where there is a cat hating madman with firearms living on a rubbish tip down the road.

      1. Most people don’t meet the cat hating madman until after their cats turn up missing or are found dead.
        He’s holding his neighbors hostage in a way since he has made it know he will kill any cat he sees. If the laws do not include cats roaming or allow it and some places still do that is terrorism Micheal. And even if they aren’t allowed to roam it does not give him the right to slaughter them.
        The trouble is getting anyone with the authority to shut this crap down is almost impossible.

        1. This is Minnesota. I remember ringing up a person working in the department concerned with hunting and they were ambivalent about whether you could hunt feral cats or not. This man’s sister gave me the impression on the telephone when I spoke to her that it’s okay to hunt feral cats and they don’t seem to mind whether they make a mistake and the cat is a domestic cat in someone’s pet. The shooters fudge this issue.

          The problem I think is that enforcement is very poor. Most states obviously forbid the shooting of feral cats because it is animal cruelty and if you shoot a cat you might be shooting a domestic cat which is both animal cruelty and what I would call “criminal damage”. Law enforcement is weak in this area and a lot of people seem to consider it okay and the police seem to agree with them. This leads to fudging of animal welfare laws. Mishow was not fearful of being caught and prosecuted for a crime. And when convicted he received a weak punishment.

          Common sense says that the shooting of any cat is animal cruelty unless it is done for a very specific reason and at very close range. These are great exceptions.

          There’s no doubt in my mind that there is a segment of society in America who treat feral cats as legitimate targets for people with rifles and they often get away with it and think that they are doing nothing wrong.

          I have done quite a lot of work on whether it is illegal to shoot feral cats in America and when I have telephoned the authorities in the states they normally say that it is illegal in the law backs them up.

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