Australian Government Agrees Extermination of Feral Cat With Virus

Feral cat Australia
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Feral cat Australia

The Australian government has endorsed the idea of exterminating all 15m (estimated) feral cats in Australia with a virus while protecting all of the other species in some way. It sounds like mass extermination through germ warfare.

Of course, the government will have to ensure that all domestic cats are inoculated (immunised) against the disease that they’re going to spread amongst feral cats.

I have no idea how they’re going to target just feral cats with an artificially created germ while avoiding all the other native wildlife species about which they are so desperately concerned and which they say is being wiped out by the dreaded feral cat.

If the plan is put into action it is liable to backfire extremely badly. They realise they have to do a lot of work on this in order to make it work but just thinking about it to me indicates a desperation and a hatred for the feral cat, which they put there in the first place.

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Mr Hunt, the environment minister, has called for a survey to study how to use a virus to eradicate feral cats. Professor Woinarski, the co-author of a study into the impact of the feral cat on native species says that a virus was “probably the long-term solution that we’re looking for.”

He also states that: “it may take 10 or 20 years to develop such a system. In the meantime species will disappear, mammal species will disappear.”

He admits however that people aren’t aware of the magnitude of the problem and that he thinks that the Australian native mammals simply can’t cope. Note that he thinks this might be the case. It does not know.

As I understand it, the study estimates there are 15,000,000 feral cats in Australia with each killing an average 5 animals a night. Once again I stress that these are estimates. Based on these estimates the Australian government appear to be giving the go-ahead to slaughter the entire population of feral cats in Australia with a virus while ensuring that all other species of animal including the domestic cats are safe.

It smacks of madness to me. What do you think?

Every now and then, periodically and routinely the Australian authorities wheel out the usual diatribes and rants about the feral cat and how savage and effective they are at killing native species. They flounder in trying to find a solution.

What about a mass, well coordinated and well funded trap-neuter-release programme across the entire country? That would at least be humane and I suggest it would also be more effective. The timetable would certainly be within the 20 years mentioned to carry out mass extermination through what I seems like germ warfare.


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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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54 Responses

  1. Wendy Friedman Marin says:

    I suggest everyone just let this idiot continue to rant and rave. Just ignore him. I am a responsible cat owner of a neutered and fixed cat. I do believe in controlling the pet population as I am sure most responsible and loving pet owners do. Please do not respond anymore to this ignorant man. I am a highly educated and responsible woman who cares about nature and also about the welfare of animals. That is all I have to say. Good Riddance Hey.

    • kylee says:

      exactly wendy hes a unfeeling person

    • Hi Wendy. We are celebrating the life of the world’s craziest Internet feral cat troll – Woody! 😉 Just joking. Woodsman is slightly crazy or a lot crazy depending on your point of view.

      I agree that we should control the population of cats for the sake of the cats. Too many suffer because they are unwanted. Many are killed by people like Woodsman.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • HeyMORONS! says:

      Yeah, you sure do love cats!

      That’s why you have no problems when TNR morons throw some more cats under the wheels of moving cars, or let them get slowly eaten from the inside-out by parasites, force them to attack each other to fight-to-the-death for territory and survival (a main selling-point of TNR, yet it is a highly punishable criminal offense in every state of the union to force ANY domesticated animals to fight each other for their very survival) — while you loudly declare to the whole world yet some more how much that you truly “love” cats and how “humane” that TNR is for cats. That’s always good for another laugh-at-you.

      You’ll show me that you actually care about cats when you loudly decry ANYONE who advocates for ANY free-roaming cats.

      Then and only then will you prove to me that you actually care about cats. Until then, they are just expendable animal-sacrifices to manipulate and control everyone around you. Teaching everyone that they are just as worthless to you as they are to everyone else. Guess who is teaching people to shoot and poison cats? Every last person that advocates that they are allowed to roam free. That’s who.

  2. Harvey Harrison says:

    Hi MORONS All! Don’t you have anything better to do with your life? Why this obsession with cats? Do they frighten you? Do they endanger your life or health or income? Have cats ever done you any harm. A person of sound mind would concentrate on something that poses some kind of danger or threat. Did a cat once scratch you and you now live in mortal fear of them? You are so afraid of little pussy cats. What a big brave man you are.

    • HeyMORONS! says:

      Any non-native cat that is allowed to illegally hunt our native wildlife where I live then in turn gets hunted until dead. No delays, no excuses, NO EXCEPTIONS. That’s the very best way to keep these invasive species vermin from destroying any more native wildlife or spreading any more of their 3+dozen deadly diseases to all other animals and humans. They had annihilated all the wildlife on my lands for 15 years, until on advice of the Sheriff I shot and buried every last one of hundreds of their vermin cats for them (as-is the legal right of every land-owner in all 50 states). Collared or not — for you MUST destroy ALL stray collared cats as well, they are the very source of every last feral cat. If you don’t destroy them too then you have done NOTHING to solve the feral cat problem. Guaranteed. All the cat-lickers by me told me for over a decade that all their “pet” cats were sterilized. But upon inspection during shooting and burying hundreds of them, NOT ONE of their cats were sterilized. Cat-owners are manipulative and deceptive LIARS — one and all.

      Licensing and laws do nothing to curb the problem. If cats are required to be licensed then these lying, deceitful, manipulative, and conniving cat-lickers just stop putting collars on their cats; as they did by me. And they won’t even bother getting them micro-chipped, especially not that. They want absolutely nothing that can hold them legally accountable for the actions of their cats. We’re not talking about the topmost responsible citizens of the world, you know. They don’t want that responsibility of what they and their cats have done coming back on them. If they had even one iota of a sense of responsibility and respect for all other lives on this planet we wouldn’t even be having these discussions.

      I found something that DOES work, works well, and works fast (relative to the years it takes trying to educate deceitful and lying cat-lickers that accomplishes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, which you already know if you’ve tried to reason with any last one of them). Where I live cat-lickers have learned that _ALL_ cats, stray and feral, collared or not, ear-tipped or not (because TNR con-artists now just clip cats’ ears only, WITHOUT sterilizing or vaccinating them, to protect their hoarded cats from being trapped and euthanized), _ALL_ their cats are shot on sight and buried whenever found away from supervised confinement.

      The ONLY thing that works is destroying any of their cats found outdoors off their property. They either learn to stop getting more cats that die under the wheels of cars or from animal attacks, or they finally learn how to be a responsible pet owner, respectful neighbor, and learn to keep their invasive species animal under confined supervision, as it should be. Win win win all around.

      You can’t train a cat to stay home but I found that, in time, you CAN train a cat-owner into being a responsible pet-owner and a respectable neighbor. Most of them are so phenomenally stupid, disrespectful, and criminally irresponsible though that you have to make at least 12-15 of their cats permanently disappear before they even start to figure out what they’ve been doing wrong all during their sorry, useless, and pathetic lives. (Though the ones by me who were adopting cats from “barn cat programs” were uniquely cretinized and lobotomized. I had to shoot and bury many hundreds of their cats before they started to learn. Yes, some of them are just that pathetically stupid.)

    • Woody, I think your identity has been revealed. You are the founder of the Galveston Ornithological Society, aren’t you Woody? Which is why you have feral cats – all cats by the sound of it.

      Jim Steveneson feral cat hater and internet troll and bird watcher

  3. Wendy Friedman Marin says:

    This is insane and infuriates me! It is just pure cruelty to animals. Why don’t we just do this to the human population then if we become too many? As Michael says, ” I hope they have not lost their marbles “

    • HeyMORONS! says:

      I agree, you morons should off yourselves, then we’ll be rid of the cat problem that you perpetually create.

  4. Marc says:

    To be honest I thought you were joking – it’s a crazy idea. Surely they wouldn’t go that far though would they. I know Australians are, in general, as heavy handed with animals as they are with immigrants. Seems they just don’t want anybody or anything living there. Cats are a perfect scapegoat.

    But a mass viral extermination. That’s inhumane because they will die over a long period of time probably. It’s probably impossible to get them all. They cats might become resistant, then what?

    …and it’s generally sounding like an idea out of some kind of hollywood movie. That’s why I thought Michael was joking. I can’t believe they are really talking about doing such a far fetched crazy thing.

    Imagine if the disease gets to other countries…. then what?

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      Exactly what I thought too, Marc.
      It sounds like some sort of horror flick from the 1940’s.

    • I thought it was a joke too but the Environment Minister confirms that the government endorsed the idea. That’s it. To me it is a sign of desperation driven along by – dare I say it – biased scientific reports which are all based on those bloody estimates. I am convinced it won’t happen but it makes a good story.

    • kylee says:

      They not joking at all 🙁 Its for real so stupid & my Closest neighbours sure dissappointing. 🙁

      • kylee says:

        Meant closest country neighbors 🙁 But then that government are creating alot of hurt amongst its own people very sad. 🙁

  5. Barbara says:

    That is horrible and frightening, to think that some disease is going to be let loose with the intention to kill so many animals is bad enough, but what about the animals killed that aren’t the targeted ones but who are still killed? And what sort of death will it be for those poor unloved desperate innocent feral cats who are only living in the best way they can, by instinct, to survive. It’s like a nightmare or a horror movie, too awful to contemplate. Humans are so horribly cruel, I hate being a member of the human race!

  6. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    hoping this picture will share because it says it all really

  7. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    This is terrible! How can anyone think such a cruel plan is acceptable. Human beings caused the problem of feral cats, but as always it’s the cats who are blamed.
    I hope it’s not too long before the arrogant cruel selfish part of the human race is wiped out. Maybe Nature will create a virus to do just that, kill off the heartless supposed to be humans and leave the compassionate caring ones to enjoy the world and share it with the creatures who were here before us.

    • Caroline says:

      It is sad, isn’t it. Our cats and other species who are the best caretakers of this planet Earth that we all share, are forced to succumb to this idiocy, known as mankind. 🙁

      • Afraid so. Our leaders – our dear leaders – are often very poor or simply bonkers. How many presidents and prime ministers do we know who are corrupt and/or mad? Dozens or hundreds.

  8. Caroline says:

    From my understanding, TVHR is the best solution. The rat population in Australia does need to be controlled. Eradication is a strong word which usually denotes extreme measures such as poisoning. There is no such thing as ‘gentle’ eradication. Controlling the feral cat population is best done through intelligent, thoughtful means, and it seems to me that TVHR is the best solution, all things considered. feedback?

  9. kylee says:

    Well, as a close-ish neighbor to Australia I’m very shocked!! How on earth are they gonna do that without hurting other wildlife that is already there. If it was me, I’d lock my cats inside forever!. Thankfully don’t live anywhere near there. I just can’t believe it. I’m sure there are a lot of people up in arms towards that. I have a lot of extended family and cousins over there, so I really hope domestic cats won’t be affected. I guess it’s important to make sure cats get vaccinated. Be good if there was a discount if you had more than 3 cats could get a discount but I guess that just be for cash only.

    • I agree that this will make a lot Australians annoyed or worse. But the authorities are intent on killing the feral cat and many Australian citizens agree.

      They fail to see the immorality and nonsense of their strategy. Australian people created the feral cat so they have an obligation to remedy things in a humane manner.

  10. Caroline says:

    What happened to the beautiful, exemplary protocols set by so many countries and states, of tending, caring for the colonies?

    “In Britain, deliberate poisoning of feral cats is not normally allowed as it puts wildlife and other domestic animals at risk. There have been cases of deliberate poisoning with rodenticide, but the use of poison is strictly controlled. There is the risk of scavengers ingesting the poison when eating carcasses. Harmless insectivores such as hedgehogs are particularly at risk from cat food laced with poison. Deliberate infection with cat flu or enteritis is also unacceptable. Contraception has sometimes been used as a short term measure prior to trap-neuter-release (TNR) schemes.

    Because they are classed as vermin, feral cats (“nuisance cats”) may legally be controlled by shooting by the landowner or his agents. They many also be live-trapped (using human box traps) and euthanized. More rarely, a feral cat is shot by a trained pest control operative because it is untrappable and there is no safe alternative.”

    Please read the rest of the article, those of you who haven’t already, for it provides some good information, especially the Trap-Neuter-Release schemes.

    “Public opinion is generally against the wholesale destruction of ferals. For a start, vacated areas simply attract new cats. Also, there is a risk that indoor-outdoor pets may be caught up in the destruction.”

    And again, you’ve got to be kidding me, Michael. Australia wants to release a virus to “sweetly, simply” eradicate ferals. What a bunch of hooey. Perhaps this virus could be modified to do you know what to you know who…

    • Maybe the virus will go wrong and make every human in Australia ill 😉 particularly those people running the country.

    • HeyMORONS! says:

      If you live where its not legal to use firearms (areas zoned as “residential”) then check into 700-1200fps air-rifles and pointed vermin-pellets. Many of the new ones come with their own sound-suppressor designs built-in, specifically designed for shooting vermin cats in urban areas, the demand is that great. Just remember, shoot-to-kill is a perfectly legal way to rid your homes and lands of these vermin cats. Shoot-to-maim is animal cruelty, and rightly so, all hunters know this. Don’t let them parade another illegal shoot-to-maim case in the media to exploit yet another suffering cat for donations for themselves. They torture enough cats to death with their TNR programs for that and make $millions by doing so. (Check out Better Business Bureau’s findings of “Alley Cat Allies” (All Lies) for one example of how to become a millionaire by torturing stray cats to death.) Then there’s always the “SSS and TDSS Cat Management Programs” that are exploding in popularity worldwide. Shoot, Shovel, & Shut-Up; or Trap, Drown, Shovel, & Shut-Up. Both methods are legal on every square foot of this earth. No local ordinances were violated if it never happened.

      Where cats have already learned to evade all trapping methods, then inexpensive generic acetaminophen (overseas paracetamol) pain-relievers are a more species-specific vermin poison — a method condoned by even Audubon, Smithsonian, and National Geographic today. Stray cats have been listed as “vermin” in the USA since the early 1900’s. (I learned this from a cat-licker, thanks cat-lickers!) This is why it is even legal to use any and all vermin poisons on them. For an even more species-specific vermin poison check into the toxicity of “Lilium” species of flowers too. Be certain the plant contains the word “Lilium” in the scientific-name (other plants with the word “Lily” in the common-name may be toxic to other species besides cats). Common N. American “Day Lilies” also work, they are the one exception to the rule that the name “Lilium” needs to be in the scientific name. Lilium species of flowers are 100% fatal to cats ONLY, even a bit of pollen on their fur that they lick-off will do. If they even drink a bit of water in which a bunch of Lilium flowers have been kept — that too is fatal, but totally harmless to all other species of animals (including dogs). Much safer for the environment and all other animals than the rat-poisons and antifreeze that cat-lickers have forced everyone into using on their cats. These plants when harvested and dried for year-round cat-eradication use is even better, as the unknown toxin is concentrated during the drying process (the blossoms and pollen being most toxic), and the dried plants are even more palatable to cats. An excellent mulch for anyone’s garden or a ground-up additive for any tins of food left lying around.

      However, you really need to dispose of that cat safely and hygienically so that wildlife won’t die from the deadly diseases cats spread even after their death. Leaving ANY cat out in nature, alive OR dead, is no better than intentionally poisoning your native wildlife to death. I know this. I fed a shot-dead cat to some wildlife under my care, those animals and their offspring that they had while under my care then died from some disease in that cat-meat. Cats truly are complete and total wastes-of-flesh. They can’t even be used to feed wildlife safely.

      I don’t see anyone dumping cats where I live anymore. They don’t even adopt more than can be kept under lock & key 24/7/52. When driving through the area I don’t see even one cat on anyone’s doorsteps anymore. I always keep an eye out to see if there are more free-roaming cats that will have to be shot. And if I’ll have to leave fish-oil trails on all the roadsides again, leading right to my IR surveillance system and laser-sighted rifle. (You can read some of the most effective methods I invented to rid my lands of hundreds of these vermin in only two seasons, posted here: americanhunter D0T org SLASH blogs/arkansas-will-trap-feral-cats The eradication of these disease-infested invasive species vermin was so complete and effective that cats are non-existent from my area for over 4 years now. Not seen nor heard a single one.)

      Leaving ANY of their invasive species cats outside in my area means certain death for their cat, their cat’s further existence can be counted in hours. You’d think everyone else could learn from this simple lesson. The quickest way to solve an unwanted animal and irresponsible pet-owner problem is to let everyone know that you will quickly and humanely destroy every last one of their unwanted, uncared-for, or unsupervised animals for them. They either grow up fast or, far more plausible, dump their animals elsewhere to become someone else’s problem.

      You just can’t be an enabler of criminally irresponsible spineless and heartless idiots — or they remain that way. (At least where you live, anyway.)


  11. Amanda says:

    Anyone remember the cane toad????? And how can you create a virus while protecting house cats?? I think someone should create a virus to get rid of politicians and see if they can create the vaccine before they are eradicated !!

  12. Caroline says:

    I don’t know what to say, except that this is an excellent alert to the ridiculousness of the situation within the Australian government.

    Is the feral population within the colonies so large, that the idiots feel overwhelmed to do anything else –maybe something constructive?

    • The Australian authorities have been winging about feral cats and native species for decades. They just want to get rid of them anyway possible. Their hatred for the feral cat has made them loss the power of rational thought.

  13. HeyMORONS! says:

    You’ve never heard of the phrase “hunted to extinction”? It works on any species. Especially one as prolific as these man-made cats that can breed 3-4X’s faster than any naturally occurring cat-species. It worked where I live! HUNDREDS of them shot dead and buried to stop them from gutting-alive and skinning-alive any more of our valuable native wildlife. The eradication so complete and effective that I’ve not seen even ONE cat in over four years now. (Spread some more of your “vacuum-effect” lies and deceptions. I laugh every time.) Hunted-to-extinction sure beats those failed trap & kill methods. Because trapping can NEVER catch-up to their breeding rates. ******* (deleted because it is rude). If trapping and killing them failed, then what makes you think that trapping and sterilizing them will be any better? **** (deleted).

    • Hi Woody, how are you? Hope you are keeping well 😉 Please try and engage your brain and stop being so angry and biased. Humans have hunted some species to extinction which is a great shame because we now regret it. I am thinking of the buffalo, for example, which was hunted to near-extinction. Are you proud of that? Was it a good thing to do?

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      Woody, one day someone will hunt you to extinction and what a happy day that will be for us so called morons.
      Oh I can hardly wait!

      • HeyMORONS! says:

        Speaking of children:

        People who let cats roam free should also be investigated by Family-Services & Social-Services if they have any children. If people see their cats as family members, and then let them roam free to be hit by cars, lap up antifreeze in gutters, or get killed by animal attacks; this does not bode well for them being responsible for ANY other lives in their care.

        Are they going to tell their toddlers to go play in the freeway and then blame the cars for their children’s deaths too?

        Not long ago a toddler died in a waterway after the parents let it wander off on its own, the parents blamed the water.

        No doubt their very own children are just as expendable as their “family” cats.

        Someone who lets cats roam free are showing signs of being incapable of responsibly taking care of ANY other lives. They need to be investigated for all facets of their lives. Children need to be removed from the homes of any and all such criminally-negligent and criminally-irresponsible caretakers for the children’s own safety.

        On top of that, they don’t even care about the safety and well being of anyone else in the world. Do you know how many fatalities and lifelong debilitating injuries have been caused by vehicular accidents from people trying to avoid hitting a free-roaming cat? There needs to be a new bumper-sticker: “SAVE A LOVING FAMILY OF 4 — FLATTEN A CAT”

        Free-roaming-cat-advocate = 100% certifiable sociopath/psychopath.

        • Hello Woody, this time I’ll publish your entire comment because I want to write an article about you briefly tomorrow which will ask the question whether you are Jim Stevenson who went to court in Galveston I think it was and who now lives in Florida. Anyway, we have found some comments with a photograph of Jim Stevenson and I will ask a question in an article where this is you or not. Of course, you will deny it but it’s worth spreading the word anyway to see whether it helps to pin this down.

          You really should actually come out and stand up and be known because if you did that and if you wrote comments in a more polite and sensible way then what you state may actually be read but at the moment hardly anyone reads your comments. All we read is the first 3 lines or your username and we know immediately it is Woodsman.

          You are wasting so much time writing long comments that no one reads. Try and shorten them and waste less time. You always say the same thing so why not just write a master comment and cut and paste it into everything because that is all you do anyway. Perhaps you don’t work and therefore you like to waste time. Sad really.

        • Dee (Florida) says:

          Gosh, James.
          How about we do lunch sometime?
          I’ll pick you up. You pay.
          OOPS! Forgot! You, cowardly, ran out on your B&B in Galveston and, probably, are broke now.
          I’ll buy!

          • HeyMORONS! says:

            LOL!! Too effin’ funny!

            You useless idiots have been trying to find out who I am for over 3 years now. For the longest time you were firmly convinced I was any of 5 to 8 different people that you’ve hated for decades. You were wrong on all counts and are still wrong on all counts to this very day.

            Here’s what I don’t get. If these psychotic net-stalking cat-lickers want to stop someone (me) from shooting all their cats, why are they going after someone they can’t even find and going through all that relentless net-stalking effort to do so? Is it because it is safe? Because they can always say, “We can’t find him to stop him! OH NO!” LOL

            When today, this very hour, this very moment, you can go after someone and stop them, their friends, and all their families from shooting every last cat they see!

            Here’s an even easier target for your false and manipulative accusations against others.

            washingtontimes D0T com SLASH news/2010/dec/3/the-time-for-kitty-killing-has-come/

            Just go after Ted Nugent. He, his family, and all his friends have shot far more HUNDREDS of cats than I ever have! Also all done perfectly legal as well. (I told you that you cat-licking fools don’t know squat about property and animal laws, and you refuse to believe it. Too bad, so sad!)

            And you can find Mr. Nugent this very hour!

            What’s the matter? Do you like to just blow smoke up everyone’s a** and not actually go after any real cat-killer? You know, ones that you can actually find, right now, today. LOL

            • Dee (Florida) says:

              I can and have found you.

              • HeyMORONS! says:


                Okay, after you meet up with the person that you think I am, and cyber-bully them wrongly, see if my posts stop.


                A life of psychoses is a wonderful thing, isn’t it. You can convince yourself of anything.


    • Barbara says:

      Woody you’re a despicable person, I hope you have no children as I really want your gene pool to end with you and not spread the infection that is you any further.

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      You’re such a liar and so deluded, James.

    • Marc says:

      What’s your job woody? Are you retired? Disabled? Married?

      • I think Dee has found out who he is. I’ll do a post tomorrow on it with photo.

        • HeyMORONS! says:

          NO sane person in the world wants to get a bunch of sociopathic and psychotic cat-lickers invading their personal lives. All that do learn this lesson learn it far far too late.

          Take this most recent example, a loving veterinarian who tried to save the life of a sick cat from one of their outdoor hoarded TNR colonies. These sociopathic and psychopathic wastes-of-flesh cyber-bullied this caring and loving veterinarian to suicide.

          banvetabuse D0T blogspot D0T co D0T uk SLASH 2014_03_01_archive D0T html

          blogs D0T hudsonvalley D0T com SLASH pets-power/2014/03/03/veterinary-community-alleges-cyberbullying/

          Google for: LOEWS HOTELS FERAL CATS, if people don’t believe what these psychotic cat-licking whack-jobs do to everyone on the planet.

          Another replay of what these cat-licking cyber-bullying sociopaths do, Google for: CATS VENICE COMPLEX REPRIEVE

          A $150 million renovation project for low-income housing, put on hold, jobs lost, money lost, homeless still homeless, court costs and lawyers, just to save a few of their feral vermin c-Rats. And the saddest part of all, the vast majority of these TNR’ed cats had already died heinous inhumane deaths from TNR-practitioners’ “humane death by attrition” re-abandonment philosophy. (Road-kill, diseases, parasites, injuries, environmental poisons, cat & animal attacks, exposure, etc.)

          Similar scenarios can be found daily and weekly by Googling for feral cats and churches, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, malls, apartment complexes, etc. Cat-lickers delusionally believe that any land on which a cat has stepped-foot is their own property and they can manipulate and control the owners and all laws on it.

          This is precisely why everyone is learning to destroy all cats on their properties as quickly and quietly as possible. Telling nobody beforehand about any cats even being there. Long before these psychotic cyber-bullying cat-licker sociopaths and psychopaths get wind of the cats. Shoot (or trap & drown) cats first — tell no-one later. The only thing worse than feral cats are feral cat-lickers. You can legally shoot the former, not the latter. You need to pay lawyers and courts to get rid of the latter. THEN you can get rid of their cats. And the sad part is, that’s EXACTLY what happens, each and every time.

          People are wising-up. If ANY cats are around they destroy every last one of them first, before they make any other move. Before these cyber-bullying cat-lickers can do anything about it to try to destroy and waste everyone’s lives even more than they already have with their disease-infested invasive-species vermin cats. Not quite the results that these cat-lickers had intended, but that’s what they’re getting! 🙂

  14. Dee (Florida) says:

    I can’t find the words to express my feelings about something so vicious and cruel. This insanity might even supercede my feelings about kill shelters.

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