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Australia: restrictions on cat ownership had no impact on wildlife in one study — 10 Comments

  1. I agree with Michael on this topic. The Australian Government, for whatever insane reason, is turning a blind eye to any research that goes against their “policy” to eradicate feal cats. 🙁

  2. A seriously flawed study being promoted and shared by people who have a seriously flawed perception of the natural world, animal-behavior, and ecology.

    1) Bells on cats do not curtail depredation by cats. That alone is a blatant alarm that these “researchers” didn’t have clue-one to begin with.

    2) Populations of resident native species were not studied beforehand. They may have found more in the cats-allowed areas because there were 10 times more there to begin with and only 10% exist there now.

    Try finding some real research in-favor-of if you want to promote the existence of stray cats. Biased wishful thinking borne of ignorance is not going to make it so.

    • I don’t think this is biased. It is a study referred to by Dr Bradshaw, a respected scientist. Also the wider issues are highlighted. Habitat loss is far more of a problem to wildlife in Australia than cat predation. It seems to me that if I am biased or the study is biased, you are as biased if not more so!

  3. I’ve said before, but in other words I think Australia’s biggest animal problem (aside from government’s obsession with cats) is it’s reputation as the continent with the deadliest creepy crawlies. I know I’ll never visit there. Why aren’t they concerned about that?

    • Exactly, and though some of us know it, intentional decimation is carried out by the rest who are in denial and try to “fix” what they think is the problem that way. It’s easier on their egos, too (which may be the root problem). Personally I’m forever embarrassed being of the species that’s killing this planet.

      • The humans posing the greatest danger to all wildlife on earth are those that promote the existence of stray house-cats. People who let cats stray are just as much the cause of habitat destruction as those who don’t promote the existence of cats. Add cats into human behavior and those humans who promote cats are now killing all wildlife on the order of nearly 1000X’s more than those humans who don’t promote cats. You can’t blame habitat-loss on everyone else. You are also the cause of that, plus you torture to death billions of animals yearly with your cats. You are the most destructive humans anywhere on earth. A sad sad reality that you refuse to understand and comprehend. That’s why we have this problem. You refuse to see your own MUCH greater part in the problem.

        • Deforestation to implement cow, pig and other farming and human overpopulation / habitat in general are unbalancing the planet to the greatest degree, Woody.

          • As you ingest and feed your cats grains, beef, pork and other animals too. You’re just as much to blame, even more. You have even more carnivore mouths to feed with human produced meats and grains. Then you torture to death billions of more animals on top of that. Why are you desperately trying to blame everyone else for what you are the clearly the greatest cause?

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