HomeZoonotic DiseasesAustralian professor claims that toxoplasmosis from cats causes 200 fatal car accidents annually in Australia


Australian professor claims that toxoplasmosis from cats causes 200 fatal car accidents annually in Australia — 4 Comments

  1. If you cared about all animals like you claim (and not just cats), you’d see why these pesky scientists aren’t so keen on feral cats running rampant across the Australian continent.
    They aren’t doing this because they hate cats, it’s because these cats grow bigger in the wild and each one is capable of killing more than 700 native animals a year.
    Our government isn’t doing this out of spite for cats.
    It’s to protect pretty much every other native creature from them.

    Also… as for scientists… they don’t study to go to war with cats either, but yes, if they have any integrity they’ll agree that feral cats are terrible for our ecosystems (it’s really, really self evident if you pay attention to anything more tangible than your own uninformed emotional reaction to the idea of cats being killed)

  2. Every living creature and person is a disease reservoir, by being exposed to infection on a daily basis maintains the immune system active. She reminds me of those fools who recommend living inside an enclosed glass bottle to be safe. It looks like Australia wants to repeat the mistake of many people during the Middle Ages. Cats were thought to be agents of the devil and should be eliminated. The result was the over population of rodents and other pests which spread the black death through their fleas, and which killed millions of those cat haters. Karma is a bitch.

    • Mate, (even discounting the disease factor) feral cats are a huge problem in Australia.
      They absolutely DECIMATE our native wildlife and as unfortunate as it is; we have to cull them to keep our local ecosystems from collapsing.
      It might not seem nice to kill cats for cat lovers, but the closest thing they have to competition here are small predatory marsupials like Quolls… which are rapidly disappearing alongside their prey.
      The creatures over here are simply not equipped to deal with them, and as a result of this they have rapidly spread across the entire country.
      Between the huge amounts of deforestation, the introduction of roads/traffic, and increased rate and intensity of drought and bushfires… our native wildlife have a hard enough time as it is WITHOUT being hunted wherever they try to hide by feral cats, dogs, foxes and pigs.
      What about their “karma” ???

  3. Sorry, but IMHO, she’s just a whackjob. Period. People who get scratched don’t know how, or can’t bother to find out the proper way to interact with a cat.

    She’s one of them. Not much more to say other than to watch her carefully. Methinks she’s up to something no good.

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