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Australia’s Relationship with Animals Hits a New Low? — 3 Comments

  1. The problem is hybrid dogs. The dingo itself will eventually be threatened as a unique species if the interbreeding continues. Hybrid dogs can roam in packs and are dangerous. Not just to livestock. I have always said what one loose dog would never consider a pack will go at full tilt. Now picture semi feral dogs with all the mixed up genes roaming in packs.
    The trouble with the Australian government is it waits until the situation reaches a crisis before looking for solutions. Australians seem to suffer from a lack of education about S/N or an aversion to it.
    Without a doubt mixed hybrid feral dogs need to be eradicated. Unlike feral cats that can be controlled rather quickly by TNR and even chemical birth control feral dogs pose a threat to everyone.

  2. Good grief!!! The Australian government get more idiotic every day. We had people like that here-farmers and ranchers who almost exterminated the wolves and coyotes. And with the wolves, it’s still unknown whether they will survive. The hunters need to keep track of their dogs. There are folks here in the desert who dump their dogs and the dogs breed with coyotes. I’ve known people who have taken in coy-dogs. It can be a crapshoot as to whether the animal will be more doglike or more coyote-like. The human species has screwed up every other species they seek to dominate and control. Australians-you all better wise up, or you will exterminate your wildlife. The Good Lord put us all on the earth to make it better, not destroy it!!!

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