Audio recording: Thailand Temple Cat Sanctuaries and Siamese Cats

Thailand temple cat sanctuaries

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This is about (a) temple cat sanctuaries in Thailand and (b) Siamese cats in Thailand. I am talking to two people who know Thailand very well. Kammy is a Thai lady and she is married to Barry. Kammy obviously knows Thailand very well and Barry has visited Thailand often and both are cat lovers with considerable experience of looking after cats.

We discuss a subject which I think is interesting; whether there are any cat rescue organizations in Thailand and if not how do people deal with unwanted cats? We also discuss whether there are any Siamese cats in Thailand (formerly Siam) today. Can you see them? Siamese cats were first imported into the West (England) in 1886.

You would have thought that you might be able to see Siamese cats on the street or in back gardens or in fact anywhere in Thailand. Please play the audio player to find out what it is like in Thailand for cats. My thanks to Barry and Kammy for providing first-hand experiences on this subject.

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Next: We discuss karma, Buddhism, reincarnation and spaying/neutering cats. It’ll be a good one.

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