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Australian who shot his neighbour’s cat dead avoids conviction but is fined $2000 — 4 Comments

    • No fine would ever be enough. Having been through this the judge had to ask me if there even were vet bills because I never brought them up. That selfish prick couldn’t find enough money to replace what he murdered if he won the lottery every Saturday night for the rest of his life.
      I don’t believe for one minute this is his first victim. Abusers don’t just pop up out of no where. Low laying perverts who walk among us. They should nail a warning sigh on his house.

  1. The vet who blinded my cat got a 250 fine. And the reason was clouded by the violation they choose to use instead of citing her for each violation she is guilty of. Sadly for her I have facebook and a whole arsenal of evidence and the conviction that every pet owner in my community needs to know what kind of vet she is.
    End my rant.
    I know the fine is pitiful and low. At the same time he was fined. I am guessing the 2000 dollar fine was a settlement agreement. Much like vets are offered so the board doesn’t have to go through what’s going on with the cat killer in Texas.
    So like it or not justice was carried out and he cannot hide behind anonymity his face and the story are everywhere.
    Included on top of this fine will be his lawyers fees
    and any court costs that are passed onto someone in that country.
    He has a conviction that is more powerful than one on a court docket. He’s the slime that killed a cat for no reason but his own hatred. Welcome to the hall of shame Mr. Kent Wilson.

  2. Ofcourse the fine is too light. And, like you Michael, I don’t see how he was levied a fine without a conviction. Minimally, I would have liked to have seen a conviction that would have followed him for the rest of his life.
    He may not have any previous convictions; but, that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t committed previous offenses that went undetected. I, personally, believe that Mr. Wilson is a cat hater and, most likely, guilty of many previous acts of animal abuse. No one but a cat hater would take a weapon and kill a cat as a first response.

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