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Australian woman receives backlash after suggesting residents eat feral cat meat — 11 Comments

  1. As an Australian (vegan) with two beautiful (inside only – lots and lots of playtime!), I really do find this abhorrent. Then again, people here eat possums, kangaroos…This person does NOT speak for all Australians!

    • Nice to read your comment, Janine. I sometimes get the impression that all Australians hate feral cats. It is the news which paints that picture. It isn’t true. Thanks for taking the time to comment and provide first hand knowledge.

      • Thank you Michael. I guess there are cruel people in every country…I so wish it wasn’t the case. All the best to you, Janine

  2. While I detest the idea of eating cats, it’s better than poisoning them, provided their death is quick and painless. Poisoning animals results in meat that is unfit and dangerous to eat, even for carrion eaters.

    • I suppose you are right, Sadie Ann. If eating feral cats meant that the cats were slaughtered under the same rules as livestock it might be a plus. This sounds bizarre but the situation regarding feral cats in Australia is bizarre.

  3. Cats never asked to be domesticated now they are it’s our duty to look after them, when as a kid our last cat died within weeks our barn was overrun with rats, cats certainly did not ask to be taken to Australia either.

  4. This strikes me as akin to eating humans. She may have never had a cat as a pet, so she has no emotional connection.

    I doubt if this activity would become common among the Australian population.

    • As you can see, Sandy, I think she has totally missed the point that the relationship between human and the cat is about emotions and you can’t bury them at will. The deeply ingrained and part of the relationship. Even in Australia it will catch on because I’m certain that a lot of Australian cat owners dislike her theory.

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