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Australian cutting-edge program to poison feral cats could kill pet dogs too — 9 Comments

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  2. It seems that any animal (large and small cats, dogs, buzzards, etc.), that ate the poisoned carcass would likely die from ingesting the poison.

    That might wake up the idiots in the government. The program is outrageously moronic and should end before it begins.

    • Tolerance does not mean there are not long term effects. Any pesticide or toxic substance introduced into an ecosystem heads for frogs, amphibians and reptiles and can have devastating long term effects on their breeding ability. It appears after doing some google work here that cat hating is a national past time down under.

  3. In my mind I see a diabolical cartoon with an unending stream of cats being dumped into by negligent guardians and the Australian government bashing the cats with blunt objects. Perhaps they should look upstream a bit to see the source of the problem and direct their hatred there. But I guess they’d really rather just kill cats.

      • It’s horrible and we have the same thinking gathering a foothold in the US. Quite honestly Micheal I feel helpless to do much to stop it. This is the other reason for my double reinforced window screens. Human predators.

  4. Wow! I cannot believe this is legal.
    I help manage 3 cat colonies and I could never imagine doing this to innocent animals, which was caused initially from humans not fixing their cats in the first place.

    • Yes, when it comes to feral cats the Aussie’s throw morality and legality out of the window. Kill, kill, kill..is all they have on their mind.

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