Augmented reality Warrior Cats 3D face mask filter for role-play on Instagram

I may be ahead of myself here and I am guessing a little bit but I think that in the not too distant future fans of Warrior Cats (WC) will be able to role-play on Instagram using augmented reality. Augmented reality (AR) is when you are able to add digital images to real images, which in this instance means video images of an Instagram user to which they will be able to add a Warrior Cats mask (a ‘filter’) to transform them into a Warrior Cat.

Augmented reality Warrior Cats 3D face mask filter for Warrior Cats role-play on Instagram
Augmented reality Warrior Cats 3D face mask filter for Warrior Cats role-play on Instagram. Screenshot.
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I am guessing that this will happen in the future, hopefully not too far into the future, having watched a YouTube video of how the programmers are going to add filters to Instagram. Their intention is to create an “interactive augmented reality experience” for Instagram users and aficionados of Warrior Cats. As mentioned, Instagram users will be able to wear 3D Warrior Cats masks.

I’m flagging this up because I know there are still a lot of Warrior Cats fans out there who like to role-play. At one time there were lots of Warrior Cats role-play websites. There was also a lot of talk about the possibility of creating a Warrior Cats film which sadly never happened. Here is the video. It is about computer programming and the cretion of AR in making WC masks.


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