Finnish salmiak cat coat colouration

Salmiak cat coat from Finland

The salmiak cat coat is a variation on the tuxedo cat which is essentially a black-and-white (bicolor) cat but predominantly black with white on the chest area. In the salmiak version the black hairs are white at the tip which gives an interesting graded appearance to what would have been black fur – described …

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CMA investigates UK veterinary market (details in infographic)

CMA presses ahead with full investigation into vets markets in the UK (details in infographic)

Here is some summarised detail in the form of an infographic on the UK’s Competitions and Markets Authority’s investigation into the veterinary market which has been so comprehensively criticised in the UK due to the buying up of independent vets by big business to form chains of vets which reduces competition and pushes up …

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Theory as to why animal abuse is so normalised in China

Poverty leading to a lack of education resulted in a long, generalised history of animal abuse

It seems that there is a general consensus that animal abuse is almost normalised in China. That’s probably an unfair assessment because there are many people very sensitive to animal welfare in China but in generalising China has a very poor reputation regarding animal welfare reflected in the fact that there are no umbrella …

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Atchoum. Hypertrichosis in cats. Onychodystrophy. Thickened claws. Fine hair. Inherited genetic mutation.

Atchoum inherited hypertrichosis and onychogryphosis

This is the story of a social media cat celebrity whose name is Atchoum, a male Persian cat born in May 2014 in Quebec, Canada affect by hypertrichosis together with associated or non-associated inherited diseases such as onychodystrophy (in my view although not mentioned) which caused his claws to be thick and non-retractable and …

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Day off on passing of any pet demanded in France (infographic)

Compassionate leave on passing of any pet demanded in France (infographic)

The French seem to be ahead of most nations in this regard: demanding an extension to statutory paid leave after the death of close relative to compassionate leave on the death of any companion animal but usually a cat or dog. This attitude applies to 68% of the pet owners who participated in this …

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Impact of size, head shape and sex of purebred dogs on lifespan

Pekingese dog walking

Conclusion: regular-headed, female, small dog breeds live the longest! πŸΆπŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί. The study cited below tells us that for purebred dogs the average lifespan depends on the shape of the head and its size. Gender also has an impact. Head shaped is defined below: Comment: regular-headed dogs live the longest. Long-faced dogs live longer than …

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