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Australians don’t know how many feral cats there are in their country — 12 Comments

  1. It seems that their approach to everything feral is half–ssed, ignorant, and guaranteed to have a backlash that they won’t like and never planned for.

  2. Michael, I have a question, Which country has the exact count of it’s feral cats population?

    Is there any thing called Feral cats count program in any country on earth? I mean every country just estimates. Any good answer for this query? πŸ˜‰

    • No country can count feral cats πŸ˜‰ as you know….LOL The point is that Australians believe they can work out the impact of the feral cat on wildlife but they can’t because they don’t know the population size.

  3. Yea im agreement with what ruth said. I don’t particular like Woodys comments all the time. Its one reason why I don’t come here as much.

      • Hi Michael Thank you. Hope you are well. Things are abit busy here for the Cats at Home. I have had a Visitor for the Last two weeks will be happy when shes gone On tuesday I hope. Then the Cats will be much happier. πŸ™‚

          • Tell me about it michael, I just had a respite break the other day but I can feel the next respite coming up soon. I really hope she goes soon. Been giving the Cats lots of attention and love but they always know that things aren’t the same. Esp with someone thats a dog person. They all hang out in my Bedroom for safety.

  4. I agree Michael, they don’t know how much ferals are affecting wild life, they just guess and then exaggerate it to blacken the name of cats further.
    They fail to see that humans themselves are the culprits, they caused the problem and then blame the innocent victims, the cats!
    Cat haters need to look to themselves for the cause of the decline of wild life.
    I don’t read Woody’s rants any more, not even skim them now, it’s become totally repetitive and far from convincing people he is right he was sounding more depraved with every comment.
    I can’t think what he is doing on a cat lovers site apart from wasting space, it has ceased to be funny.

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