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Australian Scientists Dream Up Another Way to Kill Feral Cats — 7 Comments

  1. There was a time when Australia was considered one of the civilized countries. They continue to blow that image all to hell.

  2. Regarding the bushmeat – the chip would be under the skin, like a conventional microchip. Cats eat their prey skin and all. Humans skin and cook prey. Because the cat has poor liver function (due to being an obligate carnivore) it is very susceptible to toxins that would merely make another animal sick or have no affect on other animals (including most humans). AFAIK, Aus doesn’t have other obligate carnivores with poor liver function.

    • And the cats will still breed and reproduce because using the proven method of TNR is distasteful to the manmade problem of feral cats.

    • Thanks for this Sarah. Good stuff as usual. Bearing in mind the sensitivity towards Aboriginals that white Aussies have, I wonder if any example of creating a potential hazard to their health would be acceptable to mainstream society. There is probably a slight risk that the toxin could get into a human eating bushmeat. That risk may be enough to affect how the project is marketed.

      • Bear in mind that paracetamol – a painkiller for humans – is deadly to cats (and is sometimes mixed into milk placed out to kill feral cats) and you’ll understand just how differently cats and humans react to chemicals.

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