Australian Vet Says Keep Cats In

Australian Vet Says Keep Cats In

by Michael
(London, UK)

This is an American feral cat rescued as a kitten and tamed to become a nice domestic companion cat. Her name is Ruby. Photo by Feral Indeed!

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This is an American feral cat rescued as a kitten and tamed to become a nice domestic companion cat. Her name is Ruby. Photo by Feral Indeed!

An Australian vet, Max Fargher, who was the only vet who agreed to operate on a cat (Possum - who survived) that had been shot by an airgun 27 times has said that cats should be kept in (see The Worst Cat Cruelty story). This Australian vet says keep cats in because there have been other cases of people shooting cats in Cairns, Australia.

This vet, who works at the Greencross Veterinarians, (great praise must go to him by the way) had to operate on a female feral cat that came in for desexing and he discovered a bullet in the cat's leg. Apparently, this is the third shooting of a cat, in a week, in the district.

I believe this cruelty is, in part, the responsibility of the government for promoting the shooting of feral cats on the pretext that they are a hideous pest killing native Australian wildlife. The people of Australia believe this yet there is no hard evidence that this is the case and in any event the people of Australia created the feral cat problem so they should carry the burden of clearing it up. It is both cruel and ineffective to shoot what were quite possibly once domestic companion cats. (see Feral Cat Vacuum Effect)

The government lay down strict rules for the ground shooting of cats but who the hell adheres to them and who cares and who checks? See Ground Shooting of Feral Cats.

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Photo: published under creative commons license - photo by Feral Indeed!

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Australian Vet Says Keep Cats In

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Jul 20, 2009 Open your heart.
by: Margaret McCann

Hello anonymous. The cats are only trying to survive because they probably don't have homes to be kept in or be kept on a leash. If you want to blame anybody blame Vets and their astronomical fees that ordinary people can't afford.
I think you are a closet cat lover, why else would you be on this website?

Kindest regards. Margaret.

Apr 04, 2009 Keep cats in
by: Anonymous

Having major problems with neighborhood cats, I agree. Keep cats in or tethered outside. My mother did this with her cats and they lived in the lap of luxury.

Cats have destroys part of my property; digging under the house scratching everything, mating, cat fights several times a week. Using my yard as a litter box. cats carry many disease, children are present. They spray all around my home. When one comes around others always follow its nature. Unfortunately these are pests and must be eliminated. If people do not like keep your cats at your home.

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