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Augusta Couple Overturn Conviction For Providing Feral Cats With Water — 9 Comments

  1. Just another example of jurisprudence gone awry. So, the authorities would rather the cats die of thirst and hunger? How foolish and short-sighted. Glad this lawsuit was overturned in favor of the defendants. Now it’s time for Georgia (not just Augusta) to get their act together and provide TNR programs for the ferals. If every municipality did it the correct way, the feral population would eventually diminish. That and. of course, the general population spaying and neutering their cats to prevent future litters. It really does take a village.

  2. I’m glad to hear this news!

    Augusta is definitely a unique place. Sad they dislike cats. My mother and a friend used to feed the locals on Greene Street years ago. Its disheartening that the city made such evil ordinances.

    All animals have to have both food and water. People threw the ferals away like garbage so people need to help them survive.

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