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Australia Still Searching for Ways to Deal with their Feral Cats — 4 Comments

  1. I remember seeing rabbits with Myxomatosis as a boy in the countryside, it wasn’t pretty, I hope the Australians come up with a better plan this time around concerning the cats, no animal should have to suffer like that.

    • I totally agree. The Australian authorities should get their mind around the idea of humane treatment as part of their plan. At present no thought is given to this aspect of dealing with feral cats.

  2. Over-population is the root cause of the problem, so TNR is the only effective and humane solution. It must be well funded, and strictly monitored to ensure that no cats manage to elude them.

    The toxic microchip sounds unsafe and surely it would take the same amount of money to round up all the animals they want to protect as it would do to institute a thorough TNR programme on the cats?

    Another concern would be those animals who might feed on the carcass of a poisoned cat. In India, an anti-inflammatory/pain killing drug (Diclofenac) used to treat sick cattle, was responsible for killing tens of millions of vultures who fed on those cattle. Our ecosystem has a very delicate balance and we must take care not to disturb that.

    Identifying and targetting serial killer cats, would be too time consuming and would require the continued monitoring of all the cats’ activities so as to identify future prolific hunters. This is a ludicrous idea and raises serious concerns as to the calibre of ‘problem solvers’ the government is consulting to tackle the feral cat population. It does indeed smack of desperation.

    • Nicely put Michele. I agree of course. I feel the Aussies will have to go for TNR eventually. Their focus is always on killing – inhumane processes. A cruel mentality.

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