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Audio recording of Steven Mishow admitting to shooting neighbors’ cats

This is a follow up page to one I wrote on 3rd December 2017 about Steven Mishow shooting domestic cats belonging to neighbors. One of them was Olivia belonging to Pam Dowell who decided to leave the area as a result. The two others were a semi-feral named Emerald and Pumpkin a neighbour’s cat. Olivia liked to play with Pumpkin (Punky). Punky was also a beloved cat and the neighbor’s daughter was distraught over the cat’s death; ‘folded over in tears crying about her cat Punky and asking WHY, Why did this happen?’

In a very rare audio recording you can hear Mishow admitting (1) his hatred of cats and (2) his pride in shooting them. Mishow is speaking to a neighbour who recorded the conversation without Mishow’s knowledge.


Below is another version (MP4) in case the above does not play. It is quieter:


The beginning is difficult to understand and is the voice of Mishow then the neighbour comes in. Mishow’s voice is slightly higher pitched.

“Yeh, I got it right behind the front shoulders. When they run see ya later muther fucker. I will kill every fuckin’ cat I see……That cat I seen about a week ago. Must have been a week. It’s been missing about a week. Shot the fucker. Them fuckers stink so fucking bad. They used to piss in my fucking garage.”


Steve Hanson commenting on the original page wrote:

“Steven shot them in the ass, one cat was paralyzed instantly and he ordered his dog after them which the dog attacked and shook the death right out of them.”

Steven Mishow’s sister Rachel has defended her brother’s behaviour. She says that he didn’t intend to shot the cats dead. He used a pellet gun at a distance (240 yards) and at night she says. But Mishow says he shot the cats deliberately with the obvious intention of killing them.

To compound the admitted crime (he pleaded guilty in court) Mishow ordered his dogs after the cats to finish them off we are told. Pam says she was never able to recover the bodies of the cats. It is believed that they where ‘bagged and carried off to a dump’ the day after initial contact by Pam Dowell with law enforcement.

Pellet gun?

I don’t believe that he used a pellet gun. It was possibly a .22 calibre rifle but that is a guess. Cats often survive pellet gun shootings even when hit multiple times and they get home. In this instance one bullet killed or disabled the cats.

Pam says that she lives in a residential area a block from a school and that Mishow lives ‘across the street from my house and the Jordan’s’. We are told that Mishow knew that Pam’s cats were their pets. They were not ‘nuisance animals’.

The audio recording was played to the police and their investigation was not started until a week later. Hardly a sign of commitment to justice and law enforcement.

Cats stink

The cat hater’s argument that cats stink is a fallacy. They always say it when defending their cat shooting behaviour. Domestic cats are cleaner than most humans. Apparently Mishow’s property (that he says he was defending) was the subject of a ‘blight complaint’. Tons of garbage was in the area. It has since been removed.


Mishow was convicted but punished lightly. This is the usual outcome.

Last comment – update

Jill has made a comment which brings us up to date – “Update to a long year of drama/theatrics for my sister Pam”. Please click this link to read it.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Rae Jo Watching me like a hawk. I think there is a camera in my house and my phone is bugged. I've been harrassed at work, and in public. My mug shots plastered all over Facebook. Tiny portions of a harassment order put on Facebook to portray a false narrative. My youngest son was attacked online, by this group. The efforts this group has taken to ruin, not only my life, but many many many others. I will never apologize for standing up to my brothers right to a fair trial. Yes, the Cat Crime circus of Cohasset. It received more media attention than any REAL heinous crime. In supporting my brothers right to a fair trial, I was than attacked and slandered all over Facebook. Posting a criminal history of Harassment violations. Yet, doesn't say the truth and the outcome. Go to the county computers. You will see ***dismissed. Again, goes against the narrative, everyone is being spoon fed. If anyone knows John Rupert and my story. The narrative had to portray me as a violent criminal. Never have I been arrested for a violent crime. But the narrative had to fit the agenda. So my mug shots had to be bought to show the fake narrative, to gain sympathy and support. The lies continue, the narrative is the same. Seek and destroy. The MO never will change, regardless who the new victim is.

    June 2020: Can you believe Rachel Jo Bledsoe continues to post her "victim" status re: her brother's cold blooded killing of cats in 2017. (charged/sentenced) She has an active harassment order against her and another one recently ended. Her bully buddy Rose Schumacher/Nordskog has been just as busy. They both post personal vendettas against community residents on a Grand Rapids, Mn political facebook page. Most are targeted at my family. Recently, trying to insinuate a generic fireman's statue dedicated to local fireman as a gift from our late father's estate was hideous and depicted an African American man. There is no "low" for these bully buddies. (Check out the page: Itasca Involved Inspired) You will find neither; simply racist/ignorant comments by too many!

    In a word of national unrest, Covid health challenges, these two women have found time to continue to slander/harass/others!

  • Hi Michael,
    I found the attached Mn public court records interesting. Person named has been very vocal on this cat blog about individuals letting their pets run loose. How ironic!

    I am fine and thanks for asking, Michael!

    • Jill must be bored :). Guess, just another means to stalk and harass me. Just adding it to the file. This pictures does freak me out. Its very dark and gloomy and spooky.

    • Thank You!!!! Yes, my dogs ran out of the fenced in yard when my youngest son opened the gate. They ran into the neighbors yard who hates ALL animals. I got a ticket, paid the ticket.

      I did not bring anyone to court over it. Why, because I am a adult. I wasn't around when it happened. However, my son was than under the age of 18 so, I am responsible. He forfeited his cell phone for 2 months and his Lincoln SUV was taken away for 2 months.

  • Michael,

    I was just informed that someone recently posted on this site using my name. If you need to verify any comments under my name, please email me.

    (Jill Zauhar Backberg on October 22, 2019 at 8:36 pm said:
    Been along time since I visited this page. My sister is seeing another round of drama.) This is the FAKE posting. Please delete!

    Just the usual troubled/bittered women trying to create controversy when there is none. Thanks Michael.

    • Hi Jill, thanks for your comment. I was not aware of someone commenting under your name but I may have missed it. I'll find this comment and delete it. Please give me 12 hours or so.

  • Jill maybe teacher the grandkids to be respectful. Yes, WATCH them. They should already have boundaries, but once again, it's someone else's fault. Lack of boundries must also be in your gene pool. It's obvious many things lack in the gene pool. Clumsiness (Sammy's Pizza), looks like Pam is after another lawsuit to gain money
    ****Jills world****
    Life: The Gma afterschool daycare gig is challenging: kids arriving tired and wired. Stella's afternoon bus driver is a crank--hard to please him. Hudson's is great; high fives him as he departs. So, this is all a "work in progress."

    Yesterday should have been a documentary in the lives of Stella/Hudson. Mom left for work at 8 a.m, but 9 am. I get pic of the "chaos" the two of them have caused while Josh was making their breakfast. (Stella's bedroom full of slime, play sand, and paint) They each packed a suitcase as they planned to run away knowing they were in trouble. (Hudson only packed tops! lol)

    We retrieve the terrrible twosome so Josh can clean and unwind! Timeouts and lectures at our house. They are allowed outside with Bob and given permission to take walk on path across the street from our house. (runs behind neighbor's houses) We have allowed them this freedom since Summer; either walking or on their scooters while we watch from the front yard. They wave to us as they pass by the homes)

    With 10 min of their return home, I get an email from a ticked off neighbor couple that we are not fond of. (the non positive side of assoc living. Neighbors think they can run your lives) Evidently, Stella/Hudson have been picking flowers from a small garden they have behind their home on other side of walking path. (this is their 3rd offense) No matter that we have told them constantly to stay on path and not touch gardens, a few flowers met their demise.

    Bob trekked them to neighbors to apologize. Then sent them back to me. Neighbor proceeded to remind Bob that Jacob Wetterling was kidnapped in this area insinuating the kids were not being watched. She then snipped that another neighbor watched the kids racing around on the streets on their scooters and just a matter of time before they would get hurt!

    I am not sure if these people are deaf or just that self righteous they don't acknowledge how often we can be heard hollering at the kids to stay on the side of the road, etc. Or seen them sitting in time out in our yard. However, we refuse to limit the freedoms we give them. It is called "living."

    Today was a new day with haircuts for me, Bob, and Hudson .Hudson got his usual red coloring and insisted I get some color, too. Hard to see in my pic, but I had a funky pix added to the top. Sunshine and chillin with the Bobster at home-- fresh breeze coming in thru patio door! Life is just fine!

    • Update to a long year of drama/theatrics for my sister Pam. And it all started because she wanted justice for the deaths of cats she loved. Steven Mischow's sister, Ms Bledsoe defended him along with her newfound friend, Rose Schumacher/aka Kenny, etc on this blog.

      My sister filed for an HRO against Ms Bledsoe and last week the court made its findings. These are the legal findings from the court documents. (unlike the false propaganda posted on Facebook by Rose)

      Both parties violated the civil no contact ordered that was filed in Jan. 2018. But neither party was held in contempt.(civil order in place with no time limit on it)

      Re: Rachel's presence at the March of our Lives held on March 2018 and organized by my sister: Rachel was found to NOT BE credible re: her claim of the events of the day. It was clear she knew in advance of the rally and court finds she went to the rally for the purpose of harassing/defaming Dowell.

      Re: An article on Twitter on the Blue Lives Matter that defamed my sister: Court finds Dowell's assertion that Ms Bledsoe was the source and provided false info to the journalist to be credible.

      Re: contacting the buyer of my sister's home in Cohasset: Court finds that Bledsoe contacted the buyer of Dowell's home for purpose of harassing Dowell and inflict financial harm.

      Bledsoe has contacted Dowell and engaged in harassing conduct since the dismissal of prior actions. Her social media posts do not reference Dowell by name, but it is obvious the context of comments refer to Dowell.

      Re: Bledsoe wanted the court to declare Dowell a vexatious litigant: Court finds Dowell motions/filings are not frivolous. No financial award given for missed work due to the motions since they were not deemed vexatious.

      Bledsoes inaccurate statements contradicted by evidence are not so severe they warrant Rule 11 sanctions.

      Dowell's petition for HRO granted on throught 11/7/2020. If violated the police shall arrest without warrant and take to jail to be held for up to 36 hrs.

      Any person who wants to read the entire court document can pay $8 for a copy or view the case files on the Itasca county website.

      I am proud of my sister for remaining strong through this year long ordeal and rising above the continuing hate comments that are posted almost daily about her by Rose Schumacher on Facebook. Thankfully, Pam chooses to move forward with a positive attitude!

    • Michael,
      I was amused to learn my posting on my Facebook page has now gone international! Note to self: Check privacy settings before posting. LOL

      I am fortunate to be loved by family/friends/my children and grandchildren! (and by a husband who thought and still thinks I am beautiful! The attached wedding pix may cast doubts on what he deems attractive?)

      Life is pretty darn ok!

      • Saw this online today and wanted to share: a positive cat story. In Wisconsin a 75 yo man volunteers at a pet shelter. He told staff he just likes to brush the cats. He often falls asleep with them.

        I think this picture represents how the bonding between humans and animals can be unspoken/genuine!

      • Tonight the "human condition" is Rose bragging on her Facebook page about having her defamatory C.A.T Idiot page returned to Facebook. Of course, her appeal to Facebook was filled with edited information from this blog.

        This is what I know-- People hate you for one of three reasons:
        1) They hate themselves 2) They want to be you 3) They see you as a threat.

        I, also, know this: Anyone can give up; it is the easiest thing to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength!

        You got this, Pam!

        • This is so far the most childish comment I have read.

          I stop by to see the new insults about me periodically. Yes, the human behavior is interesting.

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    What the world needs now is love, sweet love <3

    • Afte all this was said n done. Pam trapped the rest of the feral cats and had them euthanized. Supporting Pam was exhausting.

      • That was not Jackie Jordan posting. Nice try. We continue to support and maintain our friendship with Pam. My husband is her handyman and lawn care person. There was one remaining feral cat named Silver. Our family tends to him. He is fat and happy. Steven Mishow continues to be a nuisance in our neighborhood.

  • The issue is more than the love of animals! It really is about the love of drama. Dr Phil has run a successful TV show with the tag line, “the best predictor of future behavior is relavent past behavior”. If the cat issue was put to rest another PD issue will come to the fore front.

    • This is 100% true. PD is alaway in some sort of drama. Cat drama, house drama, car drama, sex scandal drama. Never her fault, she always claims to be a victim. Just her history

      • Maybe it is people like you who make it a drama by constantly harping on and on an on about her. Just stop and leave her alone.

        • That's funny Mike. She brings the attention to herself than cries wolf because she got the attention. She contacts ever news outlet with her story, than gets pissed off when people disagree with her. She wanted the attention, hence why she still keeps in contact with you. She is already complaining about contractors that work on her house, and tell people that sold her the house. I've been in her house n listened to her ramblings. The colors she painted the rooms are nauseating.

          • ^^^^Oh Michael, you are being spoon fed tall tales again by the R-team. Pam has been working on her whole house remodel for nearly two months now. She has a great relationship with her contractors and the ones I know not only like her, but really seem to care about her more than a customer. Her house has been busier than bees to honey with visitors coming to see her bright colors and decorating. PS: Mike, you might appreciate some of the British design she brought into the house. Most everyone knows Pam is the one sought after for hire for house re-do's. Been telling her for years to start her own business because people are always calling once they see her design. So Kenny Rose or Kenny Rachel just need a new pair of ears, maybe even some eyes. Hey, Michael, Judy Garland's ruby slippers were found - but they still haven't found the brain or heart or courage to put in these scarecrows Rose and Rachel out crackling with the crows. The beat goes on. Pam keeps making her world beautiful. Fortunately, she has done up my house, too. Terrible ex and all that. And guess what all the politicians these terrible twosome R's are harassing along the way - well, they will be winning in the general election as more and more voters realize the toxic train-wreck that they are. No snark tonight, just pity for some poor pathetic souls with little lives.

          • Forgot to add - no one is taking pics of Rachel, her house, her car, her workplace, her ugly mug. *Shivers* Nice spin "Kenny Rose" LOL! It seems to be "Kenny" in the know on Pam's whereabouts correct. Stalking continues ... WINK WINK - this is not rocket science.

          • You have to admit though that a lot of the comments from people denigrating her are mild forms of trolling. There is no need for it. It's people feeding of it is a compulsive obsessive way. It would stop if the detractors stopped.

          • She should the in no before she acts. To complain n get pissed off because your getting the attention is a hypocrite. Be careful for wat you wish for. She goes on attack, than she is attack n cries victim. What kind of bullshit is that. She wanted attention. She getting it.

            Why she so pissed off for people holding her responsible? She thinks she can continually attack people through life and others are going to put their tale between their legs and walk away and hide. Pam is a straight up coward. Try to change my mind. She has to have her Entourage to do her dirty work for her. Pam has wanted me to stalk Rachel and send her pictures. What kind of bullshit is that. She asked me to drive past Rachel's house n take pictures. What does she want to do with pictures. She has victimized so many people, yet she cries wolf. She wants me to participate, fuck that. Chris is a toy for her, and Chris believes she is helping Pam by harassing n threatening Rachel. Than Chris goes to jail. Go figure.

          • If you are right and she wants attention, that's okay. I'd accept the comments if she craves attention but I am not sure that you are entirely correct. Have you discussed it with her. It is unwise to make assumptions.

          • Michael,
            The fakers are "stirring the pot" since Rose created a HATE facebook page which was reported to Facebook and removed by them shortly thereafter. She couldn't garner the attention she was seeking on Facebook, so then the comments on here come fast and furious.

            The blatant lies that Pam has her allies turning against her and sharing info with the two R's. No, I believe it is a friend that I have confided in that has been sharing the info. I suspected in the past, but wanted to believe that I wouldn't be betrayed this way. (I have shared pix of Pam's newly decorated home, etc) So, no the miscreants haven't been in Pam's home, heard her complain about contractors (she has been grateful for all of them, even her oftentimes distractable handyman), nor has Pam asked anyone to spy on Rachel for her!

            Not sure why they aren't sending their fabricated stories to the Outdoor News that published an article in favor of Steven Mishow? They would have a captive audience. Ah, but instead they opt to "harass" one person on a cat blog!

            Deja Poo: The feeling that you've heard this crap before!

          • Oh Pam Pam Pam. What does P.A.M stand for.

            The CAT page is back. The appeal was won. Facebook doesn't agree with you 😀😀😀😀. What a hairball you are.

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